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Talk about plugin development. C++, Python, OSX and Windows. If your developing a plugin and want to share, or talk about issues related to plugin development then this is the place. But if you require SDK support about C4D specific functions then please use the official MAXON PluginCafe instead. http://www.plugincafe.com

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  2. i don't know about code if i want to create my own plugin,How could i do brother?
  3. It supports C++11. And only a subset of that as well. You can see what is officially supported on page one of the plugin style guide: https://developers.MAXON.net/wp-content/files/PluginCodeStyleGuide.pdf
  4. it was mozilla firefox .. thanks guys ... another question >> does cinema support c++17 ?
  5. Hi, please see this thread in Plugin Café: http://www.plugincafe.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=14121 Sebastian posted a link how to fix the issue in Chrome.
  6. I believe they had an issue with an SSL certificate expiring. Try using a different browser. Safari and IE work for me, but I still have issues when using Chrome.
  7. why https://developers.MAXON.net/ is no longer available?.
  8. Hello, I would appreciate API access into the dynamics functionality and expanded access into the mograph functionality. Thanks for asking! Thom
  9. Post your feature requests to this thread. Developers can then look through all your requests and maybe they can create a plugin that will do what you need. Please don't have lengthy discussions in here. It would be great if it could be kept clean with just lists of feature requests and ideas. If you wish to discuss a feature in detail and have a conversation then just open up a new topic in this club for your feature. Cheers.
  10. MAXON Plugin Cafe Forum MAXON Development Support C4D Node Descriptions



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