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  2. The biggest issue with a "promotion" of selections is that selections are defined by the indices of the selected polygons (e.g.). In the resulting mesh (after applying the deformers or whatever) the indices are completely regenerated and have no connection at all to the original indices. Only the deformer itself "knows" which new polygons correspond with the original polygons (or rather, the programmer knows...) For something simple like a Connect object, the selections could be promoted because it is possible to identify the original polygons by spatial position - the Connect object (mostly) keeps polys from underlying objects. But with anything more complicated, like an SDS, you could not "revert" the algorithm to yield the original polygon and thereby determine its presence in a selection. This is something the deformers (etc) need to provide. I guess this would be part of a much more elaborate change in workflow: move C4D modeling more towards procedural / node-based modeling.
  3. Did you report it, I doubt it doesnt work just becasue lame programing. Its worth of reporting so we can investigate!
  4. If it's that bulgy, splines in Extrudes aren't necessarily the best way to go here. 2 splines and a Volume builder would do it better. Or you could just build it out of a few simple polys and then smooth subdivide , or use splines (with metaball tag in spline mode) in metaballs, or you could try a smooth deformer on your original spline text, though you'd need decent topology for that to work (grid quad caps, uniform spline mode etc). Loads of ways to go there... CBR
  5. noseman is making a tutorial about the general technique for cineversity. don't know how much he's going to cover though.
  6. Hi! Does anyone know a good way to do smooth letters like this? I cant figure out how to extrude a spline with an intesection like the T.
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  8. Whats up with the Project Asset Inspector? Does it even work?? My textures are there in the Material editor but no show in the Project Asset Inspector... mlon
  9. Nice work, especially the nice detail of the leaves, gives it a more 'lived in' atmosphere.
  10. That is some awesome stuff! Are you planning to do some tutorials on this, or at least provide the C4D files? I'd be really interested in how you achieved this stuff without any plugins.
  11. Hey Danijelk. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I'm stuck with an iMac so no Nvidia for me (just dusty old AMD) hence I can only deal with Corona. My understanding, from what you've said, is that there is no "specific" renderer for a specific type of work, just like you can do the same futuristic sci-fi scene with Octane and Redshift you can achieve the almost exact same result with Corona?
  12. Hi, Main difference - Corona is CPU render engine, Octane (and Redshift) are GPU render engines, which means Corona will run on any hardware, Octane and Redshift requires NVidia GPU card. In terms of output quality and speed, Octane and Redshift are very fast, probably fastest GPU render engines, and it will give you fast real-time scene preview while making/building your scene, materials, lighting and other stuff. Corona is very fast for CPU render engine, and popular choice for ArchViz work. So it all depends what hardware you have, or you want to buy, with both Corona and Octane/Redshift you can make anything you want. Personally, I'm using Redshift for C4D, loving real-time scene preview while making scenes, which speeds up your workflow, and very fast final rendering. Dane
  13. I'd check with the studio that made the game. Even if the guy offering the downloads has rebuilt all the models himself (as opposed to wholesale hacking them out of the game) you may still run into copyright issues were you to use them in anything approaching commercial without gaining their written permission first. CBR
  14. Hi, is it possible to create a motion clip from this spline warp. I have tried to loop a motion clip but I it is not smooth. I have put pivots on the motion clips so I can get the slinky spring to walk around? Which objects should I choose to create a motion clips? This is with R21. Best regards slinky_spring.c4d
  15. In the range mapper horizontal axis is input, vertical is output. You can set the numerical ranges inside the node or exxternal using math multipy etc - then the range map is a 1 : 1 map with spline shape as response curve. The spline has the usual bezier handles - use ctrl click to make points, and you can clamp the max + min of input and output. Without clamp, RM calculates a corresponding output outside the set ranges - can give unexpected results. rangemap.c4d
  16. Open Cinema, ctrl+E (cmd+E on OSX), open prefs with button on bottom left, close Cinema, delete the whole folder in window that opened
  17. Takes noticably more than in R20, how do I delete prefs?
  18. Hey boys and girls, So I've been messing around with the Corona demo license for a few weeks now and found it incredibly versatile in terms of materials, love the quickness of VFB, I mean you fire it up and straight out of the box you get semi realistic results (provided you know what you do, which for the most part I don't haha) To summarise - I totally fell in love with it and will be most likely purchasing the license. Now here come the Octane Warriors: Oh.. Corona - bro that's just for archviz..., Oh.. Corona - can't really take you far... and then slam me with bunch of terminology which make zero sense to me. Basically they claim that Corona is only good for architectural visualisation, while Octane (and sometimes Redshift party joins in) is a real badass. In all honesty, I do not get what are they talking about, can someone please explain?
  19. Hi! Since R20 the Smart Tween plugin doesnt work anymore. Also tried Insydium Bridge to get it to run, but no luck. The plugin ads an Xpresso node for easing equations to C4D. How do you people add interessting easing to your animation, if not with that plugin? Max
  20. Great news. I was on a trip 2 weeks ago, launched C4D, right clicked to look up a parameter in the help as always and...nothing. My laptop was not connected....
  21. You were looking for using the noise texture. I totally misread that as reading you has noise in the final rendered image you wanted to change every frame. Glad you were able to figure it out.
  22. Yep, that's not so hard. Give yourself 30 frames or so to work with and make a Null at World Center. Than add a camera pointing down Z, and make a Plane (that will later be your water) that fills its field of view, make it a child of the Null, note the plane's size, and use that value a) to clone 10 or so copies of the null down Z and b) to advance your camera down Z the same amount by the last frame of your animation, so that the view from there matches what it sees on Frame 1 (ultimately you'll remove - ie not render the last frame, so it loops perfectly). Now you can populate your plane with whatever landscapes you like and as long as any elements you add get placed as children of the cloned group null then that should all just work. By cloning around 10 times and using geo placed so that it covers the edges of the frame you can effectively hide the loop point, but in your reference he has done it with an arch, which helpfully obscures the far distance at the crucial time, though as you can see below this is not strictly necessary if you place your landscapes tactically. A Physical Sky won't change unless you tell it to (other than cloud movement in some of the presets, which you can turn off), so that or a straight background Object, or even an HDRI on a Sky should be fine for that bit. The advantage of using a Physical Sky or regular SKY / HDRI combo would be that your reflections on water are correct for free. CBR
  23. Wow. I'm impressed! Pretty awesome stuff. I'd love to watch a tutorial about the cartoon explosion, fire and water without plugins or particles.
  24. Loft with non-closed splines generates incorrect UV map !
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