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Universal Shader Deformer

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Universal Shader Deformer & Proximal Shader
In this lesson, we will be creating a universal shader deformer, that can be used with any kind of render engine, in order to manually define the position of texture influence. We will learn how to apply this technique to C4D renderers, Redshift, Arnold, Cycles 4D, and Octane.

Tutorial available at www.patreon.com/merkvilson

Hit the like button or leave a comment if you are interested in this technique and later I'll unlock it for c4dcafe members.

Waiting for your feedback. ♥

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Extremely helpful!  I played around with the technique last night after watching this tutorial, and only became a little angry at myself for not having thought of it before. 


Would've saved me a lot of time on a couple of past projects!  Will definitely use on my next ones.  

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