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  2. Given the revived thread confused me, I thought I would make a new one, that I hope will soon be filled with tasty deals on software and training. I am hoping Black Friday Santa will be bringing me a 50% discount on Rizom in his cybersack, anyone else have a wishlist?
  3. my first thought, and attempt, was trying to use a cone that I applied an alpha mask to with some noise. it kinda worked, but looked bad. I did not, however, try actually making the object or material emit light other than simply ticking the illumination channel. I know it's possible to use an object as a light, but before I start digging into it more is it even possible to use a material as a light? If that were possible and I could apply some visible light to a texture that has an animated noise map as alpha to make it look like moving plasma. my issue with doing it in after effects is that I want it to look genuinely 3 dimensional, instead of just a flat looking ball of light. i do have an older version of after effects, but I just don't recall being able to make anything that looked 3 dimensional.
  4. Ok thanks for looking, strange one indeed
  5. Yeah, the trouble is, without TFD or XParticles, so much of what you are trying to achieve is not really possible within regular Cinema, or not without hours and hours of tests and experiments, none of which are guaranteed to find an acceptable result, though you may get lucky if you have the hours to throw at it. But really, the only thing you need from Cinema is the basic position of the blast as it moves, so IMO you really are best off creating a simple visible light, and maybe some particles (or whatever you can achieve with Standard or TP), and then bouncing that out to AFX for the addition of all the glows, flares, bells and whistles that will make this eventually look like a decent energy blast. If you could upgrade to R21 you would at least have field forces and the volume mesher to play with which might open more possibilities, but other than that - you just gotta accept Cinema needs help with this kind of thing. CBR
  6. If would be great if you could investigate a bit more, it would help us for sure!
  7. Mmmh... I tried that and got the same, and tried it again with optimization at a 0.05 distance instead, and then the point was in the center as it should be... There are many more points unconnected than just the two poles in the original model. My suspicion is that points along the sides which are optically in the same place are actually farther apart than 0.01 units, and these are not covered by the optimization, which results in leftover disconnected-but-seemingly-identical points, which then create the above shape when SSD'd. I'll check later again, but I fear that the model is not as symmetrical as it seems.
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  9. What I just read in my emails, Quixel joined to Epic, Mixer and Bridge will be free forever, Megascans unlimited for Mixer, Bridge and Unreal Engine users... And Quixel is IMHO strong rival for Substance, especially in creating realistic procedural textures... btw, anytime I go to allegorithmic site, always type into google search field word "Allegorithmic" but I´m driven to Substance by Adobe... No any word about Allegorithmic...it´s vanished
  10. Nope I can't solve that, but do confirm it happens even in latest Beta builds and is specifically related to the normal map. I will report that to MAXON if needs be. Do send it to @bezo too - the more eyes on this the better... CBR
  11. bezo

    Phong issue

    Is that white material some texture or pure color?
  12. kinda neat looking, but I'll have to figure something else out. looks like Turbulence FD is way too pricey for the time being.
  13. So if you have a subscription active, you can still convert to perpetual now, or up until November 2020. My subscription ends on 24th November. Black Friday this year is 29th November, so it looks like I will have to renew my subscription at full price on the 24th and then grind my teeth when they drop the price a few days later. Or lose my option to go perpetual.
  14. sent you a link thanks again
  15. You probably can't send anything big over messenger. Could u pm me a dropbox link ? CBR
  16. Tried to send it to you and it says that you can't receive messages?
  17. Hi there, I recently modelled a very narrow aisle forklift. I'm wanting to rig it up, but its a bit tricky. I've got a video of it working, which can be seen here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/u98tyuk004hqhjp/Video 22-10-2019%2C 15 52 50.mov?dl=0), the link is safe. I've uploaded a .c4d file with the basic shapes and pieces that move. What's got me stumped is the chains and how they interact with the parts moving on the y axis. I understand this is a tall ask, but even the slightest bit of help to start me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Also I hope this is in the right forum thread! Thanks a bunch, Mark VNA Forklift for c4dcafe.c4d
  18. I can certainly take a look, but I am no great expert on importing stuff, so may well not be able to solve it... CBR
  19. Thanks, yes that makes sense! I'll get that sorted, thanks again.
  20. It's a personal project so I can PM you the file if it helps...
  21. Yeah it came with one but doesn't seem to make a difference if I keep it or delete it. As for the settings I tend to use the default ones... thanks for the reply
  22. Hey all, So I want to have a bunch of ping pong balls fall down randomly but end up falling into a bell curve shape. (attached) Right now I just have a ball with collision thrown in a cloner, and I drop the balls down into some invisible tubes. In order to get the Bell Curve shape I am doing a LOT of cheating and fakes with wind, invisible planes deflecting, I have an attractor object in the middle trying to pull some balls there... it's a mess. The problem is I need to make 2 or 3 different ones, with a bit more control over how they land. Is there some sort of effector(s) I can use to change how the balls land, like more in the center and less on the sides, etc? I'll eventually need to change the color of the balls on the edges, which I can do in After Effects but it would be cool if whatever I could use to direct the falling could also change the color if possible. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  23. I have seen this issue before with imported objects, and it has definitely come up on the cafe at some point in the last 2 years. But I can't find it now, or remember if it had a solution or not. I have a nagging feeling though that Cinema was indeed the only app that shows the seams in these circumstances. Did this model come with a Normal Tag ? And what were your import settings ? And was it available in any other formats ? CBR
  24. Sorry should have given more info sorry. I'm importing the model as a .obj file and get this error. I've done the same with other software but I don't get the same error which I thought was strange. The model was originally exported from 3dCoat if this helps but I still confused as to why I get this error in C4D and not other packages so I thought I must be missing something I assumed it was something to do with the UV map?
  25. When I use a motion vector that was exported as part of an exr file it's so much more powerful that using the multipass motion vector (even set at 0.1 it's still too much). Also, using the Extractor tool in Ae doesn't allow me preserve RGB from the vector pass, so i'm not sure if it's even working correctly. Does anyone know if I'm missing anything?
  26. That looks great! The only thing that bothers me is that the logos on the yellow material have no reflectivity / roughness difference and I think they would have that.
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