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  2. So I finally bought Cycles 4D and have been trying to learn the lighting. I also got the starter pack. There are several car paint materials in there. Perfect for me. So the image below is pretty simple. Large square room, a bunch of area lights in a cloner up top. The car on the right uses a material that a user here made, I believe @fastbee but don't kill me if I'm wrong. I originally thought it was a deep material looking at the nodes, then realized none of them were connected except one... the Principled BSDF. The car on the left uses a the same red color, but that material is from the Starter Pack and has at least 10 nodes doing the work. What the hell? I figure it has to be a Fresnel issue, but after tinkering for some time, I gave up. If I flip the cars, there is more true red that renders with the Start Pack red paint, but still the faded paint look. Any clues as to how to adjust those materials so they're useable? A shame to have to dismiss 10 materials that should be ready to render, but clearly, not for me. Thanks.
  3. Episode 3 - xpSplineFlow, X-Particles 4 Sneak Peek xpSplineFlow enables you to create organic, dynamic, smooth flowing particles along a Spline. Animate the Spline by keyframes or deformers; xpSplineFlow updates in real time. Creating natural flowing realistic simulations has never been this easy. For more information about X-Particles 4, please visit http://insydium.com/x-particles-4-new-features/
  4. The early bird discounts we've made available are entirely optional for those that want to jump to X-Particles 4 on release. There are many groups of X-Particles users, each have their own discount. The two you have quoted are 2.5 to 3.5, not 2.5 to 3.0 and both during very limited periods that are not early bird discounts. The discounts runs until just after release so that you can get X-Particles 4 on the 5th Dec or wait and see what the final features are. X-Particles 4 is a huge update.
  5. Odd Results

    Ahhhh! You got me on that one. I started with a cube and made it editable. Totally forgot about the normals. I usually have them off on-screen so a heavy scene doesn't get too busy.
  6. Odd Results

    The normals of the room are facing the wrong direction.
  7. Odd Results

    Thanks @Fastbee. The scene file is attached as well. Yeah, the walls and ceiling are off-white. The trim below is bright white and the floor is wood planks. Even more curious is the color in the reflection is only on part of the reflection. I'm baffled. OK so I dropped the IOR for the wood to 1.0 and the color is as expected. I don't understand how IOR works in these PBR engines. The color is back, but the reflection is gone. I hope the manual is good at explaining the functions. We'll see.
  8. For the cloth I'm wondering if the solver is fast enough and stable enough to do something like a skirt on a girl dancing. If it is that should definitely be part of the show real. It does not even have to be a girl you could put a skirt on the default figure primitive in c4d. As is not I hesitate to upgrade because it's not clear if the cloth is good or if the flow fields can be exported via .fga.
  9. Odd Results

