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SDS Excercise 07 (Time Lapse Version)

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5b54acb4ef173_SDSExcercise007Wire.thumb.jpg.dc74e13627c54e95e59bf03951b2e03e.jpgIn SDS excercise number 7 we continue practicing modelling with subdivision surfaces. Once again I am using an object from a free kitbash library as a reference. This is a fairly quick and simple one. Currently there only is this 4-minute time lapse version of the tutorial. 


If you want to give it a shot, you can download a reference image for modelling here: 


https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y2kfwef6t0zv4g/SDS Excer 007 ref image.png?dl=0


I rendered the reference image with an alpha channel. If you add it to your background, switch "Alpha" to "Normal" in your viewport settings.


I hope you like the video. As usual, thank you very much for watching!






SDS Excercise 007 Wire.jpg

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