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About This File

This plugin is a great alternative to the built in symmetry object that comes with Cinema 4D. You can model using symmetry without having to cut the object in half. Just simply place the True Symmetry Tag on a polygon object, enable symmetry, and begin modeling. You will see right away that the opposite side of your model is created without having to lift a finger. This is a useful modeling plugin for character modeling and all other modeling styles.


This plugin includes versions for Mac and Windows and works with Cinema 4D 10+.


We hope you enjoy this plugin as much as we enjoyed making it.


This plugin was created by Nebu, and Shawn Foster (emberintherain).

check out a quick tutorial Aleksey made over here: http://ace5studios.com/true-symmetry-cinema4d-make-your-life-easier-in-1-easy-step/

To avoid the bugs with the background, turn off "show plane" once you have set up your symmetry. 

C4D r16 glitch.JPG

C4D r16.JPG

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Guest asimetrix


Congratulations for True Symetry.

Is the best plugin that I know and use it in C4D R.12 and doing well! :thumbsup:

It is also useful a plugin to remove the objects wireframe to work with brush and soft selections in complex objects.

Could you make one?

Escuseme for my bad Google english.


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The new TrueSymettry does not load for me in C4D R12 (R12.043) in 32-bit mode...

64-bit is OK, but I do have plugins that require 32-bit, so flexibility would be great...

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Guest kallekoerner



(Mac OSX 10.7.3/C4D R13/Vray)

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