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Anyone knows if Chris will continue to develop his cmNodes ?

Or is it a dead project ?


I hope that he might be working at MAXON implementing his cmNodes :)


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I would not be surprised to see a nodes-based material system in R20. Certainly people are now getting more accustomed to it with the node-based materials used by most (all?) third party renderers like Redshift, Cycles4D, Octane...

So if you can't wait for up-to-date nodes-based materials in C4D... give one of those a try.

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I was just testing today cmNodes - at first glance it looks very promising, even I could make it work properly with reflectance channels - unfortunately almost all saved scenes were unusable - they crashed C4D just after loading. 

I was used to Vue node based materials/procedural terrain and then The Plant Factory node system I helped to develop, so indeed, it would be nice to have an optional node based system for materials, however current approach from C4D has some advantages  (or maybe it was the case before reflectance was implemented) - It allowed to define/modify simple materials very quickly.  With reflectance it become more convoluted, and one need to spent quite a lot of time to get used to it. 

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