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  2. Cineversity playback just stops

    I suspect they are, but don't know where myself, sorry :) I haven't checked, but do the GSG links go to the CV versions, or are they kept somewhere else ? As much as I love the guy (and he really is one of my all-time favourites), this session wasn't as advertised, and was a little disappointing for me as I'd seen it all before. Instead of doing what the title suggested, he spent the whole time basically showing the same musical mushroom rig he's been demoing in the last 3 Ask GSG videos ! No new info at all, which is very rare for him ! :) On the plus side, you could go to twitch and watch his almost identical session there !
  3. Cineversity playback just stops

    Thanks, Cerbera. Are the Siggraph C4D presentations to be found elsewhere? -Ingvar
  4. Cineversity playback just stops

    Yes that's damn annoying isn't it, specially when you're trying to get to sleep to a Siggraph presentation, and it just stops 3 mins after you've got into bed :) I too have noticed problems with CV playback, which for me at least, seem to be worse when there are a lot of people watching, like in the week after Siggraph videos first go up :) Your 16MB connection is totally fine for even 4K video, so the problem is not likely to be your end. Unfortunately, there is also not likely to be anything you can do about it either, other than find the videos elsewhere, and/or notifying Cineversity that you're having problems, and seeing if there is anything they can do their end. CBR
  5. Cineversity playback just stops

    I want to watch some of the excellent presentations from Siggraph 2017. But I cannot play the Cineversity videos. Yes, they start, and play fine a few minutes, then they come to a halt. I have tried before noon, after noon, in the evening, even during night time, after midnight. I have tried to switch video, then on some occasions I actually can play the other video just fine, so the problem for some strange reason apply just to one video. It seems. But not for long. The video will eventually stop. I live in Norway, 6 hours ahead of New York time. My Internet connections is around 16 Mbs download speed. It is a pity it is like this! It has gone that far now, that Cineversity is not a viable source for C4D tutors for me, because of this phenomenon. The latest video I tried to watch, was Chris Schmidt's presentation on less commonly used features of C4D. Maybe this is the wrong forum, but I thought I could post this here, hoping that someone has a solution for me! I use Google Chrome. Have not tried Internet Explorer (Edge). -Ingvar
  6. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    Additionally, further to what Dan said about splinePatch, you can actually get a lot of that functionality without having to pay for a plugin by visiting MAXON labs and downloading the coons mesh add-on - that makes patches out of splines for free ! But you'll get better modelling practice if you avoid tools like this and start off by mastering the basic poly modelling toolset, which is by far the most ubiquitously useful set of skills to learn.
  7. Outline Glow Effect?

    You can definitely do it with Sketch and Toon. you can render a stroke and still have the material as well. And you can also change which areas you want the stroke, the opacity, the thickness etc. But still its probably easier to just do it in Photoshop
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  9. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    Yes, but with certain limits. You have to know C4D pretty well so that you know what to do when a 3DS Max video tells you to 'regularize', or 'set flow' for example, which don't have direct equivalents in C4D. Most things are the same, as @Rectro said, but there are notable exceptions that can catch you out if you are not an experienced modeller or don't know C4D's toolset very well. That gun model for example is quite an advanced modelling project in any program - maybe year 2 or similar if you're doing it properly with 100% quads. Modelling skills of this calibre take several years to develop. CBR
  10. AMD Threadripper: Cinebench R15 results

    With a bit of luck Apple will keep interested in Metal and it will be _the_ APIs developers have to use from this point forward. I wonder if MAXON have started plans to adopt Metal, Vulkan or DX12 low level APIs for future C4Ds as the world moves slowly away from OpenGL? The core rewrite would be the right time for getting plans in order I would think. I've always been amazed that AE was adopted as the de facto standard as it's just a horrid experience to use and feels dated when compared Apple's Motion which smokes it's for realtime performance. I've done many a job in Motion that I simply could not have done in AE.
  11. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    wow , this just use spline ,, ok i have question ,, can i application any video learn modeling on cinema 4d like this or not
  12. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    This was the spine patch method I mentioned. https://c4dplugin.com/product-sp
  13. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    thank you Dan and CBR for help me ,, now i got the picture
  14. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    You need to get modelling down and for the most part the core basics are the same in every 3D modelling package. Extrusion, Bevel, Slice, Weld, Patch, and sub divide. Now you can use different methods for automobile modelling such as spline patch modelling, so your need to choose a method in which appeals to you, in either case your still need basic modelling skills to make even a basic hard surface model. As already mentioned, there are tons of modeling tutorials out there on blueprint modeling, and in most cases this can be translated into any modelling app. Dan
  15. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    thank you ,, this what i want
  16. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    You're welcome. There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube that use blueprints. Here's a random one of them... CBR
  17. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    thank you this realy help me ,, but i want video or anything for explain basic thing for this ,, and i will to try this with your tips
  18. any tutorial for modeling blueprint

    There are no special skills required to model from blueprints. You simply set them up using the view backdrop image functions (orthographic views) in the view settings, and use them to guide your modelling. The only thing you need to have done first is to make sure that if you are using multiple blueprints for different views that they are all relatively sized, which you can do in Photoshop first, or in C4D directly, just using a test cube and the view settings to change the relative sizes of the backdrops there. Often it is best to avoid that step by finding a blueprint that has all 3 views in one image, already sized and aligned. That way you can use the same image in all 3 of the view backgrounds, merely adjusting X and Y positions so that the blueprint you need is within each viewport. CBR
  19. hi guys this first topic for me in this forum ,, i want some tutorial or courses for modeling on blueprint in cinema 4d , and thank you
  20. Mesh creation rigs: how?

