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FCS SceneVault 1.0.0

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FCS SceneVault is based on a tool that has been created by Rui Batista called (Vault). For years many developers have been trying to get this wonderful tool in current versions of Cinema4D. We have created most of Vault's features and made them into FCS SceneVault. 

Overview on SceneVault Features:


Disable SceneVault Visiblity: 

You can disable without touching the Editor and Render display semaphores turned off or on.


Auto-Fold when Added/Removed: 

With this option on as default, when an object is dragged into the SceneVault, the SceneVault stays folded. If this option is off, the Vault behaves like any normal object, unfolding when something is dragged into it. Note!!: You can always unfold the SceneVault object manually.


Enabling and Disabling Objects in SceneVault:

With this option on, all generator objects (the ones with a green check mark at the right of the semaphores) and other objects types (eg. Lights, Joints, Splines etc..) are turned off when dragged into the SceneVault.


Keep SceneVault Lock-Folded


More info on Gumroad.

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