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  2. I'm just thankful I 'colour in' for a living : )
  3. I was tried described issue in R19 and R21 and must say it´s bug. Standard painting with brush works correctly, but "projection" paint tools are inverted. So, Gradient tool,Draw Line, Draw Text and Draw Polygon Shape are projected inverted in case are used orthographic viewports. Tools works fine while used in perspective viewport or projected directly in UV editor view... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezsnq8ns3tuglyt/PaintToolsIssue.mp4?dl=0 In R19 works these tools correctly.
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  5. Oh, one more: I'm not to fond of the "Latest Posts" below a thread. Simply because "End" key, as well as my automatically unlocking mouse wheel, scroll past the point I'm interested in.
  6. Sure. In long threads I often have to search, who said what and when. This is of course solely caused by my age related dementia. Maybe also to quote an early post. If the entire thread is on a single page, I can simply press Ctrl-F and search what I'm looking for. Way quicker than having to resort to the forum search for this purpose. On the other and I can understand, why some prefer paged threads. The perfect compromise for me would be, if it could be made a profile option. Beat me, if it already is and I just didn't notice, yet.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, but can oyu be a bit more precises, I am not sure I get what you say, sorry.
  8. Thumbs up from my side for improved performance. Actually performance of this forum (or rather the lack thereof) is the main reason I also visit others. Personally I'd vote for entire threads on a single page. For one single reason: I can make use of browser's search function. Just my two cents. Cheers
  9. ...maybe flipped UV´s. Can you post screen or scene file just with that object?
  10. Wow, the new page looks awesome!!
  11. @MikeA my answer to the cog conundrum is that red is in a rotating frame of reference centered on the blue origin. In this FOR, red only rotates once. It's a rotating object inside another rotating object, so when viewed from outside this FOR the 2 rotations add to make it look like red turns twice. Are you familiar with Aristotle's wheel paradox ? In this pic the large circle rolls along the floor a distance of 1 circumference in 1 revolution. However, the small circle (fixed to the larger one) moves the same distance in 1 rev but has a smalle
  12. Which version you are working in ? That needs to be in your profile please. CBR
  13. Now I tried it with a completely new scene and just a cube - same problem. Or am I doing something stupid here? Onedrive-Link to Videograb: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj1X_oKI5eKkzLtUzCVW2KCoUbl4aA?e=N7aZEV
    An excellent plugin. One click - but with many user preference settings! This has immediately become my 'go to' split option! Thank you!
  14. Ah yes, scene file attached, thank you! Yeah that makes sense re: attractor... Do you think a field on a mograph effector would do that scaling? I tried with plain effector, which works at frame 0, but once the dynamics instantiate it seems to cause the effector to not work... EDIT: I'm reading alot across the cafe that effectors and dynamics dont work together... I got the Field Force to stop the particles from moving, scaling is a question scene file (was too big to attach directly): https://www.dropbox.com/s/m9oal4ibgx8t0vz/cafe.7z?dl=0
  15. For anyone willing to look into this, here is a Onedrive-Link with the original scene and a simplified scene, accompanied by a video showing the problem in each scene: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj1X_oKI5eKkzLppSm6rGLSFFDfdfQ?e=q6y1T4 The simplified scene is without mixamo, xpresso, etc. and shows the same problem: The keyframes of the posemorph don't 'stick', so the face does not animate, but only shows the last status. Super-Strange: *sometimes* it does work, when copying the simplified objects into a new scene and setting up the anima
  16. Guess what gets my vote !? Fairy snuff Compromise wins the day again !! CBR
  17. Ok Ill change the color, but I dont know if I can remove them or stop them from displaying. Either we remove them completely or they stay. 20 is too much, we need to think about ADs too, so...Ill put that number to 12.
  18. Still too low I reckon buddy... I would think 12-20 is a better range there... CBR
  19. Also, suggestion: Tag colours a bit strong at the moment - can they be a darker or less strident colour, and do we need to see the tags at all on the main page in either of those sections ??! CBR
  20. Let me know if this happens again. Yesterday we had a lot of background processes running so today performance could and should be better. Sometimes it could be server issue, so I would not expect perfect performance all the time. I put number of posts in topic from 6 to 8 now. Hope that better!
  21. Yes I too think we could do with more posts per page Just to let you know that while I have been moderating about this morning performance has been generally fast and consistent, but went I went to save an edit on one of my own posts that took a full 45 seconds for some reason ! (in that time I went to youtube to checking internet was not temporarily down, and it wasn't). So just letting you know about that... CBR
  22. Thanks for doing those corrections... They go crazy because you have allowed them to reach the centre of the attractor ! You can either use another force to prevent / mitigate that happening or can you can possibly use another field to scale down the pieces to 0 shortly after they reach the hole. Would be so much easier to suggest solutions if you uploaded the .c4d file so we could work with your exact setup. Without that, anyone trying to help you has to recreate your setup from scratch in order to experiment... CBR
  23. Thanks Daniel and don’t worry I don’t see things as complaint when some of you sharing feedback. If you didn’t “complain” we would still have bad performance so thanks a lot for your time and everyone else’s. Number of posts is on me, I have changed that when I was trying sidebar info panel inside topics. I will revert that as I decided that horizontal panel below 1st post looks better. Again, thanks for pointing out that. Also, I tried bigger fonts but they seemed to big, so hopefully this is fine with majority of members.
  24. Welcome to the Cafe You should probably say which renderer you are using ?!! And do you mean system RAM or Video card V-RAM ? 16GB may not be enough system RAM for serious render applications. 64 GB is more standard these days. SSD not important for rendering. Processor speed, graphics card and system RAM are only components involved in that. CBR
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