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Mini fly Hook challenge - final entries


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Hey guys, on behalf of the Elite Team, i'd like to thank everyone who's stepped up to the plate and taken part in this month's modelling challenge, we hope you've enjoyed the challenge itself, and any personal challenges you may have had to overcome to complete this model, and hopefully you've learned a few things along the way too ! other than fun (yay!!!) the main focus of this club is to provide difficult yet doable modelling challenges, with the hope that it helps our members, whether seasoned pro's, or humble beginner's to increase their skills, and approach to modelling as a whole, and to kick ass whilst doing it! The procedure for posting the final entries is as follows:


1)  Wireframe with the cell renderer, with sds off. Multiple angles, so we can see the model as a whole (see example)




2) Final textured and lit render, to show off your sexy model at it's best, post is allowed, but to be kept to a minimum ( colour correction etc)


3) All entries to be submitted by midnight GMT on saturday the 30th of september 2017


Judging will commence Sunday, the final entries will be marked on overall construction, acknowledgement will be give to nice final renders, but the emphasis  will be on the overall topology, edge flow and polygon efficiency (is it modelled with way more geo than needed?) the winner, and 2 runners up will be announced on Monday.


1st prize is a cafe tutorial of the winners choosing (thank you to @Igor for that) and 8 league table points, 2nd place 5 league points, and 3rd, 3 league points. This will be recorded on the Elite Topology league table, who ever has the most points by christmas will be awarded the Elite topology trophy of excellence, as well as a special Prize, which is a secret for now :D for every one else who didn't place, you have failed and will therefore be executed.


Monday will also mark the start of October's modelling challenge, now this will be a little more difficult, here at Elite we like to keep you constantly on your toes, and out of your comfort zone :D so keep your eyes open for the October modelling thread over the next few days :)


Again we'd like to give a massive thank you to the cafe and our members for taking the time to take part in our challenge, and remember, we are Elite, and we are watching.


Elite High Command



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Well I guess someone has to go first.  I know this is posted early, but if someone copies my mesh, I'll take it as a compliment :-D


Thank you Cafe Admin for putting on this challenge, and good luck to everyone!




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Ok here's my attempt. I'm happy with it, though I'm sure things could be improved. In the end I decided to have the recesses that hold the round buttons on the front panel to just be floating geo and not be connected to the rest of the mesh. It would not be too hard to connect it but it seemed unneccesary as the are would not really be that visible anyway.
I rendered it a bit more reflective than the reference just cause it looks nice :)
Dropbox link to the full quality images here (as Midnightcow mentions, the Cafe seems to scale down images somewhat and make them a bit soft... ): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bs4iok5gg0trzjs/AAD_fFW5TjB_jn7x2CFc5Ysya?dl=0




Wire with one subdivision:

Proof to show to the quad police :) :

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Well done everyone. This thread will remain open for some of Sunday, then we'll close it, me and Vecs will get judging and announce winners soon.

The next challenge is very much that, also up late Sunday with any luck ;)




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