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Intergalactic Mushrooms

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khdownes    11

Hey here's a little animation I made a couple of weeks ago for for a local animation competition.

I used C4D and Octane.


I'd really appreciate if anyone could take a second to vote for mine here!: http://www.nodefest.com.au/node_ident/intergalactic-mushrooms/

(you don't have to sign up or anything, you just have to type in an email address to vote. You don't get spam or anything from it).


Also, here's a making-of video if anyone's interested in the process:






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VECTOR    482

Haha epic. nice little animation, nice breakdown too:D

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khdownes    11
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  • Thanks guys!
    Yeah I often enjoy watching breakdown vids more than finished pieces!

    I figured since the ident itself is only 15 seconds, I might as well make a breakdown vid to give people something a bit more engaging to watch

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