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Hello everyone!


Cinema 4D instance object is cool but it lacks some major features to be awesome.

One of the things i miss most it's the hability to load an object plus a proxy. This way we can instance many objects at a higher resolution  with the possibility to switch to a simpler low-res version.


The new feature in C4D LOD can do something like this and probably better, but it's slower to setup, so i added a few upgrades to the native instance object allowing the user to load both proxy and high res objects. But there's also a bonus: This tool also incorporates a python script that allows the user to automaticly render the high res version even when the proxy is selected.


This way we can setup our scene with hundreds of instances with lowres objects and render much heavier stuff. This was inspired in  the xref auto-exchange tool but this one works with scene objects.


This script was refered in a later post in this forum : 


Thanks to everyone involved on it's creation.  @ruimac @mikeBeckman


Hope you enjoy it and have fun with it.




PS: it contains a zip file with a scene file and the instructions




Power Instance.zip


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