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  2. you don't have to do the uv with the cloth nurb , just do it to the pyramid , here is a file that shows you that the cloth nurb won't affect anything . you are just wasting time trying to unwrap a cloth nurb
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  4. Is started to develop plugins in C++ in May 2013. Four years now, and counting. These plugins are for character animation. They work, they function well. I made these plug-ins, because I needed them, myself. I am a programmer, C4D is my main tool in my endeavors as a multimedia enthusiast. Non-profit project. I want to market these plugins! Eventually! But the distance from having reasonable well functioning software (plugins) for in-house use, to something you can charge money for, is large. A long road to walk. Things get complicated in the software business. Complexity grows. And eats up resources. "Real soon now" was a common joke about releases of software, when I started in the computer business in 1997, 20 years ago. Until Borland, (I used their development tool Delphi) cut through, and came up with the only reliable and realistic roadmap: "It will be released, when it is ready". I find the OP's post here very appropriate. I have made myself the same thoughts. I own both x-particles, and Forester. So I am eagerly hungry for news, and waiting for upgrades, myself. -Ingvar
  5. So I have this issue, with my interactive render region showing me the correct image. Even in my normal viewport it looks like it should. When I render it, however, the render is completely off. You can see the difference between them here in the attached pictures. What's going on?
  6. need a little help :) how to do the trailing lightpoint of an ekg/ecg light? whats the easiest way? thx in adv.!
  7. The issue is I'm using a cloth nurb so just unwrapping the pyramid isn't taking into consideration the sides of my polys. I've found projection mode 'box' and then 'optimal mapping cubic' appears to be doing the job, although optimal mapping has been running for 8 hours and is only 30% done.
  8. It did help a lot and I was doing quite a lot of practice trough the weekend on this subject :) I hope you don't mind if I ask you another question. I cant save my texture on any window no meter what I tried. I never had this problem before.
  9. Hello and Good day to you, I'm a python noob, so apology if this is a very basic question. Basically I wanted to calculate velocity of an animated property inside python, or at least a substraction of value between current frame and the frame before. Currently I'm thinking of storing all the different values throughout the frame inside an array and using that array to do the calculation, but I don't think I got it right in the project file attached. My final goal as of the moment is to replicate what Simon Holmedal did with his vertex map animation. He has one where he calculates the velocity of 2 vertex map animation and using it to create a brand new vertex map based on that. Would anyone by any chance can point me at the right direction, or suggest things I can try? Thank you velocity.c4d
  10. My friend wants me to make a thumbnail for one of his YouTube videos and I want it to be considerably high quality. When I add this 32x32 pixel texture for one of the objects in the scene, C4D adds these strange pixels around the the image and I have no idea why. The same happens with about every other texture I add. i.e. This texture: becomes this: Does anyone have an idea as to why this might be happening? I have tried scaling up the image to 256x256 pixels and the same exact thing happens. Any help is appreciated as my friend wants this to be done soon. Thanks!
  11. I have a problem with my CMotion and Xpresso Setup. I can't make the CMotion stop cycling at any point, and resume it from where it started. I don't exactly know how I did it the first time when I successfully make the cmotion stop at a certain offset, and resume it from that point. As I remember, I used the Auto Time input port on a cmotion port connected in a user data, idk if it was boole or a integer quicktab radio buttons, but the output was only 1 or 0. Now, when I was trying to reproduce the effect, I can't stop the cycle. When I have Auto Time unchecked, and having Start and Stop at 0F, the object stops moving, also the user data, but the cycle in the cmotion still does continue cycling. After many trial and errors, I can't still find how I did it the first time, since the original object with CMotion setup was deleted unexpectedly and have no back-up. The CMotion set-up is this: this is the scene file: Dragon Head - Motion Fix In the scene file, the null named "User Data" prevents the object that needs motion to be stuck in a certain place where it was before the CMotion is enabled.
