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  2. And I'm fairly sure it did, from the very first time I heard about the defaulting function.
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  4. https://eggtion.net/blog/cinema4d/roll-it/
  5. Does anyone know where can I find Roll-it?
  6. Yeah! You are rock If will be possible who is product owner(-s) of Scene Nodes? Say them Big Thanks to developer(-s), at beta forum/desk/office Really it is nextGen of Xpresso (as i remember - S.Rath developed xpressionist, not sure)
  7. It´s simple. Formula in pictures Cloner converted to splines (current state to object command), selected all splines and used command connect and delete to create just single, multisegment spline. Switched to top view and selected single point of single segment of spline Used command U~W (select connected). There will be selected only points of single segment of spline With pressing "T" switched to scale mode and scale points position manually to border spline... with "space" key return to step 1 and al
  8. Cloner is just an asset. It is called cloner since it is an attempt to create familiar MoGraph tool in node eco system
  9. I wonder when it changed, because fairly sure it never used to keep those settings there !! CBR
  10. Hi, I'm looking to build a Christmas string light rig that can be edited, example: When the wire gets longer/shorter the lights grow with it. Also would want the lights to attach from their base to the wire and have a secondary animation when animated on. I found this old post with a link but its dead Anyone on here have experience with this of perhaps point me in the right direction? Much appreciated! catnap.
  11. I also have learned something today, thanks Bezo!
  12. That depends where you live. Autodesk indie is nor global. Where I live, there is no indie version I can get.
  13. Thanks so much BEZO it worked, I'm so glad it's fixed!
  14. Lol, really? I must be doing something right
  15. Version 1.0.0

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    There's a link to C4D file of a mountain created by following the talk Eric Smit gave here. At the time I was looking to create nice landscape without the need of 3rd party plugins. So please watch that presentation if want to see what parts of the noise, materials affect the shape and look of the mountain. Create instances and convert to object to lighten the load on C4D. It gets pretty sluggish. I think this link expires in a week so let me know if need it re-uploaded. You might get some use for it.
  16. Wait a minute, I don't really understand how you solved the scaling of the cloned splines? I gave up on a similar radial MoSpline cloner setup before because I couldn't figure out how to make them form anything else than a perfect circle (same length for each clone) or a more or less random shape (noise-varied length of each clone). But thank you, this looks like a pretty good option! I just haven't quite figured it out yet .
  17. Yes, that's probably why I hadn't even considered them before. The first rule of C4D I ever learned: Stay away from the Boole object and never take its candy :P. I don't really have a specific use for this in mind yet, it's more a general exploration kind of thing. So if the Lathe object just can't do what I would like it to do, then the Loft does indeed appear like the best solution to at least get the right contour with the right topology in a parametric setup. But then of course you loose the deformation controls of the MoSpline and have to find another way to deform the shape. Which means
  18. Really that's awesome Thank's for this helpful information.
  19. No problem! If rendering is going to be a priority then really should focus on PC. Laptop equivalent of GPU is going to automatically be less powerful than the PC version of that GPU. I have more of a high level awareness of the render engines rather than a fully qualified knowledge, so please get multiple sources of information. Or hopefully someone on this forum with deeper knowledge will be able to add more. Redshift and Octane work best with Nvidia graphics cards. In each of their forums you'll see tonnes of release versions. With each version released
  20. Try to play with tiles, animate different parameters, transform positions, offsets, layer modes inside layers etc... Since you need to see result immediately, maybe the fastest solution could be try animate small pattern around 30frames and render animation to PV with preview command (Alt~B, Make Preview, set smaller resolution. Render is done in few seconds...)
  21. Thank you for this very helpful answer. I have one more question If I choose 3D modeling and animation as the main purpose. how to be sure the Redshift and Octane and Arnold work on it. because I tried to install Octane and Redshift on my old laptop (not Mac). and this stopped the launch C4d. So, I was asking about laptops or PC sure working with modeling and animation and third party GPU rendering.
  22. I managed to reduce the render time down to something reasonable after following this video: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2015_rewind_brandon_parvini_optimizing_sketch_and_toon_renders Thanks for your time in replying!
  23. If you change default parameters of objects, all changes are stored in content Browser/Presets/Defaults. Go to content browser and check if there are some items/objects etc. and what you want to reset to "factory default", delete from this folder...
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