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IQP Official: Drinking Bottle Challenge

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Although you can play a very similar game with actual drink, here the drinks are soft and the modelling less so.

IQP challenge 2 is to model this drinks bottle. That is to say the bottle, the lid, and the grid thing inside it.


Here's your reference, superbly held up by GI Vector himself !


7.thumb.jpg.7929eb1be168317277cae074ae7cab61.jpg  12.thumb.jpg.655840d6a1b78abece352c734998f3b7.jpg  8.thumb.jpg.2978a3f026e3c4cc69afb9036e4cdc94.jpg 9.thumb.jpg.249b66c18f42ba10e32058080d4abd27.jpg


5.thumb.jpg.c554a3536b732af85af02163cd7910b1.jpg  1.thumb.jpg.8a834027875067e0d0b46dec7a7beb1e.jpg  2.thumb.jpg.12ddfd6271d1ac15ab8b1607669fdafc.jpg  3.thumb.jpg.6fa1d6f24e900b92e6ed134940c33c54.jpg


4.thumb.jpg.f5a3e9efb33fce879fd9027dde316627.jpg  6.jpg  10.jpg  11.jpg


The Rules

  • This is a 4 week challenge, closing Oct 30th 2017.
  • Main focus is again, all quads, superior edge flow, and polygon efficiency
  • This is the WiP thread, so please post your rendered images only here;
    finals thread will be up soon, which is where to put your wireframes for final submission.
  • We're not saying you have to, but we will be impressed by people who choose to model in the text.
  • The winner will receive 8 Elite challenge league points, with 2nd place receiving 5, and 3rd receiving 3.


Good luck, and may your polygons be exceptional.


Imperial Archon Cerbera, IQP




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