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  1. Modelling / Sculpting

    Modelling Forum Modelling questions and discussion here.
    5,617 Topics
    31,756 posts
  2. Texturing / Materials / BodyPaint

    Texturing Forum Post your texturing, BodyPaint and material questions here.
    4,804 Topics
    22,151 posts
  3. Rendering & Lighting / Team Render

    Rendering and Lighting Forum Questions and discussion about the Standard C4D Renderer, Physical Renderer, Net Render, and Team Render. Plus discussion and questions about lighting.

    3,836 Topics
    17,835 posts
  4. 3rd Party Renderers

    3rd party render engines like Redshift, Octane, Cycles 4D, Arnold, VRay etc.

    350 Topics
    1,778 posts
  5. Animation, MoGraph, Dynamics, Hair, Particles

    Module and Animation Form Post your Animation, MoGraph, Dynamics, Hair, Particles questions here

    6,952 Topics
    30,973 posts
  6. Character Animation / Rigging

    Character Animation Forum Here's the place for CA discussion and questions.

    3,416 Topics
    17,631 posts
  7. Compositing and Post Work

    Compositing ForumThis forum is the place to talk about using Cinema 4D for compositing work and post work like in AE or other packages.
    895 Topics
    7,559 posts
  8. CD Character Plugins

    CD Character Plugins Forum Unofficial support forum for Cactus Dan's plugins now provided by Insydium

    60 Topics
    322 posts
  9. XPresso / Python Scripting

    XPresso & Python Forum XPresso, Python Scripting and questions / discussion.
    2,473 Topics
    12,183 posts
  10. 3D Printing

    General topics about 3D printing.

    35 Topics
    284 posts
  11. Plugins: Making, Finding, and Using

    Plugins ForumDiscussions about making plugins, using free or commercial plugins, and where to find them can be discussed here.
    1,294 Topics
    7,248 posts
  12. Resources, Tips / Mini Tutorials

    Tips / Resources Forum Post your links to resources here. If you've got a helpful tip or short mini tutorial on using Cinema 4D, post it here. Don't forget that members can upload their own tutorials up to 2mb in size to our tutorial section.
    516 Topics
    4,953 posts
  13. Miscellaneous Questions

    Miscellaneous Question Forum Post your miscellaneous questions here.
    3,642 Topics
    16,908 posts



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