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SDS Excercise 04: Shader Ball (TL)

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SDS Excercise 04: Shader Ball (Time Lapse Version)


SDS excercise 04 currently only is available as a time lapse video without sound. I'll do a full tutorial with narration when I find the time. 

In this subdivision surface excercise I am modeling a shader ball that is based on a similar shader ball created by Grant Warwick. 




shader ball time lapse.jpg

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Choirs of cheering angels applaud your topology, and I am conducting them :)

Particularly how you got the triangle in the first place.

Lovely stuff. More gold stars for you...



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Actually, I have a question, if you don't mind ?


What are you doing between 1:14 and 1:29 while you even those edges out ? Is that HB Even distribution mapped to a hotkey or is it something else ?!





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Thank you very much, Cerbera! :-)


Of course I don't mind questions. You guessed right, that's the even distribution script mapped to a custom hotkey. Of the dozens of plugins I bought over the years, the HB Modeling Bundle is one of the  few that turned out to be worth its money because I really use it all the time. If you do a lot of modeling, that's a must have plugin, in my opinion. Guess I don't have to tell you that... :-)




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Excellent - just checking there wasn't another way I didn't know about :) Like you, I use the HB gear every day...



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