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SDS Excercise 05: Holes in Sphere

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In subdivision surface excercise No. 05 we will take a look at one way of putting some holes into a sphere. 


In this video I am using a plugin by C4DZone called "Quadcaps". You can buy it for app. 5 Euros here:




For those of you who don't have the plugin I have uploaded a project file with the finished object:


https://www.dropbox.com/s/ltd8tu8stu1pbk2/SDS excercise 05 project file.c4d?dl=0


You will only need this project file for the second object I'm showing almost at the end of the tutorial. 


A time lapse version of the tutorial is available on  as well. 


Enjoy! Thanks for watching!







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Recommended Comments

Another flawless victory :) Damn these timelapses make me feel good :) #MaximumRewarding

Your modelling tuts are fast becoming the holotype / benchmark to which all others will be compared...


You sometimes ask why I don't make tuts like this - well 1 reason is they wouldn't be as good as yours ! I might be OK at the modelling but am veritably hopeless at explaining it as I go with the sort of clarity and efficiency you are demonstrating here and in all your vids :) 



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You're too kind, as usual. :-) Thank you very much! 


It's a pity that I can't talk you into doing video tutorials. You seem to enjoy (and spend a lot of time) patiently helping others out here at the Cafe, you know tons about C4D, and your modelling work looks outstanding to me. And, of course, your English is much better than mine, too. :-) Now that sounds like the perfect Cinema 4D tutor to me. There's way too few of those, at least in the modelling department... Alright, alright, I'll stop asking. 


Thanks again!! Your enthusiasm really is encouraging. :-)




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