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  2. Lighting

    Here is a quick spot light with area as fill light. Dan
  3. Lighting

    Spotlight certainly an option, but for me area light will give just nicer everything :) He should still be able to get the cone falloff by angling it slightly... probably best to try both and see which one you like more ! CBR
  4. Lighting

    If thats not in Prime then what about a spot light with soft shadow to get that shape? Dan
  5. Lighting

    IES light ideally, but I guess you don't have that in prime... So you'll have to do it with an area light instead, parked very close to the wall, and pointing directly down in addition to the frontal light Dan mentioned above. Also make sure you have things to reflect in the scene, or the glass will look rubbish no matter what you do with the lighting. This is most typically done with an HDRI on a sky object. CBR
  6. Lighting

    That light type is a IES light You can download different light profiles for that shape. You will also want a area light from front reflection. Dan
  7. Hi guys, whats the best way to light a product like the image below? do i just put my lights right near the object? any help would be great thanks
  8. Reducing Render time to GI or not...

    Just done a render, with some of the above fixed, and we're still at 15 mins a frame, but at least the copper is looking better ! I'm sure there'll be more time savings later so we can probably get that time down a bit more. CBR
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  10. Centering one object to another

    Cerbera, thank you! It worked! You're the best!
  11. problems placing a png graphic

    ok cool, thanks
  12. Possible to Pause a Render?

    I dont think they will bother with the Standard, or Advanced renderer, it will be in Pro Render if at all as its new tech. It is very handy, something iv got used to using in Vray now. Dan
  13. Possible to Pause a Render?

    This got asked just yesterday :) I've been asking for a render pause for bloody ages, but it has been noted that this is apparently very hard to program if that functionality was never originally intended. CBR
  14. Reducing Render time to GI or not...

    OK, I have your scene open, and although I am meant to be getting on with proper work, I can't resist the odd look, and I do keep noticing things that will be massively increasing your render time... I'll add them piecemeal as I find them, so keep refreshing this page every hour or so ! :) First up is the coke bottle - in fact all the places you have duplicates - you are not using render instances here, and you definitely should be - select all those instances, and in the instance properties tick Render Instance on ! The exception to this is lights, which won't work if that is ticked. To be honest, there is little point in light instances full stop unless there are thousands of them in the scene. Next, we have an error in render settings - you need to tick evaluate transparency here - there are transparent things in the scene... Then I looked at your copper sign, and the material there is dodgy. Very bad idea to be using only legacy specular in the reflectance channel - that should be replaced with a proper Anisotropic and Beckmann layers, so you are adding actual reflection as opposed to some ropey old specular faking ! Normals incorrect on blue seat. Select polys, reverse normals to fix. The Sports Bike - that is 2 million polys on its own, and will be contributing hugely to render time. Does it need to be anything like that detailed for how close the camera gets to it ? There are over 5 million polys in your scene, so you might want to look at optimizing the high poly things, the bike being a prime candidate ! Cake stand glass cover: This has no thickness, so it won't be refracting light properly - you need to model in the inner surface there. Main Counter: Any reason the vertical board section doesn't follow the curve of the main top ? Looks like that could do with a few more segments to hold the curve there... Right, back to work, possibly more updates from me later ! CBR
  15. Possible to Pause a Render?

    Hi. No you cant pause a render in C4D, this has only just been added recently to Vray so the native render in C4D for sure wont have it. Of course if its animation your rendering then its not so bad assuming your taking to best route to render out images. Dan
  16. I have been with Macs a long time too and was about to jump ship because I have been frustrated with Apple's apparent lack of interest in the pro users. Then they announced the future Mac Pro so I decided to try to find a way to stay with Macs, but take advantage of modern software (such as Octane and Redshift.) My first step was upgrading my 2009 Mac Pro by upgrading the firmware to a 2010 (5.1), install High Sierra, upgrading the CPUs to 3.46 12-cores (with washers, electrical tape, and other mods), and installing a 1080ti. Works great. But I needed a second computer. So I tried building a hackintosh. This has worked out very well for me. Upgrades are odd because I have to pull out my NVidia card, then put it back in after the upgrade. But it works. Having two Macs with two NVidia cards is perfect for my workflow. Having said that, this has all been done to keep me productive on Macs while I wait for the future Mac Pro. I just hope that I can run NVidia on it without creating computer sprawl on my desk with a bunch of boxes and cables like what happened with my trashcan Mac Pro. If you do choose to go the hackintosh path, you need to be aware that your first build may be frustrating. It took me one evening to build the machine, but four evenings to get OS X properly installed. I also installed a second drive that I use to keep a working image of the boot disk to use just incase an upgrade destroys the computer. The bottom line on this is that I am not recommending this path, but it works for me. Mark
  17. R18 Broadcast and Octane 3 make offer

    bump. changed price to best offer, I'm pretty open. looking to get anything for this stuff. cross posted on other sites, so let me know what you got to trade/barter/offer!
  18. Not exactly a beginner, and I think I asked this question years ago when I was and I forgot the answer, but is there a way to pause a C4d animation like you can in After Effects?
  19. Thanks, Cerbera, your way looks cleaner. The key for me was to set the gradient type to 2D-Circular, rather than 2D U or 2D V. Pete
  20. Parametrically joining cloned splines

    Why not just loft your cloned splines? That should work.
  21. Reducing Render time to GI or not...

    Sure, if you don't notice any flicker with Irradiance cache, by all means use that, but at the end of the day, we do have to accept that GI renders just do take ages - that is one of the main disadvantages of using it, and lot of the reason why we need render farms... Having said that, 8% error threshold is way low for an animation. You could probably get away with more like 20% there. I don't have time to look at your file now, but will later hopefully... CBR
  22. GPU advice

    While I like the AMD cards, they are not CUDA. If you ever plan on using a render such as Redshift or Octane, then you will need an NVidia card. Mark
  23. Hi, any update on the above or do I need to start a new topic? Thanks, Jo
  24. Er... no :) Or at least that wasn't what I was suggesting, which isn't to say what you are doing won't also work. I would have done it using mask as the layer mode for the gradient, and having that underneath the fresnel. Can't say if one is better than the other without seeing the compared results ! CBR
  25. Thanks, Digitvisions and Cerbera. Trying to follow your instructions, I created a fresnel effect EXCLUSIVELY in the luminance channel of a material. No other channels are used. I then added a gradient layer ABOVE the fresnel in the same luminance channel and set that layer to "subtract". Is that the way to do it? No need to use alpha channel? I'll need to do some tweaking to get this to work , but is this the basic way to approach this? Thanks, too, Rocketsledd, I'll look into that approach later. Sounds interesting.
  26. Centering one object to another

    Yep you're doing that wrong. Your spline is not aligned to the extrude properly, so centering axis on the extrude won't work (and is also impossible on parametric objects!) You need to do the Center Axis thing on the spline itself, then align that to your rectangle using any of the methods above.... CBR
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