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Ealexander Sketch Book

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  • On 1/26/2019 at 7:48 PM, TRussell said:

    Really nice paint work.

    Is that C4D material? Can you share the process for the flames?

    Thanks!  It's all done in Corona for Cinema with their material and lighting system.  The proper way to do this wold be to unwrap all the car elements and create a nice template to take into Photoshop or Substance and work from there.  I'm a bit of a hack and slash speed freak and usually have to get stuff out the door quickly - so this is just two stacked materials.  One is the gloss black car paint - which in this case is just 99% grey (never pure black) and a high gloss.  I think there is a slight noise bump there too just to break it up a bit.  The flame paint is a duplicate of the black material, but with a fire JPEG in the diffuse channel.  I just manually played with the projection on this in Cinema and ultimately ended up in Shrink Wrap mode and used the live texture adjustment tools to position and scale it.  I knew I wanted it to look a bit stretched as if to imply motion blur, so the roughness of the mapping worked to my advantage here.  Normally when I do this I have to go back in Photoshop and clean up some areas, but I got lucky with this one.  If this was client work, I would do it the proper way :)


    Chip Foose once said the goal of a car sketch is to make it look like the car is moving, even when standing still. 




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    Thanks a lot for the explanation.

    I'm only approaching unwrapping at the moment so I appreciate the an inside view of the process.

    Inspiring work.

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  • 02.08 Post processing demo for a colleague. Photoshop and Magic Bullet Looks. Model by Keianhzo. Rendered in Corona. 



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