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  2. What you are saying is not true for me. I tried and it didnt work. This is what I did so far- 1. placed plugins in users/app data/roaming/MAXON/MAXON R21/ plugins 2. pointed to location in prefs/plugins 3. only the CV toolbox plugins were appearing 4. created plugins folder in programme files/MAXON R21 5. moved the plugins not showing to this new folder. They then appeared without telling prefs where to find them 6. Tried placing all plugins in another folder on an external drive and pointing prefs to it. None of them appeared.
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  4. I have a weird Live Selection Tool problem that is related to enabling OpenGL in prefs (if disabled, problem goes away). The cursor leaves trails when selecting points/faces/edges. I've tried newest Nvidia drivers and rolling back to older ones and the problem persists. I don't have this problem on my Mac Pro with a GTX 570 card. Specs: - C4D R16 - Windows 10 Home 1903, 64-bit - AMD Ryzen 3900X, latest AMD chipset drivers and Bios - GTX 1050 Ti
  5. same issue. I have always (for many, many years) always assumed it was something i was doing wrong. Glad to see im not alone. However I cant find a fix anywhere. For testing purposes I just used Standard render with no AA (to make a fast test to compare). I rendered out 500 frames with 33% Decay and 500 frames with 100% Decay. Observed absolutely no difference. However, in the view port it definitely makes a difference. just not in the render. I cant believe more people don't notice this and comment about it. If I do manage to figure it our I will return and post about it /me sighs
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  7. Here is the file T Rex - Cmotion.c4d
  8. If anyone else on this forum has some ideas, please do share!
  9. Hi, let me know if this is the wrong channel to sell licenses on! I will happily repost elsewhere. I recently bought R21 and realize that I am content with Rhino+Blender for all my modeling, animation, rendering needs. Let me know what a fair price would be (TBH, I'm not sure what the procedure is to transfer a license, but presumably it is legal and easy).
  10. Hi wonderful team, here is my second shoe modeling attempt Baby steps but I'm so happy with it. I wanted your critique and advice on practices when it comes to tucking parts together and make it look aligned, or close together. to avoid mesh parts coming off surfaces like in attached images. my plan is to keep using the magnet tool, along side modifying points, and maybe the grab brush. was wondering if there is a more precise way or better approach. I dislike what I'm doing now because, if I'm not too careful when pushing or pulling, I end up with overlapping polygons, some times welded points that kills edge loops I spent hours making it look nice.
  11. Hi! Would it be possible to add a toggle function (with an else function?) to allow turning it back on if it's already turned off? So ideally you can toggle on and off from the same script. Any help would be really appreciated!
  12. Thanks. Do you use black in most cases?
  13. Hey Bezo. Thanks for the screen shot! I really appreciate it.
  14. kbar


    No you can't use splines to direct the flow in Quadriflow. But I was working in an integration of Instant Meshes about 3 years ago and might dig that back out and properly add it into R21. Quadriflow is actually a modification of the original Instant Field-Aligned Meshes algorithm which is used in Instant Meshes, so it may be possible to bring across similar guide based workflows, but I would have to dig into the algorithms themselves in order to do this. However this plugin was created just to check out how well Quadriflow works in C4D as it stands now, and to see what the interest is in these kind of tools. At the moment it's great for me since I now have a Dynamesh style workflow for sculpting as well as an automated pelting solution for painting. As for the eyes... haha, that wasn't planned at all. It was just a quick test using random textures and I decided to keep it in the video clip.
  15. Iteration is like a for loop import c4d #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): top = doc.SearchObject('top') my_list = top.GetChildren() for item in my_list: # do something eg name = item.GetName() print name
  16. The first part goes well beyond expressions, but is certainly interesting. The second part is an own topic but something i personally would like to see, just like an at least basic compositing node system. Both not really Xpresso features though.
  17. Cinema 4D could have a lot more procedural modelling type stuff if there were modelling nodes e.g. extrude. Even some limited stuff like a "Merge meshes" node where you hook up multiple objects to the Merge Mesh node either by wires or the node has a list function where you drag and drop objects. The Merge Mesh node then behaves like a procedural Combine function combing all of the source meshes / objects into one object. You can then apply booleans etc to the merged mesh object. And then a Boolean node where one object can be subtracted from a lot of other objects. Hooked up by XPresso rather than in the Object Manager. Maybe things have changed since I was using CInema 4D but having nodes for render settings could be useful. Maybe the new nodal shading does this?
  18. First of all, love the donut detail on his tie. Very funny! Second, who has hair on the inside of his arms? •_•' Thought the other version was better, skin tone as wel! Cops are born with moustaches! =D Other than that, great model and probably superb edge flows.
  19. Multithreading is less an issue of Xpresso than the object system. Changing the structure of geometry objects need to be done in generators, this can’t really be done in expressions, again more a restriction of the object system. Xpresso as it is can only be based on the current object system, fundamentally different approaches have to wait for later.
  20. Uh Yeah...I'm sure I could think of some things. There are many ways Xpresso could be more powerful.. just go back and look at all of Softimage ICE and the many custom nodes users made over the years. You have a plethora of info to pull from.
  21. It would be nice if xpresso could get some sort of miltiprocessor support. I am aware that this is complicated for functions that somehow interact, but I always have parts that are independend and even a manual swich in the xpresso tag to use a certain core would be verry helpfull. Nodes that would help to controll the amound of verteces of a object without the need to script would be nice to. I am shure that I can find some more ideas for xpresso when I come home from holidays
  22. In case splines are not closed, your Extrude object only extrude splines as paths /without caps/. ...but maybe you mean something other...
  23. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bzvatnrbibqhggx/collision_deformer.png?dl=0
  24. I guess it could be a pose-morph model, but it looks like the liquid paint is going in the crevasses (nooks) of the pen as it recedes back in space.
  25. Did you tried collision deformer? (some dummy object as child of revealed object used as collider and collision deformer in Inside solver mode)
  26. I can confirm Kent´s words. Since R20 you can have placed plugins where you want. Only needed to assign path to plugin folder (for c4d to know where to find it) I have installed R20/R21 not in program files folder, also preferences folder isn´t in user/AppData etc. and works fine without any issues... Friends from c4dnetwork has thread about current state of compatibility of some plugins: https://c4dnetwork.com/board/threads/90468-R21-Plugin-Kompatibilitätsliste I can add few compatible/updated to R21 EnhancedC4D parametric shaders created by Chris Montesano all plugins from BlackStar Solutions (currently at2-sofware company) Charbel´s Forester plugin and expansion packs all Lazaros´s plugins (nitro4d) are ready for new users, for current users soon will be distributed...
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