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XPresso, C.O.F.F.E.E., Script Manager

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  1. Create a custom Timer/Countdown Using Xpresso

    A couple of days ago I was asked to create a countdown sequence for a motion graphics project. Instead I built a tool that works as a timer/countdown for different scenarios. It works as a regular timer, based on the project's length. It also works as a countdown, based on the project's length too. But the beauty of it is that it also let's you input totally custom values of time and animate them using keyframes, this enables you to stretch the time interval as you see fit. I hope you find a good use for this setup, it's quite simple to built! If not, at least you have learned something new. If you are interested, you can watch my other tutorial on how to easily animate an analog clock (vimeo.com/118818232). That's also a good exercise in Xpresso. Don't hesitate to share the knowledge! Feel free to ask questions or comment on the subject!
    Scene Files



  2. Animating a Digital Counter

    Here's a 20 minute tutorial on how to use XPresso to animate a digital counter, in this case dollars and cents. This tutorial is more suited to people with a little bit of XPresso experience. The zip file includes some Digital fonts in Truetype format. If these don't work on your computer just search the Internet for some free digital fonts and load them up. Also included is the final scene file.

    The tutorial was recorded with Release 11 but users of newer versions should be able to follow along without too many problems.

    The XPresso used in this tutorial can be easily modified so that you could use it in a digital clock.

    One modification that you may want to do to the code is change the alignment of the text to right. This will mean the positions of each text spline will need changing but the result is actually more accurate as the digits don't jump around.

    This tutorial is hosted on Vimeo. Clicking on the download button will take you there. You will be able to download the original high res version rather than watching the low quality streaming version.



  3. Telescopic Pipes

    Here's a walk through of the telescopic tube tutorial from the Release 11 Quickstart manual . The tutorial then expands upon the Quickstart tutorial by changing the behaviour of the tubes.
    The zip file includes the scene file.



  4. Animate Planetary Orbits (Orrey)

    With XPresso, it is very easy to use the postion/scale/rotation of one object to drive or animate other objects. In this tutorial, we look at linking the rotation of planets moving at various speeds to one master object. i.e. Only one object is animated. All the rest are driven from this one object. XPresso does the maths to generate the correct amount of rotation for each planet etc.

    Flash format movie. 26min 30 sec 65mb The zip includes the scene file. (R10 format) Unzip and open the html file with your browser.



  5. R14 XPresso Enhancements

    Release 14 includes a number of XPresso enhancements. In this 17 minute video (29mb) 3DKiwi goes through the following enhancements:

    New colour scheme and rounded corners of node
    Curved wires
    Drag and drop functionality to create nodes
    Performance mode
    Track node
    Bubble help



  6. XPresso Iterator Nodes

    Advanced XPresso Tutorial

    Here's an epic 1 3/4 hour advanced XPresso tutorial on using XPresso Iterator nodes i.e. Hierarchy node, Iteration node, Tag node, Material node, ObjectList node and Selection node. Plus other nodes like Range Mapper, Condition, Compare and Distance are used.

    This tutorial is not suitable for beginners and it assumes you have some knowledge of XPresso. MoGraph is used a couple of times throughout the tutorials but generally you can do most of what's in the videos without it. Any version of Cinema 4D from Release 8 upwards should be able to follow along.

    Because of the length of the tutorial it is split into 2 parts. Also included are the scene files (R12 format) from the 6 examples. Unzip and play the mp4 videos with any media player. h.264 codec required.



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