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  2. Proxy at render farm

    BobGF I sent it to PixelPlow last night, just to see if it would work, it's a low res preview so it doesn't matter if it doesn't work at this stage, it didn't work ;) I've sent a support email to them but as they are US based and I'm UK the reply might be long time
  3. Does anybody know about this?
  4. Proxy at render farm

    Hi Push. It depends on the workflow of the given render farm. I understand that you are using a farm which just renders your project using automated workflow. In general, if the render farm offers a plugin for uploading your project, it should relink the proxy and upload it to the farm with the whole project. The proxy, like other assets such as textures and caches, should be properly linked in the scene or use relative paths if your setup allows it. If it doesn't work, then I'm sure it can be relinked on the farm's side, you would just need to contact the support team and upload the file. The question is if that particular farm is ready for such semi-manual workflow and how long it takes to get a response.
  5. How do I send a project to a render farm that contains a proxy object? Any ideas?
  6. Hi, As the title siaid. I found some Instructions on redshift help website. https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/Baking But it did not have detailed steps. How to Creating Bake Sets in C4D, and how to Executing Baking? Thanks.
  7. AOV's setup in After Effects ?

    Yes. They updated it recently and now it makes sense. I was amazed how quickly the devs replied on the RS forum and even gave me a sneak peak at the new documentation. https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/Integrated+AOVs
  8. AOV's setup in After Effects ?

    I think you shoud learn the PDF of Redshift in there website.https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/AOV+Tutorial?product=cinema4d
  9. Hi, I'm having trouble working out the correct workflow for AOV's in After Effects. I'm used to doing multipasses from C4D render but new to Redshift and there are a lot more options that I don't know what they are and how they should me layered in After Effects. Any help, links to tutorials or general info would be appreciated. I've watched GSG / Chad Ashley AOV tutorial & looked through the manual. Cheers.
  10. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    Hopefully, it is something they can fix soon. I know a lot of people use and rely on displacement maps.
  11. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    redshift support couldn't get it to work either, they forwarded it to the devs, so hopefully we will see a fix soon... they also tried it in arnold, and they couldn't get it to work properly there, too.
  12. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    like i said, it doesn't help increasing the base mesh density... really looks exactly the same. the fall back option would be to model in the bigger folds manually and then add finer much simpler displacement on top of that, but that would also mean way higher poly count. i mean it's no problem to rig and weight a higher poly count mesh, so no, it's not a MUST... but it's just much more convenient in animation to have a low poly mesh. much less effort in weighting, and much better viewport performance when animating. so if possible i'd like to keep it low poly.
  13. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    Sounds like an annoying problem. Maybe it's something the RS are looking or need to look into?! Surely though using the min/max values, if you went for example old min 0, max 1, to new min -.5, max .5 or something like that it would then act like you need, essentially making the "grey" or midtones 0? Ooooh, yeh maybe for an animated character keeping polys low is a must. Not sure. I just keep playing with setting so they look right. Is there any way to add a little more detail to the base mesh in the trouble parts so the displacement maps works as needed? eg adding in the folded areas?
  14. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    yes, i have tesselation on, i wouldn't expect it to look right without it. i didn't try it with z-brush, since i don't have it. but i've read in the rs forums that people are having trouble with maps exported from z-brush as well. i have to say although i love redshift and also find it fascinating how fast it processes and renders incredibly high tesselated geometry i'm not really happy with the way redshift handles displacements in general, i think an optional "intensity centered" approach for height maps would be very useful, you know like the c4d default, where 50%grey is flat, black means displacement it the negative normal direction and white in positive. haven't had much success yet getting that right either by playing with the min/max values. it's not so much of an issue if you just do slight displacements, but if you want rather intense displacements the geometry always gets kinda bloated. and as for the vector maps, i tried subdividing the base mesh, but that made no difference at all.. i also tried messing with the colours, switching rgb channels and what not. i think i really spent a whole day now on that issue :D also this is for an animated character, so i really wanna keep the mesh as low poly as possible.
  15. Reshift Volumetric Light

    Not sure about the actual length of the rays but I tried just a few days ago on a scene I had learning the C4D lighting and one technique was adding a disc in front of the light with fractal alpha map applied which then broke up the overall beam. Maybe like everfresh mentioned, maybe adding some sort of object to intersect with the rays/beam and then turning its render visibility off?
  16. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    Have you tried this with Zbrush displacement maps at all? I know I used to have problems with Zbrush and Softimage and never got it to work. Displacement maps can be quite finicky. Maybe the base mesh might need more polys for it to displace properly in Redshift? Have you got the tesselation on also in the RS tag object? This adds a lot of the finer detail.
  17. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    thanks... redshift support is currently looking into his... i hope they can come up with a solution. if they do, i will post their findings here, in case anyone else wants to get this going as well...
  18. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    Ok, sry i thought it was any kind of displacement . Well for vector displacement i cant't really help much. I know that some renderers don't deal very well with this technology and that is unfortunate. I remember from 3ds max, back in the day, that mental ray was really good at it but vray was awful. good luck then cheers
  19. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    thanks, but this is a height map. i was talking about displacement vectors. the main difference is that displacement vectors allow displacement in any direction, not just one, so you can have more complex displacements like overlapping folds and such.
  20. c4d sculpt bake to redshift

    Hi I managed some results, wich are not bad. Probably i would need a little more time around it but for now i think it works. I send a link to a file with an example. See if it helps. cheers https://drive.google.com/open?id=1laLd-Iu9S_MKIT8qGE5nEF9SmP4xSbcu
  21. Reshift Volumetric Light

    i don't think it can be done like in a way we are used to in c4d lights. what you can do though is load in a vdb of some smoke or clouds and break it up with that, or use an image with alpha and put it in front of your lights to break it up... second will give you a different result though, you'll get more like broken up beams rather than a varying noise within the beam.
  22. did anybody here successfully manage to bake a displacement tangent vector in c4d and achieve a displacement result in redshift with that map that is accurate? i believe i tried everything, baking it out as 8/16/32bit tiff/exr/png, you name it. the baked result looks exactly like the sculpt in a c4d material with standard renderer, but in redshift it's always off. i get the displacement going, that's not the issue, it's just no where near accuracy and i'm also getting shading artefacts. and yes, i set the redshift displacement node to vector and tangent and i also played with the min/max old/new values as pointed out in the redshift forums in various topics i browsed through... spent hours trying to get it to work properly, no luck.
  23. Has anyone figured out a way to give volumetric light a bit of fractal noise or something similar in Redshift? I have a scene that uses volumetric lights and they have an unnatural perfect cone to them. I want to have the feel of waves of smoke or fog. There needs to be some amount of imperfection in the rays from the lights.
  24. Redshift And TFD

    Rajnlove, I had the same problem yesterday. It turns out that all I had to do was update Turbulence FD to a more recent version. Hope that helps!
  25. Redshift And TFD

    Help me please I can't add density on Turbulence FD
  26. I made a QuickStart tutorial for Redshift’s YouTube channel, covering the very basics of creating materials and shading. Nothing advanced. Literally the most essential shading topics (ie how to create a metal, or a glass, or wax, etc) so people can start getting familiar with it. Scene file included as well.