    I'm thinking it's the setting for the ior of the floor, but can't be certain without looking at the file. From the picture it looks as thought he whole room is gray so it more curious to me why the reflection in the sphere has color when the rest of the scene has no color.
  10. So I finally bit the bullet and bought Cycles 4D. I just set up a simple scene to mess with lighting. Set it up in real-world scale. I dropped a chrome material to emphasise the issue. For whatever reason, any material I put on the floor only renders in gray except in the center of the reflection of the sphere. There you can see the wood floor in all it's color glory. I know I'm new to Cycles, but seems this should work without too much difficulty. Any ideas what could cause this? Cycles Testing.c4d.zip
  11. Got my 15% discount code for License Type: Unlocked 3.5 Upgrade to 4. Feels like a joke. So that's 187 instead of 220 pounds for paying something now for something in the future. So that's saving 33 pounds. Thanks but keep your "discount." I expected 40% or something like in the past? I will rather wait for some of your reasonable offers like these from Twitter or your NABSALE. "INSYDIUM LTD‏ @insydium 24 Mar 2016 SALE - Upgrade 2.5 to X-Particles 3.5 now £95 until 31.03.16, http://www.insydium.com quote TW95UG at the checkout." " INSYDIUM LTD‏ @insydium 26 Jul 2016 SALE Upgrade from 2.5 to X-Particles 3.5 for only £67.50 ex vat until 31st July 2016, http://www.insydium.com quote TWHPUG at the checkout
  12. Making flow fields like this in XP and exporting them to Unreal Engine to use with the particle systems there would be great. Are we going to be able to export the flow fields also known as vector fields to a .fga file?
  13. Fair enough, we have taken your feelings onboard, and we are genuinely pleased you are looking forward to X-Particles 4 - we've got lots more to share with you over the next few weeks!
  14. My initial reaction to being forced to pay for a license type upgrade was the same as many others have already expressed. This was a poor marketing move by Insydium. There could of been other ways to handle the cost that don't leave users feeling like they are being charged for something they don't need or nickel-and-diming their oldest, most loyal customers. Generating an upgrade cost from the user serial # could have avoided drawing so much attention to paying for changing license policies. I totally understand the need to do it, to be fair to those who've paid for the more expensive license type, but only after reading multiple posts from daveo. Do you really want to have to explain to every customer why this shouldn't leave a bad taste in their mouth. It still does not change the fact that if we want to upgrade to XP4, we have to pay for something we don't need. Offering a 50% discount certainly helps ease any ill feelings, and already upgraded upon receiving the early bird offer. Excited for XP4, looking awesome so far.
  15. Don't worry about it, no hard feelings. INSYDIUM always try to put customers first, however, it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. We think X-Particles 4 should make our customers happy, which is the most important thing. thank you x
  16. Xparticles 4 release date

    Cycles4D is a great renderer, especially if you work with X-Particles. Plus it handles some scenes better than some of others. I was talking with someone else in the industry about it the other day. They had a scene that Octane was choking on and then switched to using Cycles4D and it rendered the scene just fine. The latest update from Insydium made it significantly better than the first release, by the way. The noise remover post effect is magical. As for the cost of upgrading XP, have you seen the sneak peek video from IBC? This is a MASSIVE update to X-Particles. They are including a new fluid simulator, a new smoke/gas/fire simulator, a new cloth system, a new mesher for fluids (and probably lots of other uses), FlowFields (which look killer to me) and a whole lot more. It is an insane release and they haven't even shown off everything they're adding yet. The upgrade price even without the discount is extremely reasonable for all of the stuff they're including in it.
  17. Xparticles 4 release date

    As a long time XP customer (since V1), the discounts were very significant leaving absolutely no room for complaints. And when you give me something at a huge discount (like Cycles 4D), I tend to get it. There was a very good thread in the forum comparing all those renderers. Yes...from what I can recall...while the "professional" renders did fair better that Cycles 4D, so did their costs. What I paid for Cycles 4D is probably 1/10th of a new license cost for some of those professional renderers. And while it may not be "professional", I do hear that the new release of Cycles 4D is not that bad and a vast improvement over earlier versions. Plus you can't argue with the Insydium on-line training videos...that makes it very easy to pickup and learn. So for the cost of a good Saturday night dinner at a nice restaurant, I picked up another GPU renderer. Overall, not a risky choice by any stretch of the imagination Dave
  18. Xparticles 4 release date

    @3D-Pangel Nobody uses Cycles 4D anyway. With Blender it's free anyway and for Cinema 4D you would rather use something professional like Arnold, Octane, Redshift etc. Maybe the price increase is due to the fact that Insydium shouldn't have started with Blender's Cycles in the first place and just stick to their main product and not some adventures. ------------------ Got my 15% discount code for License Type: Unlocked 3.5 Upgrade to 4. Feels like a joke. So that's 187 instead of 220 pounds for paying something now for something in the future. So that's saving 33 pounds. Thanks but keep your "discount." I expected 40% or something like in the past? I will rather wait for some of your reasonable offers like these from Twitter or your NABSALE. "INSYDIUM LTD‏ @insydium 24 Mar 2016 SALE - Upgrade 2.5 to X-Particles 3.5 now £95 until 31.03.16, http://www.insydium.com quote TW95UG at the checkout." " INSYDIUM LTD‏ @insydium 26 Jul 2016 SALE Upgrade from 2.5 to X-Particles 3.5 for only £67.50 ex vat until 31st July 2016, http://www.insydium.com quote TWHPUG at the checkout
  19. Xparticles 4 release date

