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Here at Elite we strive for topological perfection, in a bid to rid the world of Triangles ( and n-gons ) we created the E.T.C.L - Elite Topology Challenge League, where members will engage in combat on the modelling battlefield in weekly mini challenges, designed to test your modelling skills in a hope that one day you may reach topological perfection, and be awarded the Topological medal of exellence. All are welcome from humble begginers to seasoned pro's but remeber there can only be one winner, stay safe, stay sharp, stay square.

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  2. it's more of a warning, for the general population, IF you see a triangle, do not try to tackle it your self or look directly into it's eyes, contact your nearest IQP perimeter outpost for assistance, these are dangerous and should only be confronted by trained IQP officers
  3. Nah, he's not running away from the triangles, he is deploying a 'force burst' from his rear in order to destroy them without having to look at them ;) CBR
  4. The right icon in the header of this sub pictures a man fleeing from a bunch of triangles (mountains ? lol). I just think "man! you should handle those triangles instead!" So I was thinking he should face and blast 'em! Maybe threaten them with a knife ?
  5. Oh wow that is awesome!! Thank you so much for the very kind comments :) It's really encouraging to hear! Haha for some reason I thought the cylinder on that mesh was intentionally offset! Whoops! Thanks again, and I hope more people will be able to take part in these challenges in the future!
  6. Congrats on the winners. Too bad Han Solo couldn't make it to the finals thread as his attempt seemed to be quite good as well. I will do my best to participate in the next one again!
  7. That's totally cool, it's all a learning process and hopefully you will be able to nail a joint like this next time you have to do one. The key difference between his one and yours was that he used the control loops for the horizontal edge as part of the main geometry of the spout, whereas you joined your control loops into the ones running the other way, interrupting the edge flow around it CBR
  8. Thanks a lot for this score that honestly was unexpected to me. I have learned so much after looking at other participants' edge solutions. In fact the join with the drinling spout mentioned above has been one of the biggest head hacke and I ended up with a solution on which I was not too confident myself. Ciarma
  9. Yeah man, i was no where near the level for this one, even looking at this meshes a have a hard time figuring out where to begging. Wish i had more time to at least try.
  10. Congratulations everyone! :) Excited for the next one.
  11. Hi guys, I guess I'm too late but anywho, here are my wireframes.
  12. Hello elitists :) Disappointing amount of entries for this one, but thanks to everyone that tried, and especially those that made it to the finish line. We have finished the judgings for this challenge: First Place - @mrittman Second place - @Ciarma Judges Comments Both contestants did a pretty damn reasonable job of this model, which had some tricky little modelling dilemmas to solve. But neither were perfect either ! Mr Rittman had done what we thought was the better overall modelling job, particularly on the top section, which was what I'd call very close to A* perfect, but in his grid mesh we did find some unwanted boundary edges across the middle, and we did spot that the central post was a fair way off centre :) But his otherwise excellent modelling and edge flow design more than made up for this. Ciarma has also done a pretty good job of the top, but we feel it's just not quite as good an edge flow as MR's mesh, specifically around the join with the drinking spout. Here's the 2 side by side. Note Mr Rittman's control loops are an uninterrupted line around that section. Personally, on MR's mesh I would have added one more control loop the other side of the seam to really tighten that area up, but the edge flow is superb. Ciarma also had a few complex poles (some really complex, with lots more than 5 points) in his model. Whereas MR was all-quads, and only (max 6 point) complex poles where he absolutely had to. So well done again to the winners, and we'll be back with Elite modelling challenge 3 (I've seen it and it's a cracker!) when enough people ask us :) CBR / VECTOR
  13. Nearly. Me and vecs have been quite busy this week. Results coming soon, hopefully early this week ;)
  14. Well I have to say I hope the challenges keep going. Sadly I didn't manage to participate in this one but it wasn't for lack of interest. I simply could not make anything resembling a proper result for that bottle cap and I invested several hours. So... I'd still be very interested in seeing a proper workflow demonstration for that if any of you guys ever have time :) I know it will be hard to judge the difficulty level for these challenges right for everyone. You want to challenge experienced modellers, as well as get less-experienced people (like me :)) to give it a go. Personally the previous challenge felt just right for me (challenging but fair), but I felt the difficulty spike in this one was a bit (ok, very ;)) high. I may not have been the only one. But I'm surprised there weren't more entries in the final thread as some people (like Han Solo) seemed to be well on their way in this thread.
  15. Yup i agree with @Cerbera we'd love to model and provide scene files at the end of challenges for people to inspect :D but as my as fellow triangle blasting brother has pointed out it only makes sense if we get a continued interest in the challenges and have people taking part, we're both quite busy with commercial projects so to take time out of that, or our free time outside of work to models these challenge examples is quite a commitment, hopefully we can keep these going as long as possible, but we need the members to take part :D we have 37 members but only one submitted a final entry? come on guys where's the fun in that? Obviously the main emphasis in the challenges is for clean topo, no triangles and so on, but we'd rather people take part even if what you submit isn't the best submission, we're all here to learn, and help steer you in the right direction, we dont expect everyones to be pro level but only by taking part do we improve :D it's better to try and fail than to never try at all.
  16. Interest from my side is definitely there. To learn and to participate in future challenges. I hope others will say the same to Keep them alive. Especially for such important Topics. If you could even Show the best Approach after a challenge that would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Ok, thanks for letting us know. We were hoping to expand the challenges so that if at the end of each one we didn't have an example of the perfect approach, we would show everyone the ideal way at the end. But as you can imagine, that takes quite some time and only makes sense if we're getting a good amount of interest / entries. Not to worry - thanks for trying ! :)
  18. Thank you for extending once more but I'm afraid I will not make it until the new Deadline I was kept busy with work and every time I opened the challenge file I struggled to make up my mind on how to get the right curves while mainaining good topology, let alone the drinking opening. So my Progress is not much further than what I posted originally. Really sorry but I first Need to learn more about establishing an upward spiral on a curved object and how to embed a cylinder to that topology. I'm sure I can learn a bit from the wireframes on the final entries thread.
  19. For anyone who missed it, the finals thread is here, and you now have until 3am GMT Sat 4th Nov to upload your final entries there ! Looking at you guys, @Hart, @Robididan, @hansolo ! CBR
  20. Here you go!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/txg8cvewv8g6u1b/Protein Bottle.zip?dl=0
  21. Oh my goodness, I was looking for something to be posted in this thread lol. So sorry! Now I know where to post my finals. Will do this right away!
  22. OK, someone forgot to enter on time, so we have extended the deadline a couple of days in case anyone else missed it the first time... CBR
  23. Dude - you missed the deadline, which was 3 am yesterday morning ! As we only had one entry we called it there. But in the interests of a proper challenge, I will unlock the finals thread here so you can post your entry ASAP !! CBR
  24. Hey has the finals thread been created? Curious where to place the files. Thanks!
  25. Ok, that's a little disappointing. But with just the one entry for this challenge, there can pretty much only be one winner, can't there ?! :/ We did have a few more people trying in the WiP thread, it's a shame they couldn't make it to final, but we accept people are busy and sometimes don't have time to get these things done, even though we thought a month was pretty generous, time-wise. @VECTOR and I will discuss the future of the challenges, and try and work out if there is enough interest to continue. CBR Edit: see below - challenge extended for a couple of days...



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