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Model a Technic Beam using the Bevel Tool

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Here's a 44 minute video tutorial by 3DKiwi where he models a Technic L Beam using mainly the new Bevel tool in Release 15.

This tutorial is hosted on Vimeo. Clicking on the download link will take you there. You will be able to download the original high res version rather than watching the low quality streaming version. You can also download the final scene file.

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Tried following the tutorial carefully several times, but each time after beveling the outer edges and optimizing, I get weird intersecting polygons at some of the corners, like this: STwEMYY.jpg

What's weird is that they go away if I turn the symmetry off, but changing any of the settings on it don't help. Attached the file if anyone wants to look at it, right before the optimize.


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Those are "N-Gon" edges. Just go to the viewport filter menu and uncheck "N-Gon Lines". The lines will now be hidden.

Hope this helps.


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