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  2. Thank you MAXON! It's really nice to know we've been heard. So so glad that you have returned one of the features that separated C4D from the crowd xx
  3. Please take care to post in the correct section, which in this case is Mograph / General setups, not Introductions. I'll move it for you. CBR
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  5. Hi FLima, It's likely another plugin. Could you add plugins one by one to determine which is the culprit. We'll follow up with the developer. A bit of background on this - in addition to re-enabling offline help and the embedded help window in R21.1 we also addressed concerns from plugin developers because the initial release of 21 removed the option for them to add context-sensitive help to their plugins. The way we did this relies on developers to handle only the help requests from their own plugins and pass the remaining calls on for other plugins and C4D to handle. Since it's a change in behavior some devs haven't adjusted their code yet. As we're able to identify them we'll work with them to sort this out. BTW Paul has let me know an update to DEM Earth which fixes the issue is on the way. Cheers, Rick
  6. Such a great idea modelling it flat then spline wrapping it into a cylinder shape afterwards.
  7. Hello guys. I have a cloner with mograph weight. Then i use a plain with an spherical field multiplying the weight field. Till here everything works as expected. The cloner moves on Y position depending on the influence of the weightmap. After this i use this cloner to clone it in a grid array and the plain effector stops working. When removing the weight from the plain field its works as expected. What Im doing wrong. I attach an example scene. Thanks Plain_cloner_hierarchy.c4d
  8. Have you done the corner weighting on these highlighted edges particularly ? And are you using L2 OpenSubDiv rather than regular Catmull Clark ? It subdivides subtly differently and is marginally better at reacting to edge weighting. If that's not it, feel free to send me your file, and I'll see what's going wrong if I get some time later this afternoon... CBR
  9. it is weird, I cant get the "help" function to work either. and I dont have this exact plugin Mike mentioned. Also, sometimes c4d crashes/becomes unresponsive while rendering. Im on Windows 10 professional C4D R21.115
  10. Thanks. You didnt happen to keep the C4D file, did you? I have remade all that and it is subdividing wildly differently from yours. I am doing something fundamentally wrong. You appear to have virtually no control loops in the two little boxes and they are dividing beautifully. I have a million loops in and they are wrong as balls.
  11. I want to learn Blender as well. I have a license for R21, but cannot use it, as I only have a Vray license for R20. I mostly work with R18 today, as I have some other plugins that would need a new license key for R19+. R18 is still working fine. I do not miss the new features since R18 a lot. On the other hand, there is a Vray plugin available for Blender, which means that Blender may be a competitor for all kinds of CG software in future. Functionality can be added easily in Blender, as the source code is available. I see interesting times ahead.
  12. I plan to put a big effort into learning Blender this winter. I am on V19 and will stay here until C4D becomes a better product for me again or until I switch to Blender completely. I was very excited about the ability to turn tri's to quads in this new version. Evee is really something, one big problem C4D has in my workflow is that I have to turn off so many things to animate more than 2 characters in the viewport efficiently and Blender might not have that problem. I'll find out this winter.
  13. I haven't contacted support yet, no. R20 is good enough for me right now so I don't worry too much about it, but it's on my to-do list. I know my way around PCs so of course, I did that. No process is running after it crashes, it's just gone completely and won't start again. The interesting thing is that the process actually starts up again, it's just stuck at something around 8% CPU and 250MB RAM usage.
  14. Open C4D, hit Ctrl+E, open prefs folder from bottom left via button, close C4D, delete the whole folder
  15. Skillet design. Modeled in Cinema, rendered with Corona.
  16. Yes. Because there is nothing supporting the corners - you have only supported them in one direction. And there is not enough polys to work with to do borrowed edge corner controls. The only way you could fix that without more polys is by SDS edge weighting the corners to something like 80%. This is what I did in my testings... 1. Flat Plane with helpful amount of segments (I went for 53; ((6 x 8 sections + the diagonals)), so that the top indented parts will be even and match at either end. 2. Spline wrapped an instance of that (circle as source), and adjusted original's length to scale it to fit that spline. 3. Began my modellings in, thusly, working on the bottom plane, and viewing live results above in the wrapped version... 4. Then, put the instance inside an L1 OpenSubDiv SDS, and moved that into a group with the wrap, so it wrapped that instead with double the resolution. 5. Then took an editable copy of that to which I added thickness with extrude, then extruded in the cutout waist bits. If we don't apply further subdivision, then this might be OK remaining here as a hard surface like the one on the left below. Or we can use SDS edge weighting and slide some loops about slightly to sharpen corners under 2 further levels of OpenSubDiv OR Catmull Clark SDS like the one on the right... Either looks OK for me, but will depend on how close you're getting and how sharp you need those corners to be... Hope that helps... CBR
  17. I work in Unity rather than UE and I usually just build everything in Unity since that is my export preset in Substance. If its as easy to apply texture maps in UE as it is in Unity then it should only take a few minutes.
  18. @Hrvoj - yes I did......but to no avail. Unless there is another way? I still have R19 on my machine and can do the job here at work......but it's a waste to have R21 just sitting there doing nothing............. How would you delete the preference within the program? (maybe I did something wrong)
  19. I'm using a substance material inside a redshift material to create a grass texture across a plane. I want to render this in UE4 so I need to export the map as applied to my plane with the base, roughness, normal, metal, spec maps without any lighting information. Anyone know how to do this? Is it even possible or do I need to recreate my setup in UE4?
  20. Yesterday
  21. There's only one ngon in this, and I can run that out to the bottom edge. I mean, I know it's a horrible mess. Modelling is hard as hell. Can you think why the squares have been rounded off by the SDS even though I filled them with support loops?
  22. Great to see this resolved!
  23. Thanks for the update Mike - I'll follow up.
  24. OK guys - a process of elimination and think I've got an ID on the culprit : DEM Earth 4.005 Everything works as expected with that removed. Can anyone else on Windows with DEM Earth 4.005 installed confirm this? Rick, Hrvoje - could one of you guys drop Paul E a message and follow up? It's a crazy co-incidence that Paul and I have been having a 'bit of a chat' this morning about a customer service / licencing issue (completely unrelated to this) - and he probably won't want to hear from me again for a while !! LOL!
  25. Guys - it looks like a plugin related issue. I'm investigating and will report back
  26. Hey Mike, Do you have any plugins installed? Perhaps they're getting in the way . . . Cheers, Rick
  27. Yes, there should be only redirect file Please try: - Deleting your prefs - Disabling any Anti Virus if you have one - Setting other browser as default one EDIT : Please also try removing your plugins
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