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Stay a while and say few words before you begin exploring.

Forum Rules

General Rules for the Cafe * Please take the time and search the forums before posting. * Members are expected to read the descriptions of the different forum sections and post in the most appropriate section. * Album names should include the member's nick name. * Keep thread descriptions and titles informative. avoid titles such as: "I NEED HELP!!!!!1111" * No signature images. Members are welcome to have a one line text message. Members can also upload their own avatar at 64x64. These must not contain anything offensive and the Cafe reserves the right to require these to be changed or removed. * No obscene language. * No posting of pornography or images that contain nudity (or links to same) in either the forum or gallery. This is a family and young people friendly site. Images portraying graphic violence are not permitted. The Cafe admin and moderators will be the sole judge of what is acceptable and what is not. * Max image size for the gallery is 1024x768. For the forum, please try to keep images no more than 800x600 if at all possible. Please compress images (jpg, gif). * Scene files, resources uploaded to the downloads section must be your own work and not copied from somewhere else. By uploading you're putting your material in the public domain. If you don't want your resources being used for commercial use, then you need to include a terms and conditions. * Personal attacks and racial slurs will not be tolerated. The Cafe is home to members from all around the world and from many different cultures. Please be mindful of this when posting. * The C4D Cafe will not tolerate warez / piracy etc. Members abusing this will be banned immediately. * While the Cafe is a news site for Cinema 4D and MAXON products, unsolicited advertising in our forums not permitted. Contact the admin if you want your product or site promoted here. * Please refrain from excesive capitalization of words and excessive punctuation. * The Cafe admins reserve the right to delete any message or image without having to provide a reason however we will provide it in most cases * Have fun and share your knowledge. We can learn from each other. Give constructive critique and take suggestions with good heart.Thanks from your C4D Cafe admins and moderators.



    Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us something about you and have a lots of fun doing it!


    Before posting, please read rules.


    Place where we post special announcments from  3D industry and place where we promote various things. Only ADMINS of this forum are able to  post here!!


    Post your links to resources here.


About Us

C4D Cafe is the largest Cinema 4D community. We provide facilities for discussion, showcasing and learning our favourite software.
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