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A club for Redshift for C4D users. Post your WIP/finished work, tips and tricks, questions, or any Redshift-related discussions here!

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  2. Awesome - always great work from you. Maybe the Redshift devs should take notes on how to make a toon shader ;)
  3. And I'm finally able to share some of my work for Perrier! Quoted from the WIP/Final Images section: A colleague and I were commissioned to work on a series of 360-degree videos and short, looping teasers for Perrier. Perrier wanted a mix of realistic bottles in a cartoon-like world. The deadlines were tight, so GPU rendering was going to be essential for iteration and final renders. Redshift (my go-to GPU renderer) does not have a dedicated toon shader. However - that doesn't mean you can't build your own! Thanks in part to some tips from @merkvilson, I was able to generate some custom "faux" toon shaders that were easy to tweak and FAST to render. All native, all within C4D and Redshift. The only external textures used were the bottle labels and the backdrop. Below is some imagery for the first theme, just shared by Perrier on their social media. Currently working on more themes for them, so this will be an ongoing thing! Will keep updating the thread as I go. A couple of styleframes for Perrier's approval on lookdev: And the official teaser loop that's started to circulate today. Not sure when Perrier will be sharing the 360-degree video.
  4. somenerv - Redshift R&D

    Awesome stuff here nerv. How would you feel about sharing some scene files ? Would love to pick this stuff apart.

    From the album somenerv - Redshift R&D

    © Nate Rodriguez-Vera

  6. Alphas as Decals.

    Thanks nerv.
  7. Alphas as Decals.

    np. You can do that by combining the decal's alpha and some noise into a Color Composite node before sending it to the material blender. Chad from GSG also recently did a very nice tutorial on weathering effects with Redshift, via Twitch. Not sure that it's on youtube yet. https://go.twitch.tv/videos/181492751##
  8. Alphas as Decals.

    nerv you are amazing, thank you. Any idea how we can get the decal to look worn away in places or kinda grungy ? Maybe by using a noise or something ?
  9. Alphas as Decals.

    @DanLSK make sure to turn off "wrap U" and "wrap V" on the texture node.
  10. Alphas as Decals.

    Hey @nerv , how would you go about turning off the texture tiling in RS? The good old texture tag method has no effect ...
  11. I'm new here and hope you don't mind me posting this, but this is a handy free plugin and works with Redshift. It allows you to set Object ID from your scenes to your render settings in one click. @graphos released EasyObjectID v2 (free).
  12. Alphas as Decals.

    There's two ways. 1. If you want the decal to be the same material as your surface, you can just use the Color Layer node, then feed that into the diffuse or some other input of the Material. 2. If you want the decal to be an entirely different material, just feed two materials into a Material Blender node, then use the decal's alpha to blend between them.
  13. Alphas as Decals.

    Thanks ABMotion. I watched this last night but it's not what I'm looking for. I want to make decals to place over the top of an existing material, Example would be a shinny paint material with a decal placed on top with a high roughness value and possibly some wear to it.
  14. Alphas as Decals.

    This tutorial should answer your question: Good luck with your project too.
  15. Alphas as Decals.

    Hi, Can anyone help with info regarding the creation of decals using alphas. I'm completely stumped! Even just a rough guide to how alphas work inside Redshift would be great. Cheers.
  16. Toggle Surface Output with Shortcut ?

    In the Redshift Shader Graph go to the top menu, under Tools>Connect Node to Output. As he did, you can assign that command to a hotkey using (from C4D menus) Window>Customization>Customize Commands....
  17. Toggle Surface Output. During this twitch stream, Chad Ashley has a shortcut setup so he can view the output of any node. Any idea how I setup this shortcut ? Here’s a link to the video, around 2mins 45 seconds in. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181482719
  18. Also, here is some actual work. Cover art for another upcoming digital music release. Pyro effects using Turbulence FD and rendered with Redshift.
  19. From the album somenerv - Redshift R&D

    Cover art for a digital music release.

    © Nate Rodriguez-Vera

  20. Transieris

    From the album somenerv - Redshift R&D

    © Nate Rodriguez-Vera

  21. Gradus

    From the album somenerv - Redshift R&D

    © Nate Rodriguez-Vera

  22. Thanks, Igor! Been having a lot of fun creating terrains (especially dunes) with a combination of procedural noises and sculpting. Here's another one.
  23. Basic idea Random Color with Redshift and Voronoi Facture
  24. Now that there's a dedicated Redshift for C4D club, I think it's time to start fresh! Post your images (finished or not) rendered with Redshift for C4D here. I'll start with a few recent personal favorites. Lots more on my Instagram page!