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New R20 Greyscalegorilla videos

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Over the years I've been approached by quite a few companies to produce Cinema 4D training videos and so far I have generally resisted, preferring to make videos under my own 3D Fluff brand instead. Well, today you will find a first from me, I'm happy to announce a new video produced in conjunction with Greyscalegorilla. 11 hours of R20 content on how to use the hottest new features in R20.



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I'm sure it's awesome but holy toledo, the price. Even with the $100 off at $199 it's way too much in my opinion. $299 is nuts. I can't see more than a handful of people forking out $199 let alone the $299.


To put things in perspective I have recently bought 2 Blender modelling courses. Both around 30 hours. Both $60 with $6 / 10% discount for early birds. Both high quality. No doubt Cinema 4D users are expected to have deeper pockets than Blender users. (One of the courses I did the modelling in Modo, the other I'm using Blender. Both could be done with C4D).

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