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London Tower Bridge 1.0.0

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You're welcome! As far as I'm concerned, I don't have a problem with you posting an animation of the model on YouTube. Make sure to send me a link if it's online, I'd really like to see it. If you want to do me a favour, you could post a link under your video to my free X-Mas Pack 2019, which includes the London Tower Bridge: 






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Great. Thanks a lot! 🙂

Sure, i will send you a link(once its done) and of course i will also post your Link under it. 🙂


..i will let you know..




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I just checked your Link. It doesnt work. all i get is this "An Error has occured"


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I just uploaded my first try using the Bridge. But i will change it again.


It took me very long to render, so i didnt wanted to waste the footage, so i uploaded it anyway.. 😉



i put your link in the description also(but it doesnt work, please send me the new link and i will replace it. 🙂 )

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