Insydium Cycles
Insydium Cycles

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This is a set of scripts that lets you assign tags to objects with a single click or keystroke. Use the included tag scripts pallet file to dock these scripts at the top of your Object Manager. One script (AlignToSplineWithTargetSpline.CSC) allows you to assign an Align to Spline tag to selected objects with the first selected spline object used as the path. Hope you find them useful.

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Guest samshd


This is awesome and very very useful. Thanks MJV/Paul!

In case anyone wonders, to install just copy de *.CSC files in the Cinema 4D RXX/Library/Scripts (If you want them to appear in the Plugins/User Scripts palette inside Cinema), and the .l4d in Library/Browser as usual with .lib4d files.

I'm just wondering.. is it possible to change the icons image so they don't look so retro?

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