    I have used the scaffold generator which is probably quite similar to the pipes generator. they are put together in a clever way, which makes a slightly difficult job for people like me who want to fiddle with the objects when they have been made. in the case of scaffold each scene has a group of assets which is set to be hidden in the objects manager. Then there is a visible null which contains the xpresso commands to organise your model. The scripting here draws out the hidden assets and organises them according to set criteria that you have named in the xpresso ui. these may well be some parametric assets (sweeps and splines) but it may also include some Poly modelled assets which are designed to fit to specific dimensions of splines. the advantage of this method is that it produces impressive results quickly. The disadvantage is that it can be difficult to import these rigs into other scene files and in the case of scaffold rig, can cause quite a hit to the viewport speed when it's in place. it is potentially possible to extract the individual assets and rebuild a light version of the scene to your design, but I suspect to do this might take just as long as building the initial scene in the first place. so far, from using, I think the products are excellent, with the caveat that unless you can invest lots of time you should stick with the options within the rig as packaged. Which are numerous. there is a slight limitation when moving into a different renderer, I'm using vray and while it's no problem to convert materials or even replace them, it takes a bit more work to get under the hood to tune the material mapping modes.
  21. PolyGnome

    Now, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. But, boy, oh boy, this has been a roller coaster project ... and we're not there yet. But close! Really, really close. A big thank you to the beta testers for finding all my stupid implementation mistakes so far. And I apologize in advance for the next bugs I have introduced ;-) Anyway. Not to bash MAXON, but I am sure the Polystein Kit could rely on some solid functionality of the MODO SDK (or API) for the features needed. I haven't found everything I needed in "our" SDK and thus had to come up with quite some workarounds. But that's maybe my fault for not knowing where to look, or not being smart enough to know how to use the tools at hand. But then again, Seamilar was not different in that regard, so I guess that's the way to go to implement "speciality products". But enough of the trash talk. Here's a preview of beta 6, which even beta testers haven't received yet. I am too excited, having reached this stage of the plugin, I couldn't wait for beta testers' feedback before showing it to the world (... mwhouhaaahaa!) Minor technical detail (I won't bore you with "under the hood" explanations): My original concept used a single window, containing both the library of assets, as well as the controls to apply the assets onto the source object. In the end it turned out that this was a bad move, as the user interface became too cluttered. Instead I now went for a two window concept, where one window hosts the library of assets (nicknamed "Junkyard") and the other window hosts the controls to apply the asset. I went totally overboard with this control window and turned it into a graphical ... Well, I haven't yet decided how to call that window. Or maybe I'll just go for PolyGnome & Junkyard. Seems to fit the story.
  22. Blue line... of death.

    You canalso try "shrink selection" in selection menu and see whats left. Or just save your file and go into demolition mode deleting surrounding polys till you find the problem...
  23. Matilda II infantry tank modeling

    Good job trying to keep you edge loops in tact for the sub div. And yes, since you are not deforming it in any way and it looks good under sub div then I would not worry too much about those stretch diamonds. I also model for personal enjoyment and learn as I go, so that is why I wanted to know what you did there.
  24. Blue line... of death.

    No, there isn't a function specifically for this in Lite. In the full version we have mesh-check, which can identify them. Yes, if you put the live selection tool in 'visible only' mode you can just select the top polygon, and press delete to reveal the one underneath it. CBR
  25. Blue line... of death.

    Well, yes, the WISE modeler wouldn't, but what about everybody else? I thought I'd seen a function that detected and merged coplanar polys ('Unite'??), but I can't quite recall the proper verbiage to hunt it down. In the worst case, is there a way to deselect one of the coincident polys, and then delete the remaining one?
  26. String to Filepath of Texture Node

    You might want to ask over on the official MAXON SDK Support site: http://www.plugincafe.com/forum Or post up your code so we can see what your doing and what might be wrong.
  27. Critique plz

    When we haven't got time to do it properly ;) Or in very specific modelling circumstances where we need edge flow to be a certain way and also need sharp corners in a way that would adversely affect that edge flow were we to try and accommodate them with additional topology. Another legitimate use for it is when you are doing high detail panel modelling on a lower res mesh, and need to split a section away from the main for additional subdivision, so that would require that you would use edge weighting to keep the corners perfectly meeting their counterparts on the main model, for a seamless surface, despite separate objects, SDS and non-uniform subdivision. If your model isn't ever going to be shared, or end up in another system, you can probably get away with edge weighting like you are using it - you don't need compatibility with other programs. But you asked for a critique, so my point is only to let you know that it should be the last solution you turn to for modelling - it is almost always superior to control your curvature with geometry and use no edge weighting at all.
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