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Free C4D Plugins

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Free C4D Plugins: Use Old Plugins R20

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In this Cinema 4D video we take a look at how we can use old plugins in Cinema 4D R20, this can be achieved by downloading the Insydium Bridge.




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4 hours ago, rasputin said:

Thanks,  sam!   Good news.  I'm all over this!

Glad it's useful! just a word of warning, it has worked with most plugins I've tested, but failed with at least two.

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Tried it today!   As you say,  with most of 'em (the important ones) it works.    Now you kinda wonder why MAXON didn't include this function default,  hm?

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Works with GSG Signal, which made my day :) Great tip, I had no idea...

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16 hours ago, Cerbera said:

Works with GSG Signal, which made my day :) Great tip, I had no idea...


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