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HS Excercise 2: Brick Fence

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In this 60-minute tutorial we will be modelling a section of a brick fence based on a reference image I found on Shutterstock. 


If you want to give it a try, you can download the reference image I used from Shutterstock:




There also is a time lapse version of this tutorial, I've already posted that in my blog here at the Cafe.


I hope you'll enjoy the tutorial. Thank you very much for watching!










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I have not watched many tutorials lately but as soon as I clicked on your video and heard your voice,  I knew I saw something from you before. You are the same guy that did the "Blast Door" video I saw on CG terminal. Nice work and thanks for sharing your knowledge. BTW is there second part of the blast door video?

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Thanks a lot, Dan! Yes, I'm that guy...


I'm not making any promises, but I might be continuing the blast door tutorial after all. Always really wanted to, actually. Back when I had released the first part about five years ago there was so little interest in the videos that I decided it was not worth the effort, soI left that project behind and moved on. It's interesting that after all these years I'm now getting requests to conintue that tutorial. 




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