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  2. Hello, I'm currently working on a human spine model and I'm trying to combine a tube in it which will help to contain a metal rod and reinforce the vertebrae between themselves. I successfully did the tube, using a spline wrap and a tube. However, once I use a boolean to make the intersections between the spine and the tube, I got a strange result The tube looks hollowed and has no more face above nor below. The tube, normally, looks should look like this: My goal is to get each one of the vertebrae combining a section of tube so that I could export them individually and print them individually too. Here is my best attempt but the result shows the tube as reversed inside the vertebrae... Any advice or idea to share with me? Many thanks.
  3. thx for your answer. I would use a sky + sun and a backplate for the exterior instead of using an HDRI lightning... I think using HDRI is not the optimal way to light an interior arch scene.
  4. Actually watch this video it is something I would recommend to all 3D artists
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a french fine art student and I'm currently learning 3D modeling. I've previously used sketchup and used it mainly for 3D mechanical models but now as I work on a project involving some details and anatomic human organs, I need to go further; I decided to use C4D, advised by a friend of mine, but the logics and workflows are really different from my previous experiences. As I try to learn by myself and to get the informations through the existing forums, I regularly found this forum and got useful informations. But, now it is time to enter in the arena because I'm too much struggling with my models. Here is a short description of my current state. I'm looking to mastering more this software and being able to be skilled enough to finalize my own designs. Have a great day!
  6. Depends what you want to achieve? I don't see why applying some rotation to rocks would make this not work?
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  8. It looks like it's pulling the whole mesh over and not relaxing it? can you checkout my last comment?
  9. Early development work for BLISS, a new musical at the 5th Ave. Theater in Seattle. Just massing studies to see about lighting the set as a paper model. Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered with Corona for Cinema.
  10. Gallery is really impressive!
  11. Welcome and what nice work. Very inspirational.
  12. I suppose it's a very different approach for different professional workflows. I Don't know anyone that still uses it. Like no company, agency, Freelancer or personal friend I have work with in last 5 years. CS6 is 8 years old and It's not been on sale for 3 years. Had terrible Multiprocessor support for Premiere and After effects. I couldn't work with someone who was using CS6 as it's completely impractical for exchanging files.
  13. Thanks for the heads-up. I've been using remote desktop just for team render and was considering buying new laptop to remote onto from another room in my house. Dodged a bullet.
  14. Hey thanks a lot for your help ! I finally achieve approximately what I wanted. This is not perfect, I have some troubles in the mesh and when I put a bevel someting horrible happen Thanks for sharing your knowledge. That give me more will to learn C4D haha Thank you so muuuch
  15. Your profile says you're a generalist, but all I see on the portfolio is hair! Anyways, welcome!
  16. AH, by using the actual Scale attributes in the co-ordinates tab.. I see!
  17. Completely NOPE. I always stay away at least 1-2 versions back as newer ones are pretty much always unreliable. I hate when my plugins need to be updated (ok, even if you'll pay me I wouldn't be satisfied). I need backwards capability! And simply imagine those who make templates for Videohive - they MUST support a broad range of versions, CS6 and up. How can they to it this way? I hate "updates for updates" policy. Every year you must update everything at least once. And what's the profit let me ask? ZERO.
  18. So that's nothing to do with Catalina as such. It's a purely 64 bit OS. So old 32 Adobe apps don't work. Some might call it Planned obsolescence, and in a way it is, But supporting 20 year old machines and tech is why windows is so horrible ( well that and the UI!) Windows is a complete ClusterFudge because it's so rooted in the past and has awl 32bit ( and 16 bit! support ) - It's a complete mess from a code standpoint with multiple legacy stuff all over the place. Microsoft knows this and so Windows 10X is coming. All new UI 64 Bit but can run 32bit apps in a container shell. So they are still going to have all the old junk in there but silo'd. Defiantly for the best. Just "announced" API's - Metal has been here for 6 years and metal 2 for 2.5... Personally I think depreciating old tech is incredibly important to push things forward. Apple is always at the forefront of that, Thunderbolt / USB-C, Ditching 32 bit and crappy OpenGL. Hell PC Mobo's still have a serial port. The best thing Adobe dod was to go subscription as it means that EVERYONES files will be up to date. There is no excuse for them not to be. It was a complete nightmare with clients / studios before. You'd have to keep 5 versions of Adobe stuff on your machine... just in case!
  19. Good to have you here Andrew!
  20. Only issue with Catlina is that some software will not work due to security issues, other than that, I didn't stumble on anything else that breaks the system.
  21. Sure well the help system online only was really stupid. This was I sure just a miscommunication I am sure. If that's the case.... please be making a MAXON Compositor / editor... Please... After effects sucks.
  22. Hello Andrew and to the Cafe!
  23. You can scale the spherical field itself in it's attributes just like any other object
  24. im using a rotation random effector on this cloner so i dont think this will work
  25. Yeah. But if there's a lot of us (Mac users in 3d? Hahahahahah :D) MAXON can change it's way as with the help system Edited the first message
  26. Ahha! So I wasn't going crazy either... that's what I read. I suspect it was just a Miscommunication between the engineers and Marketing team / whoever wrote the post I am pretty sure that one Forum post won't have changed any minds that quickly - "Hold on a minute... this one guy is right WHAT are we doing " But it all turned out ok in the End! Might want to edit your first post or you'll get loads of people saying the same thing without reading though.
  27. This happens simply because the axis of rocks, which cloner is using for placement is placed in center of rocks. You want to place the axis somewhere at the border of the rock. You can to that manually by pressing "L" and moving the axis or click on any point on mesh (make sure you press "L" again once yo done to exit axis placement mode). To do this for many objects use axis center tool
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