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Rizom UV: The Unwrap Panel



In this Rizom UV video tutorial we take a look at the Unwrapping Panel and it's settings, we also look into some of the ways we can unwrap objects and use pinning and constraints.



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PS. It will mess your pivot coordinates every time by resetting to zero on all 3 axes.

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4 hours ago, Vertex Helix said:

PS. It will mess your pivot coordinates every time by resetting to zero on all 3 axes.

good to know

nothing is perfect.. huh?

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I contacted the guys in Rizom: there's no solution.


Don't get me wrong, I love Unfold3D, it has saved me the past year alone probably 50-60 hours of work, but when you're unwrapping a complex model with 70+ components and you have to reset pivots on all of them frustration starts to creep in. If you have enough discipline to UV each little thing before you place them on the model or in the scene, you'll have an easier time than me.



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That looks really interesting! Thank you for this, was not aware of it. Will have to try it out

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I had a brief look but need more time

it does look promising but until you know more I wait what you think

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Sorry for the late reply guys, just seen this and it appears you have sorted everything out :)

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