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  13. Welcome to the Cafe......really great to hear from you. You might be interested to know that it was Forester that enticed me to walk away from e-on's Plant Factory and seriously considering dropping Vue xStream all together (though I will admit that spectral atmosphere's and their new landscaping tools still impress)! So it is really great to here that Forester 2 is in the works....but it would be even better after two years if you could give some forecast on which year or quarter that you are targeting to release it. I am sure it will be worth the wait, but how much longer do we need to wat? Dave
  14. @kitefly It is already available for purchase via Cafe store :) folks, next class ( third one) will be next week. This time we will take a look into L systems and make a nice rig.
  15. Thank you so much Lubo. The inner-extrude works really fine. Problem solved (at least in this case).
  16. yes , you have to make it editable ,but in your case it is already editable (you don't have to make the effectors and other things editable )
  17. Shouldn't be very hard to do in c4d. Reminds me of those low-poly landscapes people are selling over the internet (see attached example). 1 light source, no GI and use very simple objects without phong tags to get faceted look. You don't have to overthink the materials as well, just color, maybe with specular will do fine. As for the final look, a color correction/color filter is needed whether it's gonna be in PS or AE.
  18. Thanks Topic Closed Thanks Topic Closed
  19. Hi all, I am having a major issue with rendering out a multipass version of my still image so I can dial in aspects of my render in photoshop - I was wondering if you could help me out. What I am aiming for is a layered .psd of my render with all of my multipasses combining to make up the final image. The major headache I am facing is that with GI, the multipass does not look anything like the final image. I can make this work as expected with AO (no GI) but I would like all the goodness of the GI in photoshop. I have searched high and low across the forums / google for an answer, of someone else facing a similar issue, however the majority of people are using c4d with After Effects, so it does not quite fit my specific headache. ...Is my understanding of a multipass not correct, or am I missing something obvious? I have attached 2 x screengrabs highlighting the render in single mode and the resulting multipass (very crude quality as I am trying to get my psd right before I crank the quality) Thank you
  20. Ok no problem :) This is file with that object: Scale selected lines
  21. ...or use flat projection and adjust to object. If you use UV projection, correction of UV´s is needed.
  22. Hi, I want to share a little xpresso setup for Cinema 4d and Octane Render (3.06 or above required), which I hope will help you to bring quickly and procedurally a little life to your materials … >>>Download page<<< a video to show different features Vimeo link Do not hesitate to ask and post here for any help, suggestions, results etc ... or please check out wip forums threads: @Otoy , @FrenchCinema4d Thanks for watching Ciao
  23. In order to generate the UVW coordinates don't you have to make it editable? Cheers for your help
  24. you will just unrap the pyramid , and then every thing should work fine . no need to make it editable and do it piece by piece
  25. Only thing id change there if anything would be the system ram, 8gb will get eaten up when you start doing more things in C4D, so I can see why your system is having issues. If your not going to do any GPU rendering dont invest too much into a graphics card, your cpu and system ram will do most of the work. Good luck, Dan
  26. Same problem with frame dependent on or off. I've noticed a similar thing when I want to print to console for debugging - there has to be an output port connected to a result etc to get a print (although removing the Python output port lets me print). It's no big deal having an extra unwanted port - just puzzling. Maybe it's not a bug - it's a feature, as the saying goes.
  27. And that is the only thing I need to do. Wait. My pc is on windows 7 32 bit 4 GB of RAM AMD Radeon R7 200 graphics card And a AMD Athleon 64 x2 with 2.10 GHz And the pc I planned to get is: A windows 7 64 bit 8 GB of RAM A intel core i5 or i7 A nividia or intel graphics card With 1 TB of hard disk memory
  28. I made a model starting with a pyramid then applying effectors, scaling, duplicating etc Scene file: How would one go about unwrapping this? Would I have to manually go in and separate all the overlaps? I've bitten off far too much... Thanks
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