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  2. Odometer/Rolling Number Wheels Rig

    As they say on kids TV - here's one I made earlier
  3. Odometer/Rolling Number Wheels Rig

    Jed, That works perfectly. I was close to this one of my attempts, but couldnt get it. Right, I was using the Degree node to convert the radians. I think my problem was using a range mapper at the beginning, which was restricting it to only the first rotation and also not using the Math:Modulo. Thanks, really appreciate you taking the time to look at it!
  4. Odometer/Rolling Number Wheels Rig

    Not sure where the 44 fits in, but I think this file does what you want ie it turns the 2nd wheel by 44 degs from 90% > 100 %. There's a readout for the 2 rots, and a user data control to turn 1st wheel. Remember that XPresso uses radians not degrees. turn44.c4d
  5. Odometer/Rolling Number Wheels Rig

    There´s a odometer inside Content Browser. Simply type into search field in Content Browser "odometer". Not sure if it´s what you want to achieve, but you can check how it´s made...
  6. something like this? (in video aren´t visible fadeout vibrations of every stripe ´cos of screencapture software comprimation) music_player.mp4
  7. Big Al's Cycles Testing

    Wow, the colors really got flat after posting.
  8. Just wanted to post results of my efforts to learn Cycles 4D. Getting there.
  9. Edit animated extrude

    Nothing attached ? CBR
  10. Same thing on this end too (Mac R18). Can anyone shed some light?
  11. I've got a need to rig two rotating number wheels that turn in relation to each other, sort of like a mechanical odometer. Basically it's a handwheel that can turn 7 complete times. I need a second number wheel to move 44deg between 90-100% of each turn. So the first rotation would move the second wheel from 0-44deg as the handwheel is passing 90-100% of the first rotation. As the handwheel continues turning, the second wheel moves 44-88deg as the hand wheel is passing 190-200% and so on. I've tried numerous setups including trying to drive the output lower and upper (0-44deg, 44-88deg, etc) of the range mapper based on some math nodes. I can't get them to calculate correctly based on what rotation the hand wheel is on, but those don't seem to translate to the second wheel turning. I can get it to make the first rotation (0-44) correctly by with ticking Clamp Lower and Clamp Upper (90-100%), but it won't work past the first rotation because of those clamps. I've also tried setting multiple range mappers and trying to switch between which is driving the second wheel's rotation with a Compare node. Appreciate any ideas for thinking about this from another angle.
  12. Create 2 sliced versions of 1 mesh

    Well, that's even worse than way doing that via Boole and cube. As i said i'm not asking "how to do that" i've asked how to do that in a certain way:
  13. @digitvisions thanks. Pretty simple. C4D line tiles texture with Xpresso driving UV coordinates over time.
  14. Pixar's Wall-E - EVE

    Cheers Dan, yea there were tricky !
  15. Pixar's Wall-E - EVE

    Hey! Super work, you got them eyes right on. Dan
  16. Animation project

    WIP-I have created some more props.
  17. rendering glass part 2

    No problem. Once you've created the image with transparency, you need to add it to both the Color and Alpha channels in your material. Depending on the file format you use, you may need to go into the image in the Alpha Channel and select the actual alpha from there if it doesn't work it out itself.
  18. rendering glass part 2

    ok great, yes i have photoshop.. thanks for the help! cheers
  19. Cinema 4D: The Shadow Catcher Shader

    Well i was about to answer but it appears everything has been taken care of, thanks guys
  20. Global Illumination Alternative?

    I certainly do not mind and that is the one I was thinking of. thank you
  21. Global Illumination Alternative?

    Hope you don't mind @Simmy but thought I'd post the video you're talking about. I assume you were referring to the IBC 2017 MAXON presentation. Lot's of different and interesting techniques @stubbs talks about in this anyway: Jump to specific section on Shading & Lighting https://youtu.be/ju5WrEIpyBU?t=31m7s - I recommend watching the whole presentation though.
  22. Global Illumination Alternative?

    No problem but @stubbs is the one to thank. I can't link to it right now but there is a video of him talking through the process of making their animation. Very cool stuff throughout but that lighting plus faking rim light using a Fresnel shader with a Lumas (I think) mask is really great to get a good look without the render time. If I remember after work I will find a link and post it.
  23. Tool to check render settings

    This is the obvious answer - but within vray the one size fits all rule doesn't really apply with production renders. I have a similar setup to the one you suggest for building scenes - but when it comes to tuning the settings for each scene to get the most out of the AA settings for example it is usually better to start from scratch per scene. i will probably end up using a big family of presets but in the meantime wondered about the coding involved in a tool?
  24. Hi Folks! we have a freebie!

    Thanks Rodrigo, I will check it out. Be cool to see what animations and rigging you have done, a area I aspire to get good at one day, I just make the characters, and do a little rigging here n there. Please still around and share your knowledge. Dan
  25. Texturing / Lighting / Rendering Advice

    Other than the leaves for the plant and maybe wood there appears to me very little to no texturing, but mainly materials. The lighitng is set up for each scene that best suits the project. The first thing is make the scene, then show us, then your get the best advice based on your scene. A scene like this can be lite with a single HDR image with GI on, or Direct Sun light. It would benefit from AO, and your be supriced how much a bit of Post work in Photoshop makes with colour balance, saturation, and contrast. Dan
  26. Hair Problem on Thea

    Hi, can u guys help me why when i put hair object on plane it didn't render well in thea render? it just rendering straight hair and when the hair is falling, it still not moving.
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