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'Pushing the Envelope' Air Balloon WiP


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Hey Cafe


I've been on some pretty epic modelling adventures recently for an upcoming film project. My producer has kindly allowed me to post some WiP shots of the base model for our close up hot air balloon. This is the first round model, enough to begin simulations on the envelope, so there are still details and additional ropework to add / refine, but we are most of the way there.


*Vital Stats*

Objects: 940

Polys: 80,218 (100% quads)

Subdivided Polys: 6.75 million

Modelling Hours so far: 32


The wicker work was certainly an interesting one, as were the tie lines, and various bits of rope style business, and the burner shrouds. All in all a very rewarding thing to model ! Here's some wires and clays...


Air-Balloon-138.thumb.jpg.258a8aadd6641e6889ca81cddf5f98b2.jpg  Basket-1.thumb.jpg.4aa684bd0118fc4216098de0b837ab1c.jpg  Flame-Cage.thumb.jpg.9d680e322b6b54178990f432d54383cf.jpg


Burners-2.thumb.jpg.fd54009683701f5a9010e9d9f78a9f84.jpg  wicker.thumb.jpg.3d540ea726f6929b877f73beb824b20b.jpg  Crown.thumb.jpg.c3e9b3b83954db2f779b7fbd0988d022.jpg


Basket-2.thumb.jpg.0edba8033492b1daeb3cbcb9c78654a9.jpg  carabina.thumb.jpg.f4b259151adb1ad8f7cb5e8d7eb7aea5.jpg  Air-Balloon-145.thumb.jpg.1760017bd48959c5d4be3c974f1c91b3.jpg








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Thank you guys for all the nice comments :)


2 hours ago, C4DS said:

Pretty impressive modelling there. Wish I would have the patience to persevere and complete such task.

Tbh, I wonder if I would have done, had it not been a job for a client !


On 29/09/2017 at 7:44 AM, digitvisions said:

especially the wicker basket modelling which is very difficult to avoid intersecting.


Ha - if I'm honest, I will need another couple of hours at the end to go round and finally eliminate them all - there are few shameful intersections remaining :) 


12 hours ago, lopakam said:

That is amazing!  I know what I can do and it felt like I was driving on the highway, as fast as I can, and I just saw a Corvette fly by me!!!  The details are just incredible.


Thank you buddy. But it's just standard SDS modelling techniques + time - I have every confidence you could do this sort of thing. The initial reference pics were pretty scary looking at them as whole, but once you start breaking it down into manageable sections it becomes less daunting, and plans start to form.


On 28/09/2017 at 10:05 PM, spiralstair said:

If You like the balloon, you should see the fridge!!!

Oh excellent - can I show them the fridge ?! :)


On 29/09/2017 at 7:44 AM, digitvisions said:


Thank you dude. Can I convert those to cash ? What are they - £100 each ? ;)



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