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  3. Normally you can get your clues from the file naming conventions, or if you can remember the site you got it from, their FAQ should tell you everything you need to know about what the maps are. Also worth mentioning that you may not need to use all of them - often these things look fine with just color and normal maps loaded, which is helpful as they are the easiest to identify. CBR
  4. Hey guys, I come from Softimage background. I want to set up passes where a specified objects primary rays are ommited from a render, but it still provides secondary rays to what is being rendered. Is this possible? Any help would be invaluable. Thanks, Morgn.
  5. If using C4D standard or physical GI also has to be enabled if you really want it to emit light to light up the scene from the sign. If using Cycles, Redshift, or Octane it's different. In Cycles it would be put on the emit node and it would work.
  6. From bottom up I'd say color, diffuse?, bump or displacement, normal, reflection. Though just play around with putting them different areas and see what looks good to you. Sometimes you get a surprise that looks good even though it was not intended to be in that channel.
  7. THats awesome Jed, thanks for sharing!
  8. Hi, It's gone again, any as a copy to share please ? Thanks !
  9. Well, I certainly disagree with their decision and this also made me dislike platform as whole. Our content was not even close to being offensive at any level.I am working on resolving this and will provide training material in future independently of 3rd party platforms
  10. Your scene has an Xref which fails to load (since it is not provided). Simply turn off gravity in project settings (hit ctrl+D and set it to 0 on dynamics tab). In your dynamics tag for emitter make sure you have individual elements set to all
  11. I Can't get it right... How can I create an emittor with bubbles, which are go up in the air... and also collide trought an cylinder? When I add a dynamics tag, they collide trough the cylinder, but also fall down. I want to achieve to get some water bubbles go trought a cylinder, going up Bubbles omhoog.c4d
  12. Hi there, I've purchased a collection of materials a while ago and I wonder how to best set them up in C4D. It seems they are set up in a different way than I am used to. So my question is, in which sections of the materials sections would you add the images to get the best result? I've included the example render and the files for one of the materials. I hope someone can help me out! Thanks, Maarten
  13. Also you should have a slight bend in the knee joint to aid the natural direction of bend for IK. Dan
  14. With the IK tag selected click on Add Pole under Pole Vector. Move the pole to the direction you would like the knee to bend.
  15. It's not a bad way of doing it. What happens with the overlap is the light bends more than it should when hitting the second surface and bends to where it should when hitting the 3rd surface. 2nd surface being the outside of the fluid and the 3rd being the inside of the container. There is only that thin area between the 2 and 3rd surface that is going to be wrong with your approach. If zoomed out far enough it could be good enough. For ultra close up and complete realism the way I said is the best. I'll work on looking for that equation.
  16. I have rigged a simple character. When I use the Ankle Goal to move the leg (I need to simulate walking), the leg moves to the side, not in front. How can I change that? Rigging_Test.c4d
  17. Hi If edge selections have the same names it should work. You can create string User Data with the name of an edge selection and plug it into deformer. It even works with instances..
  18. Yesterday
  19. Yes that should be fine. I think this was the same back in R17 (except the Volume Vector bit, which doesn't apply here)... CBR
  20. R17: Object visibility. I can toggle visibility in the editor. With the DISPLAY Tag I can set the visibility to Lines/Geraud/etc/etc What I'm not finding is a way to display a given object solely as a Bounding Box. --Any way to do that?
  21. I found this video of Bodypainting UV and I will try and see how it looks.
  22. It's really weird when the management of a company does not understand the best features of their own software. Cinema 4D had the BEST help in the CGI industry. I always wished Autodesk would implement a similar one in Maya. WHY would you change that? Online is not always the best. But this is not the first time MAXON breaks something that was working pretty well, just remember how the reflectance channel made the simple and elegant standard C4D material a mess (powerful but a mess nevertheless). I just hope they do not change the Object Manager in the near future, which is also the best of all 3D Software.
  23. Terrain mask does work with displacement (and SPD, see example below), so I reckon you should do it all in one material. In fact it works in every channel (even alpha, but no slope masking here). However you will need (the same or similar) terrain mask in each channel you use in that shader, my advice is get it basically right in the luminance channel and then take it out of there and copy across to the other channels that need it. However you can do it with 2 materials as well, using an alpha mask (driven by a V-gradient or vertex map for example) in the second one to mix it over the first. The disadvantage here is that you couldn't have slope masking. CBR
  24. That's American morals. Instead of showing any semblance of nipples, it's better to graphically display how living persons are shoved down a meat grinder, and zombies ripping the living flesh out of hapless victims. Violence = Good. Sex = Bad. The real issue is that we are in the grip of American companies who enforce that kind of policy, and there are no reasonable alternatives.
  25. Here's my version of an amusing little device I saw on YouTube + Wiki - traces an ellipse. trammel.c4d
  26. Hey guys and gals! Im wondering if there is a way to use xpresso to drive multiple edge selections on different objects with 1 bevel deformer. Thoughts?
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