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Height Map Generator


The Height Map Generator is a free Xpresso tool that optimizes the making of Height / displacement maps. It's concept is based on a Blender plugin called Easy Height Map (https://www.blendernation.com/2018/02/21/easy-height-map/), and it's a tool that i think it is very usefull when you need to create simple or complex displacement maps in a fast production rate. 


The plus in this tool is that we can create both single or animated sequences and use them in displacement maps, displacer deformers, shadding effectors, sculpt tool as stamps maps, etc. 

Photoshop can do this kind of effects as well but there things that are better made with 3d tools (particles, cloners etc)


Due to file size, you can download it from the link bellow. The zip file includes: Heigh map generator file, an example texture, an example project, instructions, and basic commands.




This is the first release so if you find bugs or if you have suggestions for enhancements, please post them.


Hope you enjoy it





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