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A club for people that use Cycles4D or want to learn how to use Cycles4D.

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  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how the trails are being repelled from the sphere in the link attached. I think its a XPFlowfield, but when I try it the trails just fly around the sphere. Any ideas? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjz75fWgCKy/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. From my limited experience with xparticles the life of the smoke is until it goes below a treshold of visibility based naturally through diffusion or dissipation. If you are having smoke pushed though a pipe at a fast velocity you will have to have a huge amount of smoke being generated. Once it gets to the other end it will always start off as more dissipated as that is the way fluid dynamics work. The velocities near the sides of the pipe go slower than the center which makes the center get pushed along faster making it at the start look more dissipated. If you want it to appear smoke is shooting along a path have the smoke spawn object shooting along the path. This will make it look like there is a big thing of smoke along a path being generated. If it's smoke being generated at a source and blown through a tube make a tube object and give it the explosiafx collider tag, but you will have the diffusion dissipation problem stated so the simulation will have to run for a while. If you want more help you are going to be more specific as to the forces that are supposed to be pushing the smoke along or better explain the situation that is happening. Although maybe I am over thinking your situation. Maybe all you have to do is up the Volume Scatter density in the material used for the smoke.
  4. Hi, I have been looking about for a while for a solution to this. Hopefully, someone here knows what I'm missing. So I have been playing about with smoke in xParticles for a while. It's pretty great. But what I can't seem to control is the life of the smoke. I am trying to make some smoke follow a path for a client. Which is in itself quite difficult. But I think I have a workable solution for that (pretty much just making it follow a tube with wind maintaining the movement, if anyone has a better solution I'm all ears!) But the problem I can't seem to solve and have had several times is increasing the life of the smoke. It just fades out too early and doesn't reach the end of the path. They want fine whispy smoke like from a cigarette. So I cant just make a mad fire. I tried setting a negative value for Smoke Dissipation but the results are weird. Any help or confirmation it cant be done would be great! Thanks, Robin
  5. I wholeheartedly agree. I just noticed the 12 months maintenance in the store. https://insydium.ltd/shop/index.php?route=product/category&path=59 Looking forward to Insydium's official statement how useful this maintenance even his.
  6. I've never really understood the concept of "maintenance contract" in the software world. You are paying for something you don't even have and you don't even know what you are going to get for it. It's not like you are buying a physical product that needs regular "maintenance" in that 12 month period. It doesn't actually specify what this maintenance means in the shop page, nor in the terms and conditions. Are you guaranteed to get an update in the 12 months period of your contract? If so, why not just sell the .5 update? It seems like a shady way of doing business. I'm not saying that Insydium is a shady company of course! They make great stuff that's worth a decent amount of money. I just think it could be made more clear what you get for a 12 month maintenance contract.
  7. We’d like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The INSYDIUM team are taking a short break during this holiday season; we’ll be closed from Thursday 21st December, returning on Thursday 4th January 2018. Your orders will be processed, but there will be a delay in answering any support questions. The team will return refreshed and ready to deliver all our new and exciting plans for you in 2018. Thank you
  8. I think you will find the node editor upgrades quite lovely.
  9. xpExplosiaFX - Rendering Guide Mike's Quick guide - How to render xpExplosiaFX from X-Particles 4 using Cycles 4D and how to export the data and use that to render in Redshift and Octane. We hope some of you will find it useful - thank you x
  10. This video shows off the baking pretty well. He goes through the numbers as to how much time can be saved. Looks like caustics can be baked by themselves! So cool! A little example of real time playback after baking.
  11. They know how to make me happy. I was thinking, just yesterday maybe, that material baking is something I would really like Cycles to have. Today they say Merry Christmas. Texture baking is so powerful if used right. In scenes with no moving lights we are talking huge render time savings. I've not done tests on speed saving yet, but theoretically the scene could be baked once then put in C4D render or have Cycles used with a much faster speed. I'm not sure which would be faster. This is not to mention the benefits for people making video games which can now use Cycles for their light baking and import the baked light into their real time game!
