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C4DS plugins - R20 upgrade

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Conversion of my plugins to R20 is completed.


I have recently informed existing customers of Seamilar and PolyGnome about the news, and am giving them now priority to upgrade.

Soon I will make an official announcement here at the C4DCafe, after which everyone will be able to purchase Seamilar, PolyGnome and/or Dials. And this for R16 - R20, Windows and/or macOS.




Plugins are now available at



For a limited period of time plugins are at a 15% discount.

(the order form at the website shows to original price, discount will be added on the invoice)


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Preparing for the public release ... website is all up.

Existing customers have received priority and opportunity to upgrade. It's now (almost) time for everyone else.


Still finalizing the finishing touches for a nice deal.

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8 hours ago, kbar said:

Do you have a  website link?

Indeed I do, but am waiting to have finalized all the "behind the scenes" before making it public.

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There you go.

All the janitor work has been completed, or so I hope.

Website is up and running, ready to accept visitors.


Mind you, it's a very basic place to be. No fancy embellishments, nor bells or whistles.

It's just a placeholder for information about the plugins. Simple, down-to-earth, "no chi chi" ... but I hope you all still like it.



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With all the excitement of announcing the website, I forgot to mention that, for a limited period of time, all plugins will be available at a 15% discount, to celebrate the launch.

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