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A club for Redshift for C4D users. Post your WIP/finished work, tips and tricks, questions, or any Redshift-related discussions here!

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  2. I made a QuickStart tutorial for Redshift’s YouTube channel, covering the very basics of creating materials and shading. Nothing advanced. Literally the most essential shading topics (ie how to create a metal, or a glass, or wax, etc) so people can start getting familiar with it. Scene file included as well.
  3. displacement issue

    Old thread, but I thought I'd post an update to knowledge that I've just learned on this subject: To get the equivalent of Intensity Centered with Displacement, you can change the New Range Min under the Change Range section of the RS Displacement Node from 0 to -1 to map the range in the negative and positive to match Intensity Centered:
  4. A test scene to learn more about Redshift for C4D, figuring out how rendering the grass using the hair module among other stuff

    © Arnold Ssebutiko

  5. Just FYI: Redshift is running a 20%-off sale for all licenses, including node-locked and floating. Here’s your chance to save a decent chunk of cash on a new Redshift license (or additional ones if you’re doing any team rendering). More deets: https://www.redshift3d.com/blog/20-off-redshift-licenses
  6. The “plastic decal” node should be another RSMaterial node, with all of its own parameters, including roughness, etc.
  7. Hy Guys sorry again... Is it possible after that work also with orange texture? I can work with base mayerial but non whit orange also...I mean roughness etc etc (sorry for my english :-((( )
  8. You are the best thank you very much
  9. You don’t stack redshift materials via the object manager. You have to do it using nodes. See the thread below.
  10. Hi everyone, first I'm sorry for my bad english. I have a question about alpha texture overlay with redshift. I hope anybody can help me, attached here the file link. I have to put a alpha texture over another metals material bu not work like octane or c4d engine and I don't understand why. PLEASE HELP ME!!! :-) thank you very very MUCH Gio https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pib9uXlQb6dd-1acdGbPUm-Qjzw-wsa6
  11. thanks man... i revisited the raspberry this morning since it wasn't that good in a previous version... glad you like it! :)
  12. Wonderful!! Super realistic. I especially like the raspberry.
  13. i made some cake today...
  14. Apologies to Mr. Campbell and Mr. Khan...... can't help myself....
  15. Redshift meets Pink Floyd

    H, thank you! Yes, lots of hours. Regards, David
  16. Redshift meets Pink Floyd

    Cool, I like it, you did a lot of work :)
  17. Just finished a visualisation of Pink Floyd's TIME. Couldn't have done it in the time available to me without RS speed of render. Posted at: Thanks for looking!
  18. We would all indeed be out of jobs without them, sadly. Oh right. I didn't realise you were using 3.5 for this one. I never really tested fluids in 3.5 but they seem pretty awesome so far in V4. Just make sure to play with the filters in the VDB mesh options for better smoothing. I would expect nothing at the moment can compare to Realflow or Houdini with really any particle or fluid sim, generally, but XP will definitely catch up at some point if it keeps moving like it is. Jealous that you are learning Houdini. I still need to learn C4D and the plugins it has. I use to jump in between lots of apps to learn but now trying to focus on just the one.
  19. Can't live with 'em, can't pay rent without 'em. XP4 launched just as we were closing the books, so I never got a chance to try it out on this. I presume it would've been better than with 3.5, but still not sure that it stacks up to RF or Houdini's fluids. I might just re-sim these with XP4 at some point, just for comparison's sake. I do have a couple of prospective new projects that may require more realistic fluid behavior. I recently motivated myself to start getting into Houdini (again) for this and a few other things, so if XP4's fluids are still not really meeting the mark, I will have a viable option - even if I kind of hate using it.
  20. Those damn clients. Haha. Who do they think they are... :/ I was thinking what you have said would be the case. It is always fun though to be able to learn different techniques and workarounds to get the results required. That is often one thing you can take away from even the worst jobs. It would have been great if you had the opportunity to play with Realflow or Houdini (if you know how to use them at all). I see the clients point in keeping the text legible. Do you not think the new XP4 liquids could achieve greater results, more on par with the other two apps for this type of thing?
  21. Thanks. Yes, that was a subject of some internal debate. The results of having the liquids collide with the copy were mixed. The less viscous one (“water”) was more or less ok, but the viscous one (“bubblegum slime”) was kind of erratic and a little hard to tame - especially since the client was adamant about keeping the copy unoccluded for as long as possible. Something bumping into the copy momentarily was ok, but fluids remaining stuck to them wasn’t. It may have fared better with something like realflow or even Houdini to simulate the fluids, as opposed to XP. However, when presented with all the options - including additional time to re-sim the fluids with a different engine - the client chose to go with what’s shown here. There were a few other decisions and requests along the way that I wasn’t exactly thrilled with - but I erred on the side of keeping the client pleased. This was a very educational project. There’s a lot I took away from it that I will be applying to future ones.
  22. Terrific stuff! Well done.
  23. Great work Nerv. The only real thought is the interaction of the liquid on the text on the cylinder. For example, the watermelon slices bounce off but the liquid runs behind the text. Just wondering if this was down to times of simulation? or the result wasn't very good etc?