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Modelling a detailed Shed in Cinema 4D based on a PDF Plan

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In this tutorial we will again create a real-world object and model a detailed 12' by 16' wooden shed based on a PDF plan, modelling to scale and not using the metric system but Inches this time. We will, for the most part, create this object pretty much like you would in real life. 


We will use MoGraph for modelling a lot and learn how we can create and position quite a few of the components for the shed with the Cloner object, and we will work with instances a lot in order to keep things more efficient and any repair work to a minimum. We will learn how to fix issues and modify things as we are working our way through the PDF plan to put the shed together, and we will also see that using the Cloner and instances will make modifications and corrections a lot easier in many cases.


You can view and/or download the PDF plan required for this tutorial here: 



In the tutorial I am using the "HB_Solo" script from the HB modelling bundle a lot. You can buy the HB Modelling Bundle here: 



I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. Thanks for watching!






00:14 Introduction

02:10 The Floor

29:44 Side Walls Framing

48:11 Back Wall Framing

1:01:19 Front Wall Framing

1:23:58 Framing the Roof

1:58:25 Creating the Wall Panels

2:44:52 Fascia, Roof, and Door Frame

3:27:16 Adding the Vinyl Siding and the Corner Trims

4:01:23 The Doors


shed framing.jpg

shed 01.jpg

shed 02.jpg

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