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A club dedicated to sculpting and texturing workflows. Please bear with me while I figure out the format and structure of how I want this club to run. So for now my topics will be locked. More info to come soon...

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  2. Tutorial by Dimitris Katsafouros using R14 Tutorial by @imashination using R19
  3. I am creating a set of tutorials that uses C4D for the creation of the assets and Katana for all the Look Dev and final rendering using Pixar's Renderman. This is mainly to show people what Katana is and how it can be used. I don't expect anyone to actively be using Katana here at the Cafe, but its interesting to learn about how this tool works and how it is used in larger studios. Katana is a procedural workflow for creating the look dev of a scene. Its main power is that doesn't have to load in all the geometry into your scene when texturing and lighting. It will only load in just what you want to look at. Meaning you can load in a scene that describes and entire city in seconds, then texture, light and iterate your renders to quickly get the look you are after.
  4. Hi everyone, I will be slowly getting back into defining this club after a brief break. I was very busy getting 4D Publish 1.7 done as well as working on client projects. The last 2 updates to 4D Publish were all about painting. But I also added in some sculpting tools as well. I am not trying to spam my own products here, but since sculpting and painting is one of my favourite things to work on, and the reason I started this club, there is no harm in showing you these tools. To begin with there is a new brush called the Sculpt Projection Brush. I built this mainly to preserve the shape of the eyes when sculpting by placing a sphere in where the eye socket is. But this has a lot of other uses as well. You can use any mesh as your object to project the sculpting onto. I also added in a new object to easily allow you to animate your Sculpt Layers, its called the Sculpt Animator. Then there were lots of editions to the painting tools. Which also now work with the Sculpting tools, using sculpted areas to mask out textures and more. And lastly I wanted everyone to be able to paint directly onto Reflectance Layers. Including having a much more intuitive UI for selecting what you are painting on. This was even more important now that R19 supports the PBR workflow. So now you can paint directly onto PBR materials. It works great, R19s OpenGL improvements make the painting experience silky smooth and it looks fantastic with the viewport enhancements. If you have R17 or R18 you can also paint on Reflectance Layers and it is also very fast, you just need to press an additional "Paint All" button on the Material View. I am developing these tools for people like yourselves who would like to sculpt and paint in Cinema 4D. So if you have any features that you would like to have you only have to ask. Everything can be found over on www.4dpublish.com Cheers, Kent
  5. I'm having a hard time making this wood texture, starting with both the Vray and the standard. Obs. I'm kind of bad for texturizing. Behance Reference: https://www.behance.net/gallery/56909789/Dorian-Gray
  6. These are all the older videos by @3DKiwi for learning BodyPaint tools and UV mapping. These are all still relevant, however from R19 onwards the painting is now in OpenGL and not software mode. There are also additional UV Mapping tools added since these videos were made. Video 1 - Sample video. You don't actually need to download this as this video is included in Video 10 Video 2 - Getting started Video 3 - Abstract Image Painting Tutorial Video 4 - Paint Setup Wizard Video 5 - UV Tools Part 1 (UV Commands Tab) Video 6 - UV Tools Part 2 Video 7 - Projection Tab UV Mapping Modes / Cartoon Spaceship Painting Project Video 8 - Interactive Mapping and Subdivision Surfaces / HyperNURBS Stretching Video 9 - UV Mapping the Fred Character Video 10 - Extras / Miscellaneous / Errors (includes all of Video 1)
  7. This topic will contain tutorial videos for the sculpting tools and workflows for sculpting in Cinema 4D. --------------------------- A quick introduction to the Cinema 4D sculpting system aimed to reproduce similar effects and workflows to zBrush - Wax/Clay brush - How smoothing works - Wacom pen settings - changing brush size/pressure using hotkeys - using stamps for wax brush - knife tool - saving and using brush presets - grab tool and using hotkeys for normal/mouse direction - masking and using the Sculpt Symmetry dialog. --------------------------- A quick tip video to show how you can create a clay brush in Cinema 4D. ------------------------------- This video shows how to create your own Brush Preset Library that you can then share with others.
  8. funny you mentioned this I just found out about this on cinversity. I guess I would have to take it out from c4d and then back in but might just do the trick. thank you.
  9. No. You could try using something like Instant Mesh: http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/instant-meshes/
  10. Anything like zmesher or zremesher in sculpting for c4d?



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