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  2. WOW YOU GUYS - you have saved my important project - I can't thank you enough! Thanks again!
  3. Excellent diagnosing there @Rectro. I learned a lot from that post :) CBR
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  5. What you have here is two issues from what I can see. 1: dynamics need to be cached for a consistent frame to frame consistency, and 2: the Displacer priority needs to be placed above the hair. After doing this all frames rendered the same as viewport. Dan
  6. For hands, I would not recommend the tutorial above from Mr. Florand. The thumb topology is all wrong for animating. Generally edge loops should be perpendicular to movement of the bones. Better topology can be found in https://www.peterstrobos.com/blog/my-virtual-hand/
  7. by default it's set to relative, and there's a bug that adds a second slash into the relative file path after a while (sometimes) that then results in the xref attributes being greyed out. if you untick "relative", it gets set to absolute file path and this problem doesn't occur anymore. overwriting of materials has never worked unfortunately. i mean it works, but open the file again and everything will be reset to the settings in the original xref. changing parameters outside of material settings (tags/user data and so on) works though. the first thing i do when working with xrefs is i untick the relative file path box, and i make sure under the modify tab only PSR, parameters and user data is ticked. never tick hierarchy. i've used xrefs in nearly every bigger project i've done in c4d, and if you obey these rules they are pretty reliable. at least for character rigs. i don't know how it behaves for instance with complex mograph setups or dynamics though, never had the need to involve xrefs in those scenarios. but i agree, those bugs need to be fixed.
  8. more :) 140_Spline_segment_Effector(MG).c4d 138_Roll_that_cube(XP).c4d 139_VecArrayDelay(XP).c4d
  9. With a top down black and white C4D dynamics can do it. First I made the mograph thing in the null called original clone. Then I did a current state to object because it wouldn't play dynamics from the initial state in the dynamics tag if I didn't. If you want more clones it can be set in the original mograph object then turned to current state to object. Now I turned down the friction and put a vibrate tag on the plane so they can slide around like they are on water. All that needs to be done is put the texture on the logs and hit render. logs on water.zip Edit: I tried set initial state with the mograph cloner again and it worked out fine. This means you don't need to do a current state to object. Not sure what was wrong before.
  10. I think it’s really cool and kudos to MAXON for shaking things up a bit and doing something that will get C4D in front of a lot of new people. Looks like it will be a really fun day.
  11. Should it merge materials with same name? Or part of the name?
  12. All looks good in R18 on the curl front Deck
  13. Thanks: I'm almost sure that's what happened. --OTOH, it's odd that you can't use the UI in Model mode, but you can use the coordinates, since they seem to change the same thing. I'm not sure why that's allowed: imo if it were disallowed both via the UI and via the Coordinates manager while in Model Mode it would be more consistent. As (still!) a newbie, there's a lot of switches and modes to keep track of. I have gotten to the point where I automatically check the "Axis Move" switch when things get weird, so I got that goin' on..... Thanks for the help.
  14. Yeah, still pretty difficult to figure out the rendering issues without any idea how the scene is composed (lights, materials, environment, etc). The settings you shared don't look out of whack on their own, but again, the scene composition would inform this a lot more. The AA (primary) sampler is for figuring out the shapes (edges) and visual details (textures/maps, DOF, motion blur), while the DMC sampler is for solving secondary characteristics (lights, soft shadows, gi) and materiality (reflection/refraction). This is a good tutorial on optimizing a VRay scene that goes in depth about the samplers. It's old, but the concepts are still relevant: https://www.cggallery.com/tutorials/vray_optimization/
  15. I'd be surprised if that did work, because it shouldn't have done ! Box Mapping is not suitable for this mesh because none of its surfaces are planar ! Here's what your object should look like if UV unwrapped as per my methods above, using your newer bump map... CBR
  16. My pleasure, thank you. Basically, no matter how it looks in the viewport, only renders one way and not was shown in viewport. Thanks in advance! CellWithHairScene.c4d
  17. Yeah, i think you mean change to "Relative" to not have the explosion of the objects...I kind of made the mistake and started using it for production right now. So far the only two problems i found is overwriting of shaders/tags and relative linking. I wish it would work more as a take manager, which works flawlessly for overriding properties.
  18. I agree, Xrefs should've been fixed by now. It would be a very powerful tool in production, but it's unpredictable. One thing though, and I think someone answered it for me on the Cafe at one point, when you first create an Xref, first thing to do is change the link to Absolute, I think or whatever the opposite is when you see the setting. Seemed to help a lot. For me, when I scaled a Xref, it would do this funky explode thing and you couldn't undo it.
  19. Oh!! I had completely forgotten about that.. What i did was right click the texture, "Fit to Region" then as you said selected which region it should fit and it worked.. Does this work on ALL shapes? I should try to remember this at all times!
  20. Holy plugin Batman.....there are only 15 plugins in the Blender Market above $60. The rest (and there are many of them) are all cheaper. For the annual cost of the MSA, you could easily buy more than 12 plugins a year. Now, are they stable and easy to use? Not sure. But I do like the prices. And don't even get me started on the models, shaders, etc. ....hmmmm...I am starting to like the idea of MAXON going to subscriptions....but for all the wrong reasons. Dave
  21. Ideally, we'd need the scene file to be able to answer this. Pls upload it. CBR
  22. Hi, Anyone know why I am getting a Different Hair curling in render? See attached images. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  23. OK, thank you so much Cerbera, I will do!
  24. Unfortunately, those plugins have not yet been ported to Blender 2.8. ....but when they do.... Even if I had no interest in Blender at all, I would purchase Khaos. For $35 it looks like it would be really fun to play with in that it seems simple to use with some pretty cool built in functions. The problems with most fluid/smoke tools out there is that you almost need an engineering degree to fully understand them and how one setting could impact the others. But Khaos looks like it is very simple to use with pre-sets for debris, explosion spread, etc. Kind of like the early days of Particle Illusion when it came out (I lost hours playing with their demo....very intuitive sprite particle plugin). Dave
  25. It is already a hassle to keep current with plugins, when some are still needing an R20 update or requiring Insydium's bridge to work or being discontinued. Adding yet another layer of grief by being forced to subscribe will be the end of many a plugin for me. I'm not doing subscriptions, not for C4D, nor for plugins, period. Moreover, tracking and activating their plugins will be too much work for developers of small plugins. Imagine a 20$ plugin - you buy it, the developer delivers it, it runs. To earn these 20$ in a subscription, it would need constant attention for a year, or maybe two years. So the developer now earns 1$ or less per activation check? And your C4D installation phones home to 40-100 plugin developers constantly? And these developers have to constantly think of new ways to amend and extend their plugin to validate its worth to the buyer, because the buyer will be totally aware that he's paying all the time for something he may not use all that often? Doesn't seem like a smart idea at all.
  26. It mostly worked for me apart this relative linking stuff, it kinda defeats the purpose of xref, the most amazing thing that the problem is there since R14...
  27. I've tried many times to get them running realiably. Honestly, just don't use XRef is the best advice I can give. They just refuse to work a lot of times and are a pain to work with. I know it's not a solution to your problem but since I've stopped working with them I've had way less headaches.
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