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Plugin Review: PowerSpline by C4DZone

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Today I would like to introduce you to PowerSpline by C4DZone, which is a useful and affordable addition to the set of Cinema 4D standard spline types. 


PowerSpline comes with a number of default spline shapes that can be edited parametrically and used with the C4D standard tools and generators, like Sweep, Loft, MoSpline, Extrude etc. Amont other things, it can be quite useful for architectural modeling (e.g. for creating doors, windows). 


One of my favourite features is the Outline option that is available for all of the PowerSpline shapes. Unlike the Cinema 4D counterpart, it is completely parametric and provides a real-time update in the viewport of the outline you create. 
You can buy the plugin here: 


I hope you will enjoy this video. Thanks for watching!





review PowerSpline promo.jpg

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