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  2. Barry BBQ

    Yea i think i might revisit it and make a few tweaks, at the moment i'm working on the design for the next one, a hillbilly riding a pig :D
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  4. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    I've actually found that model on Turbosquid, and now I can see the topology it is a lot simpler than I first thought because most of it is done as separate meshes. In fact only the main band, lower / mid rims and points are a single mesh, and the other parts including the gems, floral details, top edge rim and 'baubles' are all separate objects. You can also see the sort of topology you need to make the various parts, although to be honest we can improve on that... Here's a slightly easier method for the main band than the one I originally suggested. We can flat-build just half a crown point section, then symmetry that, apply a bend deformer to curve the top outwards, clone it 9 times, put that under a connect, and spline-wrap the whole thing along a circle spline, like so. The first pic shows the topology I started with (which must be VERY even or it won't wrap flawlessly later), the second is my OM hierarchy for this setup, and the third is the spline wrapped result. You can add thickness and then the outer rim details after this stage, or before you do the cloning. The next stage would be to extract some splines from an edge selection of the whole crown and sweep those to make the top rim piping. I can elaborate further about that and the other components in a later post, lest this one gets too long... CBR
  5. Barry BBQ

    Looking good. Just a suggestion to show his character of being "stupid". Maybe spill some ketchup on the floor or on his apron.
  6. Lego

    My Lego collection. Mostly Cinema 4D. No imported parts. I have modelled everything (but I have taken dimensions from imported LDraw parts).
  7. Nice work - I like how he struggles getting to the top of the hill then gathers speed going down the other side :)
  8. C4d acting weird after new install

    I might give that a try. Thanks again Cerbera.
  9. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    yes. i am currently working with some tuts too.
  10. C4d acting weird after new install

    I'm glad it's that, because I was right out of ideas otherwise ! I use Avast, which has no problems with Cinema if that's any help... CBR
  11. C4d acting weird after new install

    I just opened C4D 3 times without Sophos installed and it worked fine. I also opened a browser and did a search while launching C4D and it did not lock. It would appear that Sophos is the culprit. Thanks for listening Cerbera, you'd make a good counselor. Haha
  12. C4d acting weird after new install

    I'm uninstalling Sophos now.
  13. C4d acting weird after new install

    Plugins are Cycles 4d, x-Particles, Octane, Magic Center and Magic Solo. When I had C4D installed previously I don't recall Cycles 4d, Octane and Particles all having their own menu, but they do now.
  14. C4d acting weird after new install

    Well, I guess first thing to check is to disable Sophos and see if the weird behaviour goes away... CBR
  15. C4d acting weird after new install

    There has to be something wrong with my system as well. If I open a browser and then launch C4D and go back to the browser, the browser is unresponsive until C4D opens. Something is messed up. I also recently switched Anti-virus software. I went from McAfee to Sophos. I'm beginning to wonder if this has anything to do with the weirdness
  16. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    Yes you do need some modelling skills / experience to do this. Did you watch any basic modelling tuts as I advised initially ? CBR
  17. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    about creating a 9 point crown. The one i did from the scratch was really messy.
  18. C4d acting weird after new install

    Yes. R18.057
  19. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    ...about what ? CBR
  20. @esmall Thank you so much man! I'm trying out my current machine for cinebench score. This is the first time actually I and I should've tested it a little earlier. And I think I'll be spending more years for this machine, it has 600 cb and I personally think it can handle all the projects I'm working at the moment. Geez, I really caught by the higher the card the better and in fact it really is but I realized that it all comes to where you are now and what you do. Man thank you for all these insights. I have a clear understanding of cpu's now for the basic part and at layman's terms but it's all working out. I can increase my budget by the time I'm buying a new one. Thank you so much. Cheers!
  21. How do I create a Royal Crown ?

    please, i am kinda confused
  22. C4d acting weird after new install

    OK, just checking ;) And this is 18.57 right ?
  23. C4d acting weird after new install

    Yes, absolutely!! But I understand why you would ask. It’s very strange behavior. When I reinstall I’m going to test this about 10-15 times before adding a plugin and then try again.
  24. C4d acting weird after new install

    That is very odd. Is this a legal copy of the software ? CBR
  25. I had to reinstall my OS, which is Windows 7. Prior to this C4d was working fine. After installing C4d R18 and various plugins, it began acting weird. Sometimes I launch C4d and I add a cube. I then use the small point handles to reduce the the height of the cube, as it should. But if I close C4d and relaunch it, I add a cube and the little point handles don’t work. When I try To slide the points the whole cube moves. One time after relaunching, it rotated the cube when I tried to use the point handle. All this while using the live select tool. When it’s in weird mode it won’t allow me to select points, polys or edges of existing models even thought they’ve been made editable. Is this behavior familiar to anyone? I’m planning on uninstalling and reinstalling tomorrow. Is there another way? It says I have all the updates. Thanks
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  27. Quick Tip 29: Crash & Auto Saves

    In this Cinema 4D Quick Tip we take a look at how we can recover data if Cinema 4D crashes, we also look into the auto-save settings and how we can set a limit to the amount of auto-saves. Digitalmeat.ukIf you would like to support Digital Meat, or follow me on social media, see the below links.Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DigitalMeat3DMerchandise: https://redbubble.com/people/digital-meatSupport: https://digitalmeat.uk/donate/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitalmeat3d/Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitalmeat3DGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/+DIGITALMEAT
  28. Greyscale Gorilla is offering a 30% discount on this course. It provides over 20 hours of training into XP with 12 hours on XP4 alone. Unfortunately, even with the 30% discount it is over $200. So has anyone taken this training? GSG site does not offer any sample chapters as you would find at Lynda.com so I have no idea on how effective is Jon Bosley as a teacher. I am pretty confident this guy knows his stuff, but is anyone familiar with how well he can teach? The other detraction is that it is available via streaming only. Sometimes that can be a problem. Plus, my use of the product is dependent on how long GSG sticks around. While I have no concerns about their future, $200 is still a lot money to bet on. Finally, I am most interested in XP4 new features and find the Ensydium tutorials pretty good. Unfortunately, XP4 fetarures are presented as an Appendix rather than project based lessons for XP3 found in this GSG tutorial. Not sure how that is different than just using the Ensydium tutorials. Hmmm....as I type this...I have come to the conclusion that it is not worth the money just based on my questions and concerns. Besides, cheaper alternatives are out there. I would still be interested if someone who took the course said the training literally blew his/her hair back and felt very strongly that there was nothing else better on the market at any price (which would probably be cheaper as this has to be the most expensive tutorial I have ever seen). Thanks
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