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This place is aimed at beginners, taking their first steps into UV unwrapping. Share your issues or problems, upload your objects or UV maps for discussion.

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  2. There already are many tutorials available on the web related to UV unwrapping. Some are short, others more elaborate. Barely touching the subject or digging deep into the technical details. This cub, however, is aimed at the beginners who might have questions, how and when to apply particular seams ... and why. Tutorials are fine, they show you how to get things done. But when you have this particular mesh object, not matching any of the subjects handled in any tutorial ... how do you begin? With this club I hope to provide a starting point for those beginners, taking their first step into the world of UV unwrapping. Seasoned users are still welcome ... please share your knowledge. What this place is NOT meant to be: a simple collection of links to tutorials available on the web. Additionally, while I have written a few plugins and script related to UV editing, I don't consider myself an UV expert. But I will try to do my best at helping out, where possible.



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