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  2. You need 'Track After' in the Function Curve Editor. If you look in the Animation Tutorial section of your manual, this is explained in more detail. CBR
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  4. I need to have a camera that keeps moving around in the same direction, and I can't currently when I keyframe the position, it only goes to 100%, or 360 degrees. How can I have the camera keep moving around in a circle the same direction? Thanks.
  5. All, This has been a very illuminating thread. Can anyone confirm if ProRender will allow emissive materials? That alone would really make me happy about R19. Someone mentioned support for OpenVDB, butI am not sure if that alone will be enough as I think you also need a particle system that can generate the data (any hints from Insydium at NAB on this?). One other question: How much of a game changer would it be for people if R19 now supported import/export to Allegorithmic Substance Painter? C4D already supports Substance materials, so this would be a logical next step. Dave
  6. How to render Outlines and Edges through Vray 3.4? Thanks
  7. Thank you. This is the first time iv actually start to see something realy worthy of showing since using C4D, and think the way its going it should be hitting the target i been aiming for for some time. Dan
  8. I think a distinction between a 3rd party renderer and UV tools is that the rendering options generally integrate into Cinema (Corona, V-Ray, Thea, etc.). Yes, you have to pay for them but once purchased they become a part of the Cinema environment. You get to work inside the base application. Not so with the UV options. You have to export, UV, and re-import. Maybe that's a minor pain but it still makes me feel that area of Cinema is lacking in a way the render issue isn't.
  9. PM sent... CBR
  10. Blender is getting closer and closer to a legit alternative. Pretty impressive what they'd doing with that app.
  11. You're welcome...
  12. Yes. Mesh deformer works on any object, symmetrical or not, as does soft body dynamics. CBR
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  14. Did you try to reorient the axis?
  15. Hello, I am a rookie at C4D still finding my way around this beautiful app. I have a character with motion graph data assigned to it, and I want the figure to have a soft body characteristic in order to flop around and bounce off a rigid wall. But when I assign a soft body tag, C4D stops responding. After further research I realised why this occurs, so I looked into tutorials talking about a mesh deformer, so far I have seen these tutorials only work on symmetrical objects. Can an asymmetrical object be deformed using the soft body tag?
  16. Thank you 3DKiwi!!
  17. Try using a FFD deformer like in the attached scene. This gives you a lot more control. FFD.c4d
  18. Hello, We are a digital media agency based in Istanbul. We have 3d mapping project and we need someone who is eligible in X Particles.
  19. Hi! I recently got a scene for Unreal, and want to try to get it into Cinema to do some rendering with Octane to compare the results to UE's. Is there a good way to export from Unreal so that the textures don't go missing? I've tried both .fbx and .obj and both of them lose the file paths to the textures, and the scene contains possibly 50+ mats, so I don't really want to try selecting file paths for everything. Thanks ;)
  20. Just count = c4d.CTrack(op, c4d.DescID(c4d.MG_POLYSURFACE_COUNT)) op.InsertTrackSorted(count) c4d.EventAdd()
  21. I realize that this is probably a simple question that I'm over thinking but I'm a new user. I've been trying to deform a plane to wave to make a poster mockup like the picture I've attached. I've tried using multiple bend deformers to achieve this look but I feel like their is a simpler way to add smooth curvature. I'd really appreciate any advice/help!!!
  22. There is different versions of Cinema 4D and so they come with different sets of tools and options. Cinema 4D Studio comes with all the bells and whistles, so I would assume C4D LIGHT probably does not have Body Paint 3D .
  23. I have a group of text that I want to look at the camera, when I put the "Look at Camera" (LAC) Tag on the text, it flips. I have tried grouping the text into a null and putting the LAC on the null, it still reverses it. I have tried targeting the camera with the target tag, still reversed. What am I doing wrong?
  24. Fantastic work Dan!
  25. From the album Learning C4D Tests

    W.I.P low poly female character working towards Scarlot Johanson digital double. Main aim is to get better hand of the whole process using Vray better with C4D. This is a portrate cropped from a full bdy render. Took 25min. Clothes only tempory. Texture maps had painted. Dan
  26. Ha! Yea, I vote no eyes :)
  27. Awesome, so many options hidden in there I totally missed it. Thanks man!
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