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  2. Have you tried to blend that pass in Photoshop? I think Corona supports linear workflow.
  3. So I was able to find a solution to this dilemma. Corona's help system has this text description for the Shadows pass: "Shows the shadows (energy subtracted from the image due to shadow ray occlusion). This is the complement to the beauty pass, showing white where there are black shadows. If this pass is linearly added to the beauty pass, it negates the visible shadows. Note that currently the shadows from environment lighting are always shown, resulting in a washed-out pass in typical interior renders." This doesn't make any sense to me as far as AE goes. My solution was to drop a Shadow Catcher material onto the screen. This produced an inverted shadow map. After inverting it in AE, it almost disappears so I had to add some Curves to get the shadows back. Then just Multiply it back over the new screen content. Funny thing is, I also set up an AO pass to pick up all those little shadows around the edges of the screen. That pass produced a white image with dark gray shadowy bits. Simple and easy. Not sure why the shadows don't come out that way way. I'll post back if they reply with anything to clear this up.
  4. Anyone here that uses Corona know if the Shadow pass from Multipass is functioning? The result I'm getting just doesn't look right. I posted on the dev's site, but with the time difference, it can take quite a while to get a response. The image on the left is the RGB and the image on the right is what I got out of the Shadows multipass. Weird right?
  5. Yea, looks nice...good job. Maybe use DoF so that background isnt so visible!
  6. Finishing up texturing this 2019 Honda Passport Elite model from Hum3d.com. We're just tweaking some of the lights, like the side turn light. Looking pretty good overall. Just replaced the image with a final image. Much nicer and a little DoF to boot.
  7. Had a go at see what I could get with caustics in Corona. Wow. So nice. I will say that I'm still learning Corona, so I don't know all the tricks yet. I had some difficulty removing fireflies, so I had to crank up the samples a lot to get this look. Took more than 20 min. on my 2013 Mac Pro, so not too animation friendly with my settings, but still beautiful.
  8. Can you post some example image how does the error show in render?
  9. I know that, but I get weird problems with the normal maps. Works perfectly in Octane, Vray and so on. But not in Corona. DO I need to change direction on something? I have tried but I+m not getting it right.
  10. Artwork made with Corona renderer for cinema 4d
  11. How does Patreon work? Do I pay 1 USD per post? You don´t have a gumroad with all the materials? Btw, how to post things in this group/club? I have a question about normal maps in Corona. You seem to be the right person to ask :)
  12. Recently added an album with several Corona renderings. Keeps getting better.
  13. We have another release up for download here: https://corona-renderer.com/blog/corona-renderer-for-cinema-4d-beta-2-release-candidate-1-released/ Keeps your open as there should be another in a few days. Thanks
  14. perhaps you can also try to render separate AO pass and use that in comp. Also shadow pass is useful.
  15. In case someone wants to make AO pass for compositing you can make it easily with AO shader in Multipass menu. There is a pass called texmap in which you can use corona shader effects. Select AO and now you can render AO pass. With ID pass you can select how you render your IDs. If you want to make passes for all materials just select Material option. Other options will render IDs based on geometry, groups, instance, material or object. Material pass is perhaps most useful for compositing in Photoshop.
  16. It is set up the only way I know. Drag the sky into the environment slot. There is something strange going on in those areas. I not sure I have that scene anymore to check it out. I was going to see if there was too much reflection in the image since there is a lot of color spilling from the side of the cars. Not sure though.
  17. How have you set up the shadow catcher? It looks like the texture is missing in between the white and blue car and also under the red car.
  18. Our latest release is now: 2018-08-15, be sure to check it out! ;) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Kfqwz77XXO6dhroC6HzwEXk9m9pSZuW9
  19. Version 1.0.0

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    These materials are made with Corona before they added the node system, but they are perfectly compatible. Corona uses a system that the nodes let you look at all the materials, not each material contains its own node window. Anyway, I started with this great material from Eduard Riegel at Corona-Materials.de. The scene file also contains a cloth mesh object if you need to show that type of material. https://www.corona-materials.de/en/material-library/car-paint/advanced-car-paint-xpr/235 I then tried to match as closely as possible real-world Honda car paint colors. Please make something nice and post back. Enjoy.
  20. I have been rendering experiments trying to get realistic-looking objects into real footage/images using Corona. Here's my latest attempt. This one came out very nice. All lighting is using a very high-quality FREE HDRI from https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/
  21. Sounds good. It´s pretty fast workflow for animation.



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