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  2. Thank you so much @bezo! Great setup and explanation! Yesterday afternoon I tried and tried again until I came up with this solution (attached). I think it's enough for me beacuse I can use distance, view the length of the spline and add points without interfering with previuos positions/keyframes. The range mapper is only converting real numbers to percentage, nothing more. And, I don't need align to spline tag anymore. What do you think?
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  4. Hi If you still have this issue let me know. I will look into it. Here is two links that relates to this. https://www.marvelousdesignerhelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=284 https://marvelousdesigner.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/900001548826-Belt-with-buckle Dan
  5. Good point. In that case the answer is going to be 'no'. CBR
  6. Hi, Thx for the quick reply. I'm on r23 atm. I tried the shortcut you suggested but that is for the regular eyedropper, not the screen color picker. I'm trying to pick color in bodypaint projection mode and at first it works, but as soon as I move the camera the regular eyedropper will stop picking colors.
  7. You need to complete your profile so we know what version you have. If that is R23 for example the answer is 'no by default but yes you can set one' - it's in customise commands if you search for 'eyedropper tool'. CBR
  8. is there a keyboard shortcut for the screen color picker?
  9. Hi there! I have a problem with the Loop Carried Value node. In the attached screenshots you see what I'm trying to do: Change the random polygon selection on every iteration and build extrusions on top of each other. However the extrusions only happen on the initial set of polygons, never on an already extruded polygon. To Debug I'm printing the "3D Points" Array Count inside the loop to check if the numbers increase with every iteration (as I'd expect) but they stay the same, hence the random selection can't add Index numbers higher than from the original geo. Am I m
  10. Have you found a solution for this bug yet? I have the exact same problem. I just switched from mac to a Ryzen 7 3700x, RTX 2070, 16RAM pc. Same C4D version. https://imgur.com/a/JXTp3nQ
  11. Please complete your profile so we know at minimum what version of software you are working with. Well, as the manual indicates, any area of a vertex map that is setting a mass of 0 will leave that part static, so I'd have to assume your vertex map didn't allow movement when in the mass map slot for a reason connected to that. I am able to move a soft body with a vertex map in the mass map slot so I know it does work. CBR
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  13. A mesh with a soft body tag seems immovable when the you have a mass map. Using "follow position" will only enable you to move the active part of the map and the other part remains static. Do we have to resort to Houdini whenever we need proper dynamics?! I don't have a scene file or a project in mind atm, I just saw a video about Vellum in Houdini where you can assign soft body dynamics to a part only of a moving mesh using maps and wanted to replicate that in c4d. The Purpose of this post is to know whether it's me the idiot ir is there a way around this
  14. I found some workaround solution here by using polygon selection tag fields driven by vertex map : But such simple extended polygon tag would be great too
  15. You'll probably be alright. Of all the things 3D is used for 3D printing cares the least about topology. The only things that matter there are mesh solidity, and contiguousness of surface, so as long as there are no poly holes that should be fine. Non planar polys and complex poles do not matter in this context at all, but polys flagged as 'bad' by mesh checker might be an issue, depending on why they are marked that way. We'd need the scene file to be able to tell of course. Usually, the software you use for printing will complain and tell you if there is anything unprintable about a mesh you
  16. I found some dirty workaround to drive materials by vertex map applied to material alpha channel since newly created polygons have the same vertex map value that their parents. Unfortunately this is not visible in OGL preview. And these polygons must be disconnected since there is no vertex map sharpen tool. EDIT : I found complete solution - just use fields in polygon selection tag ! Move vertex map to fields window of selection tag and :
  17. Another way requires a plugin (SuperVoxels). You could do something like in the attached image/c4d file. Cheers, contrafibbularities voxels.c4d
  18. It is, in my opnion, a bit unclear what your goal is. Do you want to fill that volume with enough planes to give the impression of the shape of the human character? If the character itself is not rendered, then what does it matter if the planes are visible outside that figure as long as the general human shape is recognizable? There's probably many ways to fill that character with planes. You could use one or more emitters and dynamics to emit planes inside the volume of the human figure to fill it up. For many of the body parts the planes in your example image are too big so the v
  19. I have an object which I intend to 3D print and at its full scale is 15cm in length,the object has been converted from normal build mesh to subdivide level 2. When I mesh check it it has 38 complex poles which most are the centre of radial geometry and the rest are in unseen places. It has a lot of "not Planar Polygons" which I an guessing will print just fine as the STL export will convert them to Tri's. I wanted to print out a 10cm trial version but when I mesh check I have 68 "Bad Polygons". These polys are very small but in areas where I cannot reduce the geometry. If I scale ba
  20. It could be done maybe with just few xp nodes, in my example it has more because I want to reset values, clamp entering values over spline length etc., but all that waste you could remove and adjust xpresso to your needs
  21. Here is example, just fast idea, maybe you´ll find something useful. scene file : XP_real2percent.zip short video explanation : https://www.dropbox.com/s/optdvkhuz45bnq8/A2S xpresso.mp4?dl=0
  22. Hi Guys Short Question. i wanna fill a Human Object with a bunch of planes (photos). My problem is that the planes are visible out of the Human Body. thanx to all. Best regards Ron
  23. Just a quick answer on this one. Some 3D printing software will allow you to print a hollow object and allow you to specify the thickness of the walls. Might be best to check if your printer has such software, just saves a bit of time modelling. Tom
  24. Thank you for information. Such custom tag or plugin would be great because this is standard behavior in all other software and as I know there is no workaround in Cinema 4D. "Parent polygons" are of course polygons that we have selected before extruding/beveling etc.
  25. Awesome will take a look into that. Looks there are many other useful plugins by CodeVonc on the site. Thanks
  26. Thanks Rfanoni. Super interesting to know. Definitely something I will be considering in the future. Thanks LeCuck
  27. Yep shift click doesn't work either. Anyhow, I guess there is no way around this. Thanks for the response.
  28. I have done similar work to you in the past. There is a steady stream (AFAIK) of freelance 3D visualiser work in London design agencies. Its one of the few areas outside motion graphic where C4D is the industry standard. If you already have suffiecient skills/work samples, then I'd just try and freelance. There no guarantees, but you can always freelance Artwork to top up your earnings if there's not enough 3D work some months month. VFX is a different industry completely and I'm not sure it'll be particularily easy to transfer to TBH. R
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