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  2. You probably cannot Bevel becasue you have activated UV Mode! Disable UV Mode and you will be able to do a Bevel without problems. And also, what CBR said!!
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  4. Hi Cerbera, Thanks for responding. Yea.... my post is confused as I am I guess! Let me see if I can articulate what I'm looking for a little better... 1. Best/correct material setup that will allow me to render 2 versions of the scene. A. a bright coloured "Plastic/Ceramioc" version and B. A metal based version. 2. Render times - which I assume are going to affect what material choices I work with.... after countless video tutorials I'm still struggling to get any kind of render speed back into this. The "Lights Ani 2" video above I think had GI off and I used reflectance 3. The smoothness of the bulb My goal is to get the scene rendering properly and then I'll render out various camera views and probably add in some more object animations. From what I'm learning is there just seems to be a million ways to accomplish this! Or maybe one..... the right way. Here's the bulb... thanks for your help!
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  6. No problem. There were no changes, it was definitely just load and render, after relinking the under the bridge.hdr file from the library. There is only one file named that way in both C4D R19 and R22. Thanks.
  7. Yep, that's a user-error one, and a mistake people often make when trying to use Ambient Occlusion. You have forgotten to tick the box in there called 'Evaluate transparency'. CBR
  8. Yes and no, but mainly no. He is using Object mode there, but not on a spline, and all the controls change if you drag a spline into the object field of the cloner. You shouldn't really need a tutorial TBH - it's literally a 3 step process ! Make object child of cloner, Put cloner in Object mode, drag spline into object field ! Play with settings until you have distribution and number of clones you want - it's all very intuitive... CBR
  9. I honestly don't know what happens to backup files if you never save a version of something ! As you say normally they would go in the directory you chose when you last saved the file. Perhaps try looking in your preferences folder, which you can get to in the Preferences Dialog box from directly within Cinema, though perhaps not in a version as old as 13... CBR
  10. I've read this post several times now, and still not sure what specifically you need help with, other than the bulbs ! So I will deal with that one. But I can't really help with that either until you can show us a picture that shows the topology of the bulb in question so we know what it is made of... CBR
  11. Please read our thread on How to Post on the Cafe in the Forum Rules section, so that we can avoid tagging things incorrectly and posting in the wrong place. Moved to correct section. Also you have S22 written in your profile, but that is not the version you show in your screenshots, so please clarify what version you are working with. CBR
  12. Hi, I'm following a greyscale gorilla tutorial and I cant seem to complete a part of it. I have tried everything to select the side of the minecart wheel to bevel it but it doesnt work. Ive tried researching for it but had no luck. Need help! Thanks
  13. Hello all... I am trying to model a simple parking lot, and perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way because I am having a real problem. It is basically a floor object with an asphalt texture. For the lines I have multiple plane objects that have a white texture that is cut by an alpha channel. The problem I am having is that while the alpha channel appears to be working in terms of where the white texture is applied, but the parts of the planes that do not have the white texture applied are not transparent but very dark, darker than the asphalt floor beneath. This should be visible in the still example I have provided. As I said, I am probably going about this ass-backwardly, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Simplified project file can be downloaded here, if anyone is feeling generous with their time. I am, pretty obviously, on the lower end of the C4D skill spectrum. https://www.dropbox.com/s/inaiytgfruyge40/C4DCafe.zip?dl=0 Thanks!
  14. I'll do this next time I post. I figured out how to do it with volume builder! Thanks again
  15. Its just that the noise looks completely different then what it should be. Like it basically just always turns into very small scale noiseno matter which one i choose.
  16. So, I am afraid that tag no longer applies to the copy... CBR
  17. Are we talking about the hand and the wrist coming together in the top video? Honestly, I don't think that the hand and the wrist are joined as one piece of geometry. I still see creases indicating that both models are unique.
  18. Love the pace that they innovate and update. really impressive tech. Wish they would make a new plugin to deal with node based procedural modelling, similar to Houdini would be awesome
  19. Thank you so much for the responses everyone, this helped out a ton!
  20. Im really hoping that MAXON & Redshift Developers can co-operate to allow this interaction. apparently it a C4D limitation. super frustrating. DMcGavran please force these guys to fix this
  21. wish the release notes and Service Pack update release notes would have alot more detail. instead of something vague like "update to calibration tag", say what the fixed,added,improved. what was the problem.. in 2-3 lines
  22. I just had a crash and lost about 10 hours of work. I went into preferences, file, autosave and I have autosave turned on for 5min intervals. It is saved to project directory but I'm not entirely sure where that is. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  23. Okay I think the real struggle then is how i add depth to the bottom section and extrude without overlapping the polygons.
  24. Thank you! Sorry about the wrong section THe solution you gave me: clone the box onto the spline using object mode Is this the correct tutorial for me here: Pekka
  25. You absolutely cannot use any automatic thickness generating tools for this. A cloth surface hasn't got a hope in hell of dealing with this ! You need to add thickness with expert use of extrude, and Normal shifting. The triangles are necessary at this stage of modelling, and would be quadrified later if that became essential; for now it is not. CBR
  26. Unfortunately this didn't work for me, it would probably work if I didn't need the amount of thickness I do. The triangles make it difficult to work with and when I add the thickness with Cloth Surface it starts to overlap at the bottom of the box.
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