    Be sure to read the entire email as that discount code also applies to their upgrade bundle deal: an upgrade to XP4 plus a Cycles 4D license. So normally, the XP4 upgrade is 220 pounds and Cycles 4D is 185 pounds (405 pounds total). Their bundle deal is 350 pounds. But you can apply the 15% or 25% discount to that bundle deal as well which drops the price to 297.5 pounds or 262.5 pounds. That's like getting Cycles 4D for 42.5 pounds. Almost makes it a no brainer. Dave
  20. I just got my email explaining my discount on the XP4 upgrade as a long standing customer from V1. ....oh my..... All my complaints and criticisms in this thread about the fee to unlock my XP3.5 license are a personal embarrassment to me now in the face of such a generous show of support for loyal customers. My sincere apologies to the good people at Insydium...why I ever doubted you is beyond me. December 5th can't come fast enough. Dave
  21. Xparticles 4 release date

    So i just received my Xparticles offer email, 15% off. It seems the offer increases the earlier you have bought Xparticles. A colleague of mine has 25% off after buying and older version initially....
  22. Episode 2 - xpFlowField, X-Particles 4 – Release 5th December The next chapter in particle control, with xpFlowField, the possibilities are endless. They can be mixed and layered to push directed particle effects to the next level. For more information, please visit http://insydium.com/x-particles-4-new-features/
  23. Dave, Okay....that is what I expected. As a long standing XP user, my 3.5 license was still locked. Personally I am very happy that you are doing away with locked licenses. What I also perceive is that Insydium began to realize that what started as a way to get people into XP at a lower price point, offering two license types for each version was becoming cumbersome to explain and maintain and costing more in effort than it gained in revenue. Had your paragraph above been in the emails you sent out and explained the history of how old-time users got to this point, then it would have made perfect sense and I would have recognized that the 50% discount was a fair way to respect those who already had paid for an unlocked license. Rather those emails spent a good deal of time selling people on why unlocking your 3.5 license was a good thing with a few added throw away lines about how you can't get to XP4 without it. Hopefully you can understand how alarming that can be from the perspective of those who are not as close to the history as you are. I think explaining the history, the change in direction and a tacit admission (or implied inference) that offering two license options for each version was not a good idea is a good way to close out this topic in this thread. I appreciate the additional context and taking the time to provide it. I am all set. Dave A
  24. Over the next few weeks, we'll be releasing sneak peek videos showcasing all the major new features of X-Particles 4. If you visit http://insydium.uk/x-particles-4-new-features/ you’ll find information on the new features, pricing and FAQs. This information will be updated regularly. Please take the time to watch our first Sneak Peek, created by Mike Batchelor - Episode 1 - xpClothFX xpClothFX Dynamics system brings remarkably fast cloth simulations right into the X-Particles workflow. http://vimeo.com/236289244 We hope you enjoy it, we're looking forward to sharing more with you over the next few weeks Thank you x
  25. Xparticles 4 is coming out the 5th December and I am pretty excited about it! http://insydium.uk/x-particles-4-release/ I use both X-paricles and turbulence FD for smoke and fire but it seems like Particles could possibly be used alone with this coming release. I was not happy with the initial smoke and fire effects so I ma very curious to see some tutorials and animations from this new version soon. I am guessing it will work with version 16 of C4D, otherwise I will be very disappointed!