  12. Amazing cycles 4d update, guys. I need to check back in and give it another run. Been a minute.
  13. I'm very excited about this! https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-ne...-for-cycles-4d/ X-Particles 4 xpExplosiaFX direct rendering. New Matrix Info node has been added to enable rendering of a Mograph Matrix object without geometry. Post-effects such as Filmic, Bloom and Glare added to the cyCamera tag. Cycles 4D materials can be baked to texture maps. Material stacking in the same way as Cinema 4D materials. And, this is the big one for me, some seriously useful updates to the (already great) node editor. See some of the new features in action here:
  14. We are pleased to announce that the Cycles 4D Major Service Update - Build 247 is now available! For a full list of changes please visit http://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/4th-service-update-for-cycles-4d/ Thanks x
  15. I'm having issues with Xplosia not writing VDB caches correctly. It produced a whole sequence of still frames of the same volume. Changing settings did nothing but deleting the cache object and recaching cleared sorted it. I'm also getting ridiculous cache times with any voxel size less than .3. Mid way through the timeline the countdown remaining just stops but all CPU cores pegged at 100% but no movement for over 20 mins. The viewport doesn't update during caching so you have to do a viewport play through to check the sim is right before caching. It would be better to see the viewport update while caching so it can be aborted if necessary. Another popular3D application with smoke simulations running on the same computer caches out a similar volume in several frames a second so I know it's not the computer that can't cope with the sim. I think the addition of the Data Import functionality and the ability to peruse these data in the console, which has made it to permanent place in my XP layout, will make XP4 the first port of call for my data visualisation work before sending these data over to another popular 3D animation program. However the xpCustomData modifier will be huge I tell ya and this whole XP4 release appears to have brought particle data much more visible than hidden away in the background as before and as a result I expect to see much more generative and deterministic sims.
  16. I was playing with XP4 all day yesterday. So far have only tried a few of the new functions as I am still learning XP in general. The Splineflow is awesome. Already had some really nice effects. Tried also with the VDB mesher and rendered with Cycles4D using reflective, refractive and other surface types and all seems fine. Good results so far though didn't push the particle count to get that smooth water look. The Strange Effectors and FlowField are cool and fun to play with. Can get some really exciting results. Also used the new VDB mesher on these along with other material types and all seems good. Loving the new Gravity Newton modifier. So fun to play with, but the simulation has to play for a long time before getting some great results. I tried the exPlosiaFX and though the quick test I did (sphere in domain) was fast and worked well, I just struggled to render it. Tried following the smoke and fire setups, as well as the tutorial from cycles4d, though Mario from Insydium has said the new Cycles update will be here soon that will fix the Explosia FX rendering.
  17. I've played around with it a bit, though I haven't had much time. So far what I've tried has been great - however, it looks like the OpenVDB mesher is creating meshes with inverted normals, which can result in some weirdness when rendering. Already had a few headaches trying to apply refractive / SSS materials with Redshift. I hope they address that soon.
  18. I might be doing something wrong, but here is what I got with some tests. Left is c4d cloth. Right is xp cloth. There is a pinning to an inner cylinder with the same number of points as the disc. I have cloth collision on another cylinder in the center which it always goes though no matter how high the iterations or subdivisions of the cylinder. The c4d one has a belt on the same points. Seems xp cloth has a problem with penetrations. If there was a way to absolutely keep it from penetrating itself and other objects this would be usable. Tried a xpPPCollisions and the cloth started glitching out on me. Tried making the particles smaller and adding more repulsion and it worked better, but still penetrated.
  19. So, has anyone had the chance to try out Xparticles 4 yet? I've had a quick run through and I'm loving what I see so far. So glad they improved the mesher and can't wait to try out the cloth tear options. I'm getting some crazy ideas already. It may be a little premature to say but it seems like a really cool update! I'm happy for my purchase. It's actually (finally) as good as I though X particles 3 should have been.
  20. Congrats to @INSYDIUM XP4 is a much more comprehensive update than the sneak peeks eluded to and it feels like a completely new plugin, nah, a complete new application. XP has become Mograph to me if not the entire reason for using C4D and I could no longer contemplate using C4D without XP installed that's how vital XP has become in a relatively short time.
  21. Dave, this post is typically adolescent which I've come to expect from you and it doesn't surprise me in the slightest the list of those who clicked in appreciation of it either, a league of losers. In your attempt to belittle me and misrepresent what I have said you have failed to understand that it is surely a positive to be discussing XParticles in the same breath as Houdini and a huge recommendation, in fact, I've done nothing but recommend and praise XP for several years. If I really did think as you say I would not mention or discuss XP and certainly not compare to an application like Houdini. If it is no longer possible to objectively discuss features of comparable software without the perpetually butt hurt getting their knickers in a twist then this forums has just become an echo chamber for adolescent minded idiots. Maybe that's what Hrvojie wants as long as it's pro C4D, pro MAXON adolescent minded drivel? No wonder the active membership is falling here despite the claims that C4D ownership is in rude health and growing. Think about that...



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