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  2. Just a quick question, is the version 20 of polygnome still in the works? Would appreciate to use it in future versions of C4D.
  3. Beefdoctor

    Free C4D Plugins: MagicFlat

    In this Free C4D Plugin Video we take a look at MagicFlat, this plugin allows us to flatten polygon selections along the average normals of selected polys. Even though the plugin is quite simple it is a welcome addition to C4D as a means to speed up workflow. PLUGIN DOWNLOAD: https://nitro4d.com/product/magicflat/ Digitalmeat.uk If you would like to support Digital Meat, or follow me on social media, see the below links. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DigitalMeat3D Merchandise: https://redbubble.com/people/digital-meat Support: https://digitalmeat.uk/donate/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitalmeat3d/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitalmeat3D Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DIGITALMEA BEEF DOCTOR: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC66f69qhgxy6YnZVMNaCtiA
  4. I couldn't speak for AE but in pshop if i can't tweak it with either end of a levels command or get it with a regular alpha i usually just set the materials on the object to pure black and white, white in the luminance so need for any lights. Sometimes changing the AA to sat or alias can help if the standard MIP isn't working. Sometimes I get the same issues and others its perfect. Hopefully some of the other members may have some AE tricks to sort you out. Deck
  5. Hi guys,thanks for your supports as always..i made an object and added joints and Cached the animation, after that i deleted the skin and all joints now i have my animation,the question is,how can i extract the key frames?i want to change the timing of my animation,in addition i found two methods of Caching in c4d,point cache tag and cappuccino,and since im super noob in cinema i dont know what is the difference between these? :D...thanks in advance
  6. Every year I use C4D to create our family Christmas card. This year I took a picture of us in front of our house (unfortunately no snow today) and used a Genesis2 figure from Daz to create Santa. I then found a free model of a 1956 Oldsmobile on Turbosquid. I changed the shaders on the Olds and rendered in Arnold. I was asked a few times why I used a '56 Olds. I have no idea except that's the kind of car I would imagine that Santa would drive! Of course he uses his sleigh on Christmas Eve. The rest of the year he drives his Olds. Mark
  7. Hi all, just wondering if there is a way to change the default keyframe type for spline. I know of the project settings > key interpolation, but there is no option to change what type of spline is created. It auto generates a spline other than the "soft" spline type, so every time I make one I have to right click on the keyframe and select Spline Types > soft. Is there any way to make this soft spline the default?
  8. Hi there, I want to color shift some renders in After Effects using object buffers that I've rendered. I only want to affect certain areas of the render, which is why I'm using the buffers. But it's giving me some haloing around the area I'm correcting. You can see this on the attached image. The cyan bits used to be orange. How do I get around this? I've used the object buffers several different ways, but I get the same effect. I've used them as a Luma matte for an Adjustment Layer. I've also pre-comped them, gotten an alpha via Set Matte (Luminance), and used that pre-comp as an Adjustment layer. I've also tried choking in and out using Simple Choker, but it is still there. How do I fix this? Thanks!
  9. Unstable

    Chess Challenge 2018 - Final Entries

    Guess this is all I have time for. Modeled in C4d, x Particles plugin, physical render. Would have liked to add fumes coming out the bishop head, some DOF and make the board more leathery, but just didn't have time because I don't know how to do any of this off the top of my head. As always, I learned a lot. Hope I don't forget it by the time the next challenge comes around. Haha. Nice work everyone!!
  10. jed

    Trying to cut an edge off

    Looks like you have the axis tool turned on - moves the object axis, but not the object.
  11. Here is my latest scientific animation and this time it is on G protein Coupled Receptors which are used by over 50% of all medications and loads of bodily processes. C4D is great for this type of stuff. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11f3AwfJcrXRav59xeOl2rSq7oiZ5KsXn/view?usp=sharing (link does not work and will try again later)
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  13. Arivald

    Trying to cut an edge off

    Thanks for the answer, have a look at the video here, unless I'm totaly blind (most likely I am) I'm doing everything as he does in the video.
  14. BulkySkull

    Subdivision Poly "cage" vs "wrap"

    Great info and short cuts! Thanks!
  15. Hi, Never thought about this issue before which makes me think I am doing something wrong this time. Here we go. I have a bunch of cloned objects with rigid body applied to them as separate objects. I have a plain effector with spherical falloff animated around to change the color of the clones. The issue that I am running in to is that the position which tells the clone if it's inside the falloff or not, is not updated to its dynamic position but stays at the clones initial position. Therefore dynamic objects that are inside the falloff are not necessarily influenced by the effector. How can I correct this? Cheers,
  16. wow, I just tried it! It amazingly simple!
  17. bezo

    Subdivision Poly "cage" vs "wrap"

    Press Alt+A What you get is simply disable behaviour "Isoline Editing" (another way could be viewport Options/Isoline Editing) Somebody prefer one way, somebody other way...
  18. bezo

    Trying to cut an edge off

    You must do someting wrong. Have you selected Split option? Or you´ve temporary selected axis modification tool...Try to watch carefuly tutorial again and check your tool setings For "not hollow" use Voronoi object as mentioned in tutorial...
  19. I found that this was best achieved with morphs, but it is also doable with cloth tearing. Morphs can give you precision...
  20. Hi, I'm trying to cut an edge and found this tutorial In the tutorial the guy is simply selecting Place Cut and slashing the model in half. After that he clicks Select Connected and simply drags one half away. When I do the same thing, the axis is moving and nothing else :( Also if I cut a model in this way, will it be hollow inside? Can I make it not hollow? Thanks
  21. Rectro

    Subdivision Poly "cage" vs "wrap"

    Hi. When applying a SDS Tag its a tempory smoothing method that shows what the model would look like if the SDS was permanently applied ie subdevided so the extra polygons dont exist until the SDS tag is applied but they show more because you have Isoparm editing off. There are different view modes the one your on is wire view, this will show the original cage with a preview of the extra polygons the SDS tag is emulating. If you wish to see the model without cage while still smoothed then in the display settings top left of the viewport select Isopams. If you wish to see the original cage with the Isoparms turn off Isoline editing in the Options menu same location top left of view port. Dan
  22. Hey everyone, Excuse my lack of technical understanding, I am currently learning to model low poly stuff as my first forray into Cinema 4d. Following along to youtube tutorials, I noticed this strange disconnect between what I see and what they see. When I apply a subdivision surface to my object, I get what I'm calling poly wrap, the object's polys tend to fit the shape it takes after the subdivision is applied. However almost all the modelers I am watching have what I would call a poly cage. The polys still show as the original shape of the object. This doesn't SEEM to affect functionality, although I could be wrong, but It does make following a long, slightly difficult. Is this a setting I can toggle, or am I selecting the wrong object when editing? Thanks!
  23. The best way, when you looking for serial number of your current version of C4D is going to Help/Personalize and in Registration tab with rightclick select "Copy Text"
  24. Hello! I am trying to create a simple animation of a package opening, like someone ripping of the top of a candy bar. I am wondering how this would be possible! Thanks so much! Peter
  25. I did but the fault was mine, I typed one wrong digit in my 11 number serial! All working now, great plugin.
  26. You can always limit the effector with MoGraph selection. Maybe you can post a scene file? There are often many solutions to particular issue...
  27. Unfortunately SSS is not available in node materials yet. As an alternative you can try using inverted AO but that will work only in certain scenarios
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