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  • Discoverying Bodypaint with 3DKiwi (Free) By 3DKiwi

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    As a parting gift from running C4D Cafe, 3DKiwi presents his epic 8 1/2 hour tutorial series on how to UV map and paint with Cinema 4D / Bodypaint and all for free. The videos are hosted at Vimeo. There you will be able to stream the videos but for best video quality you should download the videos. The download button takes you to Vimeo where the videos are hosted plus you can download the scene files, resources, table of contents and errata. Videos:
    Video 1 - Sample video. You don't actually need to download this as this video is included in Video 10
    Video 2 - Getting started
    Video 3 - Abstract Image Painting Tutorial
    Video 4 - Paint Setup Wizard
    Video 5 - UV Tools Part 1 (UV Commands Tab)
    Video 6 - UV Tools Part 2
    Video 7 - Projection Tab UV Mapping Modes / Cartoon Spaceship Painting Project
    Video 8 - Interactive Mapping and Subdivision Surfaces / HyperNURBS Stretching
    Video 9 - UV Mapping the Fred Character
    Video 10 - Extras / Miscellaneous / Errors (includes all of Video 1) Enjoy 3DKiwi 2015
  • TRUE Symmetry 1.3 By Guest

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    This plugin is a great alternative to the built in symmetry object that comes with Cinema 4D. You can model using symmetry without having to cut the object in half. Just simply place the True Symmetry Tag on a polygon object, enable symmetry, and begin modeling. You will see right away that the opposite side of your model is created without having to lift a finger. This is a useful modeling plugin for character modeling and all other modeling styles.   This plugin includes versions for Mac and Windows and works with Cinema 4D 10+.   We hope you enjoy this plugin as much as we enjoyed making it.   This plugin was created by Nebu, and Shawn Foster (emberintherain).

    check out a quick tutorial Aleksey made over here: http://ace5studios.com/true-symmetry-cinema4d-make-your-life-easier-in-1-easy-step/
      To avoid the bugs with the background, turn off "show plane" once you have set up your symmetry. 
  • Mechanical Extender Arm By jed

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    Mechanical extender arm using simple XPresso math. Math explanation included in zip file.
  • Modelling in CINEMA 4D - Start Here By 3DKiwi

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    New to modelling? These are the videos you should watch before watching any other modelling tutorials. Topics covered: Spline modelling with spline primitives, using the Extrude object and Sweep object. Using a Splinemask object and nested Splinemask objects Spline modelling by manually drawing splines. All the different spline types covered Why spline modelled objects may initially be a good idea to start with but not so hot when you want to add detail later on Off topic - why an object with an Align to spline expression tag slows down going around bends in the spline and how to fix it Spline modelling - using the Lathe object. A chess pawn is modelled using a Bezier spline (same as the Pawn modelling tutorial we have now except updated) Spline modelling - using a Loft object Boolean modelling - what it's good for. Common problems. Example and why Boolean modelling is often a bad technique to use Customizing your layout to suit modelling Polygon modelling - Hard surface modelling. A mechanical part is modelled Polygon modelling - Subdivision Surface modelling. The same mechanical part is modelled Polygon modelling - Point to point modelling. Create polygon tool, Edge Extrudes etc Polygon modelling - Organic modelling with Subdivision Surfaces. No a step by step tutorial but an extended walk through of a Sea Horse character and how it was modelled Because of the length of the videos I have split the videos into 2 parts. The videos are hosted on Vimeo. Clicking on the download button will take you there. Suggest you download the high res video rather than watching the lower quality streaming version. Part 1 Splines - 1 hour 47 minutes Part 2 Polygon modelling - 1 hour 38 minutes Scene files from the polygon modelling section 460kb I've recorded these a bit more casual than normal. I make a few mistakes, forget how something works and say the occasional wrong thing. I don't think that this distracts from the tutorials as you'll see me have to figure things out before carrying on. Recorded using Release 15. About 90% of what I cover can be applied to earlier versions of C4D.