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IQP Official: Drinking Bottle Challenge


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Although you can play a very similar game with actual drink, here the drinks are soft and the modelling less so. IQP challenge 2 is to model this drinks bottle. That is to say the bottle, the lid

It's much more complicated than you think. Its hard to even run a challenge as most of our members are freelancers and beginners. So when they see pros entering they just give up, so these challenges

Hi guys,   I modelled a new top. Tried to keep it as quad as possible. It's less wonky than the last one. Though stills not perfect.  

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it's quite a tricky s

2 hours ago, maliohammad said:


Hey , can you edit your reply to @Robididan ? as his wireframe is kept in your post :D



Yes i can :D also yes it is quite a tricky shape, here's a rough, quick example, minus some of the finer details, that it can be done 


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1 hour ago, King of Snake said:

well...I'm sure it's possible but that bottle top has got me stumped so far :P I can do basic screw-thread stuff with wrap or spline deformer but this one requires something extra. Not sure what it is yet.

you'll figure it out :D don't worry though, there's an even more fun challenge lined up for November :D 

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1 minute ago, Mikel said:

I actually wanted to know the type of modeling we're working on, is it for 3d printing or 3d visualization?

3D visualization is closest, but we are more interested in good modelling technique than we are in the final render.



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