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  2. Octane Materials crashing c4d

    Yes, I agree with you both. Sadly this material was a pack that said it was for octane so I'm a bit perplexed. Rick
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  4. re priority - make sure there is an actual priority problem before you start fixing it. Things that appear to lag are often OK when rendered (or baked). I usually adjust priority by moving stuff around in the OM (top down order), or priority values lowest = 1st. There's also a shift priority tag. I'm sure you know all this. I haven't seen much info on baking. For purely dynamic stuff I use doc settings, dynamics, cache, bake. For my more complex scenes (eg using randomness), I drag everything into the dope sheet and go functions, bake objects. Then I disable dynamics, xpresso, python, and anything that moves things. I use this method for team render, so all the nodes have identical data.
  5. Polygon reduction Falloff ?

    The problem I see with using the polygon reduction strength to be based upon how far away the Null is from the Polygon Reduction Generator is that can be an intense calculation that goes on there. I think what is intended is to use the poly reduction with the LOD object to have it switch between models at the right time. A much less intense calculation. Even with that it's best to turn the different reduction levels into actual geometry so it can be the fastest. In the example attached if you turn on and off Cloner.1 then on and off Cloner.2 it should be easy to see what I'm talking about. With both you will see how the LODs are set so they switch at about the right time to give the correct illusion as the sphere get further away. That is to say if you switch the viewport to Gouraud shading there will be no noticable change in the sphere as you zoom in and out. lod example.zip
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  7. Reset xForm ?

    Doesn't the FFD 'Fit To Parent' take it's orientation from the object axis, not the bounding box? The boot appears to be aligned to the world axis, so connecting it to a new object would work to reset the axis. Otherwise, he could probably just have used axis mode to zero out the HPB.
  8. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    I have not tried MOP's yet I've been working on a C4D model. Have you? Glenn Frey played for a group called the Eagles from early 70's to 1980, then reformed in mid 1990's
  9. Hello, isn't this what you are looking for? https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-hydraulic-arm-in-cinema-4d-part-revisited/
  10. Imported FBX to Character

    As we tried before, retarget tag doesn't work really well with imported fbx and c4d character object. Here is an old post that we has about the retarget workflow
  11. Roland JD-800

    Almost. Luminance + channel glow, and fresnel shader in luminance fading between white and (in this case) orange. Channel glow set to 250% inner glow, 0% outer glow, very low radius, and most importantly use material turned off and replaced with a slightly dark orange. I still don't like those glows vs post equivalents, but on projects like this we can pretty much get away with it, and it is less hassle than doing it in post :) CBR
  12. Thanks, but now we lost the springiness :( I could eliminate having two cylinders altogether by just using the Size Increment on the Rigid Body tag. But I want that gap between circles to have some spring to it. Any ideas for Priority settings or something to get my file working better?
  13. I'd just have the small objects as children. no_springs.c4d
  14. I think you're right that they used Pose Morph and Twist. Looks like they used Displacement for the finer details of the shoe, which they could just animate on with everything else. It's definitely more elaborate than two renders and a mask in AE. Look at it full screen- the shoe model is a thin shell that grows itself across the barbell. Looks maybe like X-Particles OpenVDB mesher, but I've never used it so I can't say if that's possible or not.
  15. Hmm, they're definitely working for me. Yes, there is a lag (know how to get rid of that by chance?), but the Jiggle definitely does something. Select all the Jiggles and crank the Strength up to 100 and you should see something. But I did not remember that you can do a very similar effect with the Spring constraint! That simplifies things a bit in the Object Manager. However, I'm running into refresh and lag issues when playing through the animation. If I play through to a certain point, then pause and return to the first frame with the "Go to Start" arrow, the small cylinders don't update to their original positions right in the center of the big cylinders. Then when I hit play, the try to jump back over to their "parent." Can someone look at my file and see if there's a fix? 2d dynamics v3.c4d
  16. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    Yes, he's a MAXON man. Hmmm, now am gonna have to go find out who this other musician Frey is. Did you get a chance to try out MOPs? Was kinda looking forward to your thoughts on it.
  17. Networking Mac to PC

    Are the Windows remote folders you are trying to see actually set to shared ?
  18. I'm not sure the jiggles are doing anything. The psr constraints show a small lag that looks like springiness as the inner follows the outer, but that disappears when baked. Maybe try a spring constraint ? I could be wrong ...
  19. Polygon reduction Falloff ?

    Yes, I first realised about that, but when having no results, started trying alternatives. But for now I haven't made it yet... Thanks
  20. Polygon reduction Falloff ?

    That's right, Fastbee. In this case, it doesn't do anything. I wonder if it's possible, at least. Thanks!
  21. Imported FBX to Character

    well ... i want to retarget an BVH motion to this character and needs this character as rigged that assign that BVH to controllers ... so , how to retarget
  22. Thanks @jed and @Fastbee for continuing to think on this. Let me clarify. The Size Increment settings are working fine for keeping some space between circles, and the bounciness isn't a problem either. What I'm trying to go for is more of a "force field" effect around them with some falloff. So, if two circles hit each other with some force, they could touch before bouncing away, but they want to be a little spaced out. Fortunately, I think I found a good solution! Similar to Fastbee's idea, I made a visible cylinder and a slightly larger, invisible cylinder. I used a Constrain Tag to connect the smaller one to the larger one, and added my dynamics tag to the bigger one. Then I added a Jiggle to the smaller and voila! Bouncy margins! Check out the project if you're curious. It's a lot of fun to play with :) 2d dynamics v2.c4d
  23. Hey Forum, I'd like to animate a robotic hand that grabs the enviroment, ligts up its base, swings it forward and after landing, it reaches out to grab another point and do the same over. It's not easy but I can't seem to find a solution to it. How to reverse the IK chain hierarchy that at one point i can animate the arm from the hand and not from the base? There must be a tool out there that's for this, I just don't find it, how would you go around this? best Peet
  24. Imported FBX to Character

    Simple answer: No. you have to do some work not just a few clicks here and there
  25. i want to make this imported fbx that have skeletons and their skins to an c4d autorig character ... how to do that? does exists an quick and simple method? thanks.
  26. Polygon reduction Falloff ?

    You don't need the rangemapper to convert to percent. XPresso treats 0 - 1 decimal as 0 - 100%. > Mr Pedantic
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