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Animation / Special Effects / Thinking Particles

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Scenes that show a particular special effect not covered in fizz, pyrocluster, etc. See also the rigging categories. Members can submit files to this section. Please zip up scene files

3 files

  1. Lumen Cloud

    After viewing Damian Nenow's presentation about "paths of hate", and being intrigued in his solution for clouds in 3DSMAX, I decided to have a go at mimicking his workflow in C4D. There are probably other ways to do this entirely in C4D without any 3rd part plugins, but this was the first thing that came to mind. I've since gone back and tried another method, but I still think that this works better.

    *This scene requires Biomekk's Lumen 2 plugin in order to work.*

    The original mesh of the cloud has been baked (GI, and some Chanlum SSS). This texture is then used by the Lumen plugin to control the color/luminance of cloned primitives which cover the cloud mesh. There is a fresnel falloff shader with some fusion blended noise in the alpha channel on the clone's material. This gives soft edges and a more believable cloud look.




  2. Cigarette Smoke with TP

    Here's a great little scene file demonstrating how to make realistic cigarette smoke. Thinking Particles is used but not Pyrocluster. It's all done with lights.

    While the scene file is in rel 9 format.

    Note: The animation plays back quicker than the animated gif here.




  3. Dynamic Swinging Ceiling Lamp

    Here is a simple scene file with a dynamic swinging ceiling lamp with forces.

    Edit the Lamp Outline Spline to change the lamp shape.
    You can rotate the initial position of the lamp with the null object named Lamp Controller under the Fracture Object but you need to parent the light under the null before or else it will not follow. The Light Placement for Light Rotation shows the proper way to do this. The light must be in its original position to render correctly.
    You can enable different forces or change their parameters to get different movements. Enable the 'Enable Dynamics>>>' object to turn dynamics on and off.
    35 degress is the maximum amount of lamp rotation unless you edit the socket.

    PS. Sorry for the long notes in the scene file, I wanted to make sure I covered everything.




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