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how can Blender be free?

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MauricioPC    47

This is a great free training to start learning Blender. I recommend it.




The only thing I wish Blender was better is in high poly objects. If you go to Edit Poly the chance of Blender crashing is very common.

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hvanderwegen    31

Blender almost never crashes for me - I do agree high-poly counts for a singular object will slow down Blender a lot while working in Edit mode. A good reason to split up a very complex object into several parts.

But I don't have issues with Edit mode crashing even with high-poly objects. Of course, I have no idea what you consider high poly objects? And I do have 48Gb memory.


I can say that edit mode in 2.8 alpha already boosts performance considerably (also for object mode - ridiculously so). In Edit mode 2.8 Eevee orbiting the viewport is just as fast as in object mode. Editing is still quite slow on a 1 million triangle object, though.


The trick is to hide the parts you are not editing, and then work. The Blender devs intention is to improve this in the 2.8 series.

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MauricioPC    47

Well, maybe it's my computer. But generally when I'm doing sub-d modeling fun, in Blender, after 3-4 million I start getting into problems with Edit Poly. Generally takes forever to return and all. It basically hangs and eats my memory. I find it on par with Modo, but worse than Max/C4D.


But from what I'm reading, this will be fixed in 2.8, so I'm hopeful. :)

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