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Texture wired after Extruding

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Hi all,


i'm new to c4dcafe and also new to modeling but even if i make good progress, this keeps me busy for a while already.
If i take a cylinder (or whatever), convert it to polygones and texture it with a simple gradient (or whatever texture) everything is fine. But as soon as i extrude something the gradient on the new polygones looks "separated" and repeats itself instead of being just "extendet".

Where do i wrong??


Your help is very appreciated.





(Cinema R17)

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-09 um 18.28.41.jpg

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-09 um 18.29.17.jpg

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Yes, that is expected behaviour. You're just not understanding how texturing works yet. Your material will be mapped using UV mapping, the default Standard Material mapping mode for that primitive, and that UV map gets made with it when you create the cylinder. When you make that editable, and then add polygons, the UV mapping breaks / does not automatically adapt to the new shape and point order. 


To fix this, either change the mapping mode from UV mapping to Cylindrical, which is a standard projection-based mapping mode, and use 'fit to object' when you have finished modelling (click the material icon in the Object Manager to see the mapping mode), or you can manually UV map the object yourself, in the Bodypaint UV edit layout, which is a huge subject too big to go into here, although a search for 'C4D UV mapping' on YouTube will be a good place to start if you want to know more about that...



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Hey man welcome to the forums i'm kinda new here too, if there's anything i can help don't hesitate to pm me bro even tho i'm a newbie as well xD 

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