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  2. Oh, I didn't notice it at first. This makes it much harder and requires dynamics. Here is a rough example, it is just a starting point to help get a final answer, I am too tired right now so if I have some time later I will try and improve it. Hopefully someone will find a proper method. dynamic chain.c4d.zip
  3. Hello¡ thanks for your answer and file, but I have already try that "chain cloner" thing, theres a lot of videos in youtube, but the movement its not like that. If you look closer the chain itself its goind forward and backward with the metal superior thing, so its different than your example..
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  5. When are Ngons OK?

    Certainly possible with SDS modelling, but involves lots of cutting, moving points around, sliding edges, adding supporting loops, solving triangles and n-gons... such as in CBR's example, which, once you get a grasp of it, can be very enjoyable. However, bear in mind that: 1. Instead of simple perforations (circular and rectangular holes in TV screen), you may need to carv a 3d shapes into a surface. 2. Your schedule is busy and the client couldn't care less about the mesh, since he gets an image/animation, not a 3d model. It is OK to use booleans if you know how to use them so it won't hurt the final render and it will make your work more efficient. Don't think MAXON would include garbage models in the preset library, only because they were rushing with models.
  6. Hello, You can get the desired effect using 2 methods, which I included in the file below. The first method is really simple, make one part of your chain, make a spline and clone the chain into the spline. At that point you can either use the rate option to move it (making it a negative value will reverse the animation direction). Or just change the offset and keyframe it. The second method if you don't want to end up with a cloner object. Just use a spline wrap deformer and it will do the trick, but this time you can only use the offset method. P.S. If you used the rate option, then you will get a linear animation, but you can keyframe it from 0 to get a fade in effect. P.S.S. The offset method will use a spline interpolation, to make it linear select your keyframes and change their mode to linear. ChainAnimation.c4d.zip
  7. Could be used Bend deformer...
  8. Anti-Aliasing

    You are doing a preview render with the quality not quite all the way to the top. Do a full render to PV, make sure you are viewing it at 100% and see if the problem remains. Then turn minimum aliasing up one level at a time until you get to 4 x 4. There should be no need to go higher than that... CBR
  9. I very much DO want to know :) CBR
  10. Hey there, Im pretty new to c4d and having some strange anti-aliasing on a very simple setup. Attached is a screen shot of the extruded cubes in an atom array and the render settings. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thx.
  11. Okey thanks for the answer :) i will wait for those dynamic masters, hope to get this figured out soon
  12. Thanks! glad you like the tip. Here is me nearly done with the traffic :)) https://i.imgur.com/gj7bBv2.mp4
  13. Color Scheme

    We can't find it any quicker than you can :) Just gotta look down that very long list.... CBR
  14. I'd start by building out the chain flat using a cloner, so you only have to make 2 or 3 parts to get the whole chain. And then you need some sort of rig, either joints or constrained dynamic connectors to get that to move. I am an expert in neither of these things, but there a few people I know on here that would find this easy, so probably best to take your direction from them... CBR
  15. Oh daam, i thought you knew it all¡ ;) You have helped me on other threads. Dont worry, i will wait for the other gods i hope they will appear. But can you tell me like one way to try to do it? i dont want you to begin trying, i mean what way you would start aproaching to the method. ¿Rigging with ik?¿sweeps? splines? just your thinking about it
  16. Lols. No, you're praying to the wrong god there :) My main expertise is modelling, and I can certainly tell you how to model that chain, but you need the animation and rigging guys to tell you how to do that movement... I'd probably get there in the end but I'd need an afternoon of tests first, and I have to go to work unfortunately. CBR
  17. Hi guys, im having so much troubles figuring out how to do this movement, check this video please. I want to mimic the movement of that chain, i tried to do it with spline dynamics and sweeps but nothing has worked, i´ve searched a lot on internet but i cant finde how to do it. Please anyone have some tips? i have the chain pieces done, but getting that movement i cant. im prying the god @Cerbera
  18. When are Ngons OK?

    Here's a better version, this one is solved 100% quads (just fixed the 7 ngons I originally missed !). And it's 6.5k so you can see the details a bit better... JD-XA 036Wires Large.zip And yes, just over 2 and quarter hours. Thanks to amazing quality reference which told me exactly where to put everything, and a lot of repetition, the layout for these panels was actually quite quick - under half an hour to establish outlines of the cutouts. And of course I am seriously helped by the fact that in the real world (and therefore in my model) these panels are 5 separate pieces (including the frame) - it would be a fair bit longer job if I had to solve all of it in one mesh ! So I guess all that comes together to make this not as challenging or long-winded as it at first may seem... CBR
  19. When are Ngons OK?

    Wow....I encourage everyone to study this mesh. Edge loops and extrusions do not create quads like this. These can only be created by hand. The model is loaded with these. And you did this in two hours? Wow... Dave
  20. When are Ngons OK?

    No worries Dave. But it isn't quite finished yet ! It's not even all quads yet, but I will post a bigger one when it is, hopefully after I get back from work tonight. CBR
  21. When are Ngons OK?

    "the sheer joy of the solve" I could not have said it any better. I don't model for speed or profit, but rather for fun as a hobbyist. I can understand how professionals need to balance/manage their time effectively and may need to resort to something ugly like Booleans that get the job done. But, true professionals with an eye towards creating a model that will serve its client in the best possible way over time and in any pipeline will strive for quads. Quads loop better, texture better, less prone to phong breaks if only because they quickly call out non-planar surfaces and sub-divide better. They are just more robust and if I was paying good money for a model, I would be a little disappointed to see it filled with ngons. If I have to use Booleans, I only do it to get a rough shape then delete the ngons and replace them with quads...and do so for the "sheer zen-like experience" where time melts away. Am I 100% polygon free in all cases? Unfortunately no as a few triangles will creep in from time to time especially with curved surfaces. Even the sphere and cylinder primitives have triangles...but it is a goal. Cerbera, Any way of getting a large screen shot of that mesh....or at least what it looks like before sub-division? There is a wealth of leaning to be had in that image. Dave
  22. This gets asked quite a lot on Ask GSG and sometimes here too. It's pretty much art-directed viscous goo dripping over hidden geo. There is 1 tutorial as far as I know. It is in French but you should be able to see what is going on... CBR
  23. When are Ngons OK?

    That certainly looks like what has happened here. You'd have to think so. If someone is making a lot of models for something like a content library they probably have to go monster fast, and that is probably the reason for the 'booles will do' approach here. It's really not a headache to cut a few simple rectangular and circular details into a flat panel like this, in fact it is a supremely zen-inducing and enjoyable experience if you do enough of it, but yeah - if you don't absolutely have to, the lazier or more time-strapped of us will choose not to ;) Other people, like me, will model panels they don't have to, and do it properly just for the sheer joy of the solve :) CBR
  24. Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try. It's more complicated than i thought
  25. hello is there a good tutorial of ow i can achieve the same results as this in realflow and c4d
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