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Modelling a Firewood Shed in Cinema 4D based on a PDF Plan

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In this tutorial we create a firewood shed based on a PDF plan. Like in the previous tutorial on building a shed, we will model the object to scale. This shed is much easier than the previous one, but you will need to have a decent basic knowledge of Cinema 4D as I will proceed faster and use shortcuts a lot. 


You can view and/or download the PDF plan required for this tutorial here: 


In the tutorial I am using a plugin by Caleidos4D called "Stairs Profile". It is not required to complete the tutorial because I will provide a project file with the basic spline object I will create with the plugin. If you want to, however, you can buy the plugin here: 



This is the download link for the C4D project file: 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/n3tg1pa9ekhzvlu/roof board start file.c4d?dl=0


I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. 






firewood shed promo render.jpg

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