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Modelling a Roman Arch - Part I

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In part one of this hard surface modelling tutorial, which has a running time of just over four hours, we will model the center part of a detailed Roman Arch structure. 


In the first modelling stage we will break the model apart and create a block-out of the main components of the center part of the Roman arch, adding only some basic detail. 


Then we will spend some time on spline modelling and create the profiles for the details to be added to the block-out pieces later. 


In the third and final stage we will use the profiles to add more and more detail to the Roman arch, modify or replace the initial objects. 


You can download a zip file containing the project files and reference images here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/8e4eqsgtlt4nbop/roman arch project files.7z?dl=0


I am using the following plugins in this video: 

HB Modelling Bundle:


I hope you'll enjoy the tutorial. Thanks a lot for watching!





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