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Here at Elite we strive for topological perfection, in a bid to rid the world of Triangles ( and n-gons ) we created the E.T.C.L - Elite Topology Challenge League, where members will engage in combat on the modelling battlefield in weekly mini challenges, designed to test your modelling skills in a hope that one day you may reach topological perfection, and be awarded the Topological medal of exellence. All are welcome from humble begginers to seasoned pro's but remeber there can only be one winner, stay safe, stay sharp, stay square.

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  2. Thanks! I actually found a side view of the bottle and brought it into C4D and used that as a starting point. Started with a cylinder and just started adding detail from there.
  3. Hi , if you convert those triangles to a good looking quad it would look much smoother . Optimizing meshes isn't very hard when you get used to it . _____________________________________________________ Good luck to every one ! Unfortunately I couldn't start working on this project , but I will make sure to model this mesh when I get some free time ! (not for the challenge , just for fun )
  4. Thanks King! Your'e right. There are artifacts. I just had the hardest time getting those chapes together. And keeping the atrifacts to a minimum. I'm hoping to learn from you guys.
  5. Very nice work and welcome to the forum! You've certainly nailed the shapes, though I do see some artifacting. Looking forward to seeing the wireframes.
  6. Well, I'don't know if this disqualifies me immediately but when I connect two shapes, triangles and ngons are created. I don't know (yet) how to get these results without that happening. I had the hardest time and tried different approaches to combine shapes. But I'm here to learn. It's fun anyway to share. Anywho, here are some more pics. I'm very curious how the other guys do this.
  7. you can use as many as you want, but the aim here is to keep them four sided, with no triangles or ngons :)
  8. See, now it will show that I'm a newbee. What can be used to model and what can't. It's practically all 'quads'. I looked it up and they are 4 sided polygons. So I can't use 3, 5 or more sided polygons?
  9. Looking pretty good so far :) yep these are fine, just don't post any wires until the final entries thread at the end :D
  10. Hi guys, Newbee here. I use Cinema 4D R18 on a Macbook Pro 15". Here are my first renders for this challenge. I hope I'm complying to all the rules by entering outright. Otherwise, please let me know and I'll withdraw.
  11. Looks great mrittman. What was your starting point?
  12. Thank you very much :) Yes, I am very curious to see how people are tackling this. Haha modeling a turd is very true lol
  13. That looks really good man :) So far I only found about ten ways to model a literal turd :P I'll be very interested to see how people managed to do it when the contest closes!
  14. Don't admit defeat just yet you might surprise yourself
  15. Yeah.... I probably won't win this one lol
  16. :O well you still have 2 weeks to get it all quads :D
  17. Thanks! I must admit...it's not all quads lol. I didn't realize how important it was to avoid triangles and N-Gons. I've always left them in and just tried to make it work the best I could.
  18. looking nice so far! needs a little love at the bottom of the spout there but other wise looking good
  19. I think I got it looking descent. Not 100% happy with it but how much time should I spend on it before I go crazy lol
  20. Can we see more of your mesh, in order to get a better understanding?
  21. So I've got the swirl in the lid, but that's also messing up my geometry flow haha. How the heck do I fix the edge flow here?! I could continue the edge around, but there's nowhere for it to connect :(
  22. Wouldn't worry about being late to the party, I was 11 days behind when the email popped up in my gmail (thanks gmail *shakes fist*). I go on holiday next week, so I'll only have around a week, but hopefully I'll at least crack the complexity of the lid before the 30th!
  23. No such thing thing as too obsessed :D
  24. Although you can play a very similar game with actual drink, here the drinks are soft and the modelling less so. IQP challenge 2 is to model this drinks bottle. That is to say the bottle, the lid, and the grid thing inside it. Here's your reference, superbly held up by GI Vector himself ! The Rules This is a 4 week challenge, closing Oct 30th 2017. Main focus is again, all quads, superior edge flow, and polygon efficiency This is the WiP thread, so please post your rendered images only here; finals thread will be up soon, which is where to put your wireframes for final submission. We're not saying you have to, but we will be impressed by people who choose to model in the text. The winner will receive 8 Elite challenge league points, with 2nd place receiving 5, and 3rd receiving 3. Good luck, and may your polygons be exceptional. Imperial Archon Cerbera, IQP