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This is our growing database of Cinema 4D plugins that lists what's available and what version of Cinema 4D they are compatible with. Members are welcome to add plugins but please ensure your information is correct. Don't guess. Our database lists the highest version that the plugin is compatible with. It is up to people to check if lower versions are supported by visiting the Developer's site. For more information on a plugin or to edit a record that you have submitted click on the Plugin name. Right click to open in a new window or tab.

Thrausi 1.22 (Free)

  • Type: Motion Graphics
    Developer: Nitro 4D
    Developer's Site:


    Free / Commercial / Donationware: Free
    Compatible with: R12
    Demo: N/A
    Notes / Description:

    After the X-Breaker fracturing script I developed a more fully-fledged plugin called Thrausi

    . Features of Thrausi include:

    - Fracturing in a voronoi pattern (still in beta stage),

    - Using Splines to control the cuts

    - Cut command to use polygonal objects to make cuts (parametric as well)

    - Baking of MoDynamics into keyframes

    …and more.

    Note: Make sure you don't have any older versions of Thrausi in your plugins folder before installing

    Required: R11.5 and Mograph 2 or R12 Broadcast/Studio

Thrausi 1.22 (Free)
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