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Thinking Particles

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  1. Morphing with TP (PBlurp Node)

    With Thinking Particles it's easy to dissolve one object into particles and give the illusion of the particles morphing into another object. Can even be used on complex objects. The tutorial shows how morph between multiple objects and also how to use null objects to make the particles look as though they are following a spline path.
    This tutorial is hosted on Vimeo. Clicking on the download button will take you there. You will be able to download the original high res version rather than watching the low quality streaming version.
    You can also download the final scene file from the download button.




  2. Drive Plugin - Generating tyre smoke with TP

    Here's how to generate tyre smoke with the awesome Drive plugin using Thinking Particles.

    The tutorial is 23 minutes and 44 seconds in duration. It's a bit hefty because of the animation used in the video requires a higher than normal recording and playback frame rate.

    Unzip the download and open the html file with your browser. The zip also contains the beginning and end scene files in R10 format.

    If you haven't read the cafe's review of the Drive plugin it's here and well worth a read.





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