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  2. Just curious what everyone is using for navigating in Blender? Are you using standard hotkeys? Custom? Specifically do you use middle mouse button and the shift or cntrl button to move around? I've tried switching everything to the more universal alt+click method, but then find I have to change other hotkeys for selecting edges and what not. And then if you add plugins they have their own hotkeys that might interfere as well. But personally I don't know how anyone is using the middle mouse button to rotate around. My middle mouse button requires a bit more force to push down and its just awkward to hold all the time.
  3. Looks really nice! Might get in the future to use with Blender and Max.
  4. Alright ... do this in C4D with standard tools then.
  5. @FLima RE: bendy bones Indeed, this option is convenient. However, with this high level option, it comes with a price. You can't customize it per se. You are stuck with the provided options, which might be what you want. Problem comes in when you merge your custom tools with the built-in high level tools. It is either you will confirm your custom tools to the existing one or create an entirely new bendy bone system. Anyway, to be a technical artist, you need to learn both. RE: I feel that the weight paint and bone Hmm. Personally, I still prefer C4D. Correct me if I'm wrong there is no built-in way to export/import weights in Blender. You have to write a script to do it. You can't also import curves in Blender from other software. So for instance, you already made controls from other DCC and want to port them to Blender, you basically need to recreate them from scratch RE: C4D Object Manager. I agree. Blender 2.80 outliner is counter intuitive. That said 2.81 Outliner is way, waaaaaaaaaay better
  6. maybe someone from MAXON can comment on this?
  7. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/professional-filmmaking-tools-software Humble Bundle is doing a deal: get HitFilm Pro, Ignite Pro, and various other goodies for a mere $30. Yes, it is the latest version. And you get to keep it forever after the one year of updates.
  8. Yes i am looking to buy second hand transfer. That's the reason for this post, but i will not be pursuing the legal root. Probably will stick with r15 and invest my money in new hardware, and study Blender.
  9. Gotcha! But if you are looking to buy, it's a new license or a used license. If it's used, the same would apply no?
  10. It is very good to get an inside perspective of the software, from someone who is more experienced with it than me! Thank you Yeah, I can see that these modes are a bit weird to be honest... but I do like the idea of being able to move the bones of the armature in edit mode sometimes (and even changing their type! Like bendy bones!!) and it doesnt mess up the whole rig.. For some weird reason, I feel that the weight paint and bone structure is more effective in here than in C4D. But I might be wrong? But I really, really love C4D's object manager... It feels so more intuitive and well.. mograph But I think, having a different option is always good for some specific things.
  11. @FLima I have rigged some Blender models in the past month since client is a Blender user. All I can say is Blender should remove the "modes" on rigging/animating. It's annoying. I have a rant on it on the Blender forum, so I made my peace. Other than that and mograph, Blender is pretty capable. Animation playback in Blender is relatively fast because it uses only one animation data for the whole rig/armature. So it will only load one data for the whole rig rather than several data for the whole rig. That said, it has its own separate API, so it becomes cumbersome not to the end user but to the technical artist (like me). Ugh.
  12. Thanks!! Unfortunately, since the show is quite new, and they will be doing the official opening now in Montréal, I dont have access to full footages yet. There is one making of video that shows some of the acts I worked on And there is... well.. a filmed footage.. of a guy that filmed vertical... and screams sometimes in horrible exposure hehe!! But you can see an entire act I worked on (starts at 8:00).. but yeah, not good quality, be warned
  13. It looks like version R-21 is not just for Christmas its for life.
  14. Thanks MauricioPc. I am not trying to sale, i am trying to buy.
  15. My understanding from what I've seen posted several times on the Modo forums is that this is illegal, to prevent a sale of a perpetual license. So if you are in Europe, you should have legal grounds to appeal on that. I wish I was a lawyer to help you more on this.
  16. Ideally, I want photorealism. but the holes in the sequins can be "forgotten"... remains the overlap effect of the small cylinders, on which I have no idea!
  17. Yeah that's right, I'm interested in weighting the stiffness of spline dynamics, not joints. So one point at the end is totally rigid, the next couple are some what rigid etc etc until you reach a point where the spline flops around freely, something like how a cable would behave. I have found I can use multiple hair constraints to achieve this but its not the cleanest setup. In the hair constraint tag there is a slot here for influence map but I don't know how to make a map that will go in there. Vertex doesn't seem to work with splines.
  18. Just to update the latest i have from MAXON - uk is this: " We can do a Licence Transfer for an active R20 version of C4D, as long as it has not been upgraded or sidegraded to the R21 release."
  19. Yes there is, but it moved recently. It's now a category under Support ticket on support.maxon.net CBR
  20. Soundstage build out for an upcoming Netflix documentary.
  21. That is a surprisingly difficult thing you're asking for there. Is this for an animation or still shot ? And you need to say how realistic you need to be. For example, in typical sequin dresses each 'scale' has a hole in it and a thread connecting it to the dress. Do you need that realism or will something more stylised do ? Try and find us some photo reference you want to match. CBR
  22. Hi I'm aggravated. I can't get why dynamic and constraint tags work so - the position of the object isn't reset after rewind. I'm bloating out *** is happening! Even when I do Reset PSR it does not react randomly, I have to turn the tag off or do something else, it's *** really. Is a bug? Is it a feature? How to deal with it? bandicam 2019-12-13 15-18-03-632.mp4
  23. hi everybody!!! I want to make a shirt, with "sequins"... if it is easy with Mograph to multiply small cylinder, on each polygons, for example, is it a way to get overlapping scales, arranged regularly as on reptile skin ??? thank you for helping!!!
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