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R19 / Redshift - Should I Upgrade?

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BumbleBee    0

I'm sorry if this has been discussed, I did do a search but have found limited information. I'm currently running R18 w/ Redshift and the experience is... well you all know the good and the bad. So my question is, do I alter the workflow and upgrade or sit tight? I'm more concerned about keeping things copacetic in the face of a major upgrade than I am in a native renderer that's half baked. On that front, do they fix enough issues/implement enough new features to get a guy like me to upgrade?


I run a core i7 6700k w/ a Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX if that's relevant.

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nerv    319

I'm running R19 and Redshift.  They work fine together.  Upgrading from R18 didn't break anything.  


Whether or not R19 is worth it is up to you.  I have not touched ProRender since I upgraded, but I have already taken advantage of multiple other new features, as small as they may sound.  So, I don't regret upgrading at all.  Again, YMMV. 

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