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  2. This is my first rig attempt I am making for an application video. My entire project rests on this rig working, so any help is saving my life. The rig works pretty well as far as I can tell, but when I bind it to the geometry, the geo gets seriously deformed when I move any of my goals. I am thinking this might be because my geometry is not a single object(I stitched my hands and arms to my body but they are still separate objects). I honestly don't know what went wrong or have any idea of how to fix it. I will attach my file, I'm desperate so please send any solutions my way. It wo
  3. More practice with pins and draping in Marvelous
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  5. Hi Mike, thanks for replying! Yes, Jed achieves the effect by using dynamics and connectors. I was wondering if a similar mechanism could be set up using constraints/IK. I'm watching a few tutorials to better understand what's possible. Thanks!
  6. I think this thread will get you started - hopefully Jed might see it : )
  7. Hi everyone, I've been trying to rig a simple 4-bar mechanism, in which 2 points are fixed. I want to achieve an oscillating motion, like the 1st one shown on the following gif, the one on the left: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-bar_linkage#/media/File:Grashof_Type_I_Four-Bar_Kinematic_Inversions.gif I've seen an example using dynamics and connectors, but I was wondering if the same could be achieved using IK or constraints. I've tried a few setups but it's not working the way I expected. Any input or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! J
  8. Thanks all for the suggestions! Sorry I think I wasn't clear enough with what I'm trying to achieve, see new attached image. That is one edge selection and the coordinate system works perfect there, I can press W to go to local and the axis in the image is what I want/expect to see when I grab a edge loop, I want to move it forward and back along that edge line. Unfortunately the coordinates don't seem to affect the edge loop, with or without Normal Mode. The slide tool seems great but not really what I was looking for here. In regards to Cerbera thanks for the multip
  9. Hi I might have a sugestion for you. Forget the hair instance. Change your hair mode into spline (generate tab). Since you dont fave many strands wont be very heavy. Create a mospline and change its mode to spline. Put your hair inside. Now you have a mospline charging the hair system. Try to use the mospline as a guide to a spline wrap deformer: avoid the sweep since its a generator. Use the mesh you´re deforming with the spline wrap and use it to create hair. See if it works. My guess it's that it might be a litle heavy but it will work. Cheers Joao Ba
  10. Fabric RnD - trying to learn more Marvelous Designer. Following a scarf tutorial from Travis Davids. Not perfect, but a decent start. Tying that knot is tricky!
  11. Oh okey, and which dynamics should I bake in my current project exactly ? I've planned to add some grass, and use these sheeps as collider body + hair collider, is there a specific way to apprehend the whole flow ? (baking n stuff)
  12. It's more the fact that the asset manager in my second screenshot had suddenly started displaying materials that it hadnt before. It's not a question of the links appearing broken and not broken, but the actual asset is not in the list, surely the list should be constantly populated with all of the project's assets? I keep thinking I have some filter applied but I havent been able to track it down.
  13. Please take care to post in the correct section. Moved to Deformers etc. I can't replicate that, so you'll need to upload your scene file so we can see what's different about yours. Do you have the latest updated version of R23 ? CBR
  14. Baking Dynamics is what I'm saying. Backing animation is a different animal.
  15. Thank you. In fact, I've been messing with the Cloth collider tag, that's an error, I wanted to apply a Collider body tag, my mistake, in fact preparation goes down to 4 seconds after removing it.. And I'm gonna dig into baking animations also. Thank you!
  16. Yes, I did it and working fine now, thank you for the iput!
  17. Yes, I did enable it, but unfortunately I found out the reason to be Octane version is no longer supporting newer Graphics Cards, thus updateing Octane solved the issue. Thanks for the prompt help!
  18. I have. all of the spheres are the same poly count just different scale. So you think its better to lower segments?
  19. I love Corona, but I agree with Cerbera, you can achieve it in most engines. Some render faster and more realistically than others. I assume you not really using C4D r6, ha ha! That's the first version I used back in the 90s. By the way, for a "first exercise" that model looks great!
  20. Hi The asset manager is connected to the operating system since it's reading paths that migh be over networks, virtual drives or various drives that sometimes change the letter path (windows example). I feel that the most vunerable are the network paths since windows is a poor network manager, and that reflects on the manager itself, loosing track of assets for some time. Local and relative files are easy to track but i prefer absolute paths. It's easy to blame the software but sometimes it's a reflection from the messy operating system behind it. As an advice, i
  21. First of all, this issue is a C4D issue and not a Corona specific one. When I delete the Cloth and Dynamics tags, not only can I render a frame in 15 seconds, but it plays in the viewport at 20 fps. I don't see the need for the Cloth collider tags at all and not sure why half the sheep have the Cloth tag and the other half have the Dynamics tag. The squash effect seems to still be there when these tags are removed. In most cases where the Cloth and Dynamics tags are used, you would Bake the dynamics first, then the render engine just grabs that cached info and renders the image. It
  22. Hi there guys, so im currently experimenting in R23 and my collision deformer doesn't work properly. If you have any sugestions it would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hi Actually it's quite easy. You make the setup like you said. it's ok. The neat trick is to activate the follow position (and/or follow rotation) in the force tab, in the dynamics tag. with that plus the zero gravity you have all the control for your clones instead of losing them. You might need to adjust the values but that will do the trick to keep the clones close and in the sweet spot. cheers Joao Batista
  24. Thanks. This sort of bugginess isn't something I normally associate with Cinema, which is why I assumed it must be me using it wrong.
  25. I dont have corona here to test, but it could be related to the physics of hair being generated. If youre rendering frame 90 then thats 90 frames of animation to generate the physics for, this could be your 1 minute preparing time.
  26. Glad you sorted it out, but my brain would be in overdrive trying to figure out why that happened. Just gotta make sure the work gets done first. That would drive me crazy!
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