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  2. I am so glad te be alive at this point! Just amazing!
  3. I great tool indeed Substance painter better watch out
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  5. Hi guys/girls, I am trying to set up a teamrender with my laptop connected to my desktop. All machines have network setting ready for sharing/discovering files on a shared public network. I work at home in a small building so not much happening in terms of security here. The machine are connected by an ethernet cable and are recent machines (Asus A370 prime MB and Asus Rog strix scar II laptop) with Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller type. I have a common sharepoint called "WORKGROUP" like it is suggested by windows (xp pro). The C4d versions are both 20.59 with same redshift plugings in V 3.012 The desktop sees the laptop but not the other way around (looking at menu / teamrender machines). the laptop is shown greyed in the machines list. My network connections allows Ipv4 and Ipv6. anything else I have missed out? is there a topic here where those discussions already took place and I could search? Thank you! Martin.
  6. Despite is many other flaws, the unique landscape editor in Bryce 3D was instrumental in inspiring me to get into 3D as a whole, but after it stopped development that seemed to be the end of its brilliant terrain editor, which I haven't really found anywhere else since. Until WC came along, and not only reminded me what I was missing, but also did it several hundred times better than Bryce ever did. I love my landscapes, and haven't come across a toolset that has made me smile this much in a very long time. Well done WC team - awesome job so far... CBR
  7. Thanks a lot! Yeah anything with an RTX 2070+ is going to be really expensive. If you're tossing up a desktop PC vs a high powered laptop I think there are some use cases where a laptop might be preferable ie - University student who moves about a lot and needs performance on the go. The ability to utilize a university render farm as well makes that quite appealing. Otherwise i'm with you 100%, I'll never do work on the couch, only at a desk or table with a mouse. Even with no external screen it's not the best ergonomically.
  8. Dear C4D Users! We updated our shader plugin "Q-TILE-PRO | surface engine" to version 1.2 this comes with an additional new design tool to generate "endless visually non repeating" surface textures also on huge surfaces in 1 click! this is great to generate "endless" asphalt, plaster, concrete, sand, gravel, pebbles, water waves, stones, marble and so on out of small texture inputs. New v 1.2 features: * New Standalone Softpatch shader plugin added: a new simple to use, 1 click solution for generating „endless“ non repeating surfaces. * Tile Pro Engine: Speedup for Octane, partly 10x speed increase in prepare time on Octane render use * Tile Pro Engine: Fix for Octane, fixed some cases where shaders didnt render via picture viewer. * Tile Pro Engine: added random scale feature random scale down and random scale up possible * Tile Pro Engine: separate „UV from tiles“ option (ON/OFF) in edge dirt, turning this option OFF, even if UV from tile is on in Tex variation tab and controlling this separate, enables much more natural non repeating dirt over tiles. coming in next versions: * custom relief feature (a 3d parallax feature) here a video of the new softpatch tool in action: and here 3 examples: The update is FREE to all our users, Both the Q-TILE-PRO shader tool plugin and the new Tpro SOFTPATCH shader are included for 149.- euro. more info here in our shop: https://3dtools.info/tilepro/ best greetings, Stefan LAUB & the Q-TILE-PRO Team p.s.: here more "QTP" videos on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6FnzvU5l51Rthi5qBsOzdA
  9. Hello good people of the forums! So basically I have an animated object with an emitter parented to it. I was wondering how you would have it automatically emit particles when it reaches a certain speed threshold? Id imagine it involves some xPresso trickery but im not that experienced with it to be honest. I found a tutorial for thinking particles which does what I need so I would just need to re adapt it to work for the Xparticles emitter. The tutorial ive mentioned can be found here:
  10. You are asking a question without providing actual scene file or an example file, plus setting preconditions which could exclude effective solutions. I would propose you use multishader with layers or projector shader where you can offset the texture as you see fit. Check attached zip file If you want other solutions you please upload a scene file with assets... Tex_cloner.zip
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  12. Everything is real-time. Ultra-Fast and fluid performance - What you do is what you see. World Creator is the world's first real-time Terrain and Landscape Generator that performs all its generation and design processes entirely on the GPU using thousands of cores combining procedural power with creative freedom and efficiency of a real-time workflow. Increase your productivity. Be more creative than ever before. With a real-time workflow, you have lots of room for experiemntation, which means low-stakes creation that saves immense amounts of money and time. Get ready to close the gap between your ideas and your final product - this is terrain and landscape generation light years ahead. unifying1.3.375_mac.zip
  13. Hello, It's pretty clear from the article published on MAXON's website that R22 will only work with CPUs that support the AVX instruction set. But will the Team Render Client have the same minimum requirements, or will I still be able to use my 3 classic Mac Pros 5.1 with upgraded Westmere processors as a small render farm? Thanks!
  14. Seems like we have anoter amazing tool at our disposal, to play and learn with. DOWNLOAD HERE
  15. Yeah, I've been a bit quiet lately, but I'll try to get on more often. Thanks for the kind words, Dan!
  16. @Igor thanks so much, man! I really appreciate it!
  17. Done... this was hard one to get through, mostly because of the sad memories but also 15 locations and more real looking human characters. I don't know any musicians anymore so I had to resort to old clips from my collection when I used Soundtrack Pro. I went for a more cinematic look especially with all the cycling shots.
  18. Great stuff Nate, congrats. You deserved some exposure, so we made some justice, check the home page!
  19. Hey Nate, love the reel like your style. Be great to see more of you and your works, maybe you post in other forums categories and iv missed your posts. I really should put a reel together myself. Keep up the cool work. Dan
  20. Hi, you might know me from around the Cafe already (been here for several years), but I wanted to put an official introduction out there. My name is Nate VanderPlas and I've been using C4D since 2011. I also do lots of other animation stuff besides 3D- like VFX, compositing, motion graphics, and 2D character animation. I have a brand new website and reel. Check it out: natevanderplas.com Thanks for reading and have a great day! Nate
  21. Also Quixel just literally announced Mixer 2020 which is completely free so I'd suggest giving it a look as well you might not look at substance painter the same after seeing this
  22. @Winbush Thanks for posting these, I will watch them, this will give me some ideas of how far the rabbit hole is with this software. I have things springing up in my mind already, and questions which Im sure I will find out soon enough such as vector displacements or things like caves, overhanging cliffs. Dan
  23. Please add a scene file with all assets, it is easier to help that way than recreating setups...
  24. I have to admit I haven't touched subtance painter in like over a year I've been using Quixel Mixer more lately but I do have some great tutorials on how to use World Creator with Mixer & Redshift I'll link em here
  25. It imports into Modo and C4D fine and animates as it should. Its hard to totally tell from the image you posted but is it the mesh that messed up or the joints, even both. Can you get a character out if Spark AR, I wonder what version of FBX Spark uses and what specs it requires? I see Spark AR requires fbx 2014. 2015, are you using these versions? Maybe you can explain to me what Spark AR is, maybe I can do some tests myself to see whats going on? Dan
  26. I think i'm just having a hard time grasping the concept of how to unwrap the collar? everything else looks pretty ok to me. the collar just comes out as small bits and pieces? facemeshmixamo.c4d
  27. I have all of my parts still seperated? I thought it would make the uv mapping process easier for me? and i've had a hard time weighting everything when it's together. Does it make sense to do it this way are people doing that?
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