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Interface, Object Manager, Layers, Customizing the Interface

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Tutorials on customizing Tutorials that cover the interface, object manager, layers etc

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  1. Navigating, Changing Views, Using View Panels & Using Cameras

    Here's 52 minute video that everyone new to Cinema 4D should watch. Although recorded in Release 11 much of the tutorial is applicable to Release 10. The video covers:

    Navigating the viewport using the viewport controls and hotkeys. How to navigate using a tablet.
    Changing views and customizing views. Creating addition Viewport windows.
    Using full screen mode
    Change the direction of rotation when navigating (reverse orbit)
    Creating and using cameras
    Changing between cameras during an animation (stage object)
    2 different methods to do camera fly-around animations.
    Attaching the camera to a spline (Align to spline expression tag)
    Targeting objects with camera (Target expression tag)
    Intro to using Depth of Field (Advanced Render Module required)

    The video includes a menu system so that you can quickly go to specific sections of the video.

    Unzip the video and open the html file with your browser. The videos includes audio.




  2. Customizing C4D

    Here's a new version of our Customizing CINEMA 4D tutorial. This 48 minute video shows you how to:

    Change colour scheme
    Change interface colours
    Modify, create and save layouts
    Add Toolbar buttons
    Edit and create menus
    Use HUD elements
    Adjust display properties
    Modify Hotkeys
    Collapse toolbars and managers
    Dock menus in layout
    Use full-screen mode
    Reset your preferences

    The tutorial has a built in table of contents so that you can easily find the section that you are interested in.

    Although the tutorial was recorded with R11 much of what is covered still applies to newer versions.

    Unzip the download and open the html file with your